5 Best ways to Secure French door From Burglars In 2023

5 Best ways to Secure French door

    French doors add beauty to our houses, and intruders like French doors steal valuables from the houses. Even unskilled thieves can access to home quickly with ease. These doors are popular as they are beautiful and expose the light in the home, patio, or deck area. But you must also know to secure French doors from thieves to prevent break-ins.

    Intruders notice these doors no matter whether they are on the backside of the house. French doors are accessible with a fragile locking mechanism, so they need a high level of security. Don’t give up on setting this engaging door due to lack of security. So, in this article, I have provided the best way to secure French doors.

How secure are French doors?

    French doors are advantageous and attractive, but unfortunately, these are not protected with a single lock. These doors have a lot of glass on them that causes smash and grab. Although, double French doors offer a middle seam that is easy to open. That’s why it needs to be secure.

    You can secure the French door with a flimsy door frame and the windows around the entry. Usually, intruders aim at these doors for easy access. If your door is doubled, it is easier for burglars to open it with a single center kick. In addition, they can also break fragile glass panes. So, many options are available to secure French doors, and you can install them without any threat in your home.

Ultimate Five ways to secure French doors

Five ways to secure French doors

Lock and Hinges

    Most people do not replace inaccurate and inadequate hinges and door locks. That causes insecurity at home. Usually, fresh doors come with external hinges that are risky. Because the burglars will open the hinges pins and can enter the house. So, you can use three hinges to secure your French door for better protection.

    The first is a set screw door hinge that is a small screw and can be put in the center of the French door hinge. It is used to lock the hinge tightly. So, the intruders cannot access the screw if the door is closed. The second one is a safety stud that is a small metal hook and covers the screws of the hinge. So, if the thief removes the screw of the hinge, then the safety stud will still grip the door hinges together.

     The last one is the crimped hinge, a rivet at both ends of the hinge. A crimped hinge secures the door hinge pins, and a burglar cannot remove the screw of the hinge. The hinge screw for French doors must have a length of 3 inches. Also, the deadbolt on the French door must have the size of 1 inch.

     Usually, standard-type locks are less potent than mortise locks. So, use a firm lock on the French door, such as a mortise lock. It is difficult for burglars to open this passive door after the three sets of hinges.

Door Material

      Before purchasing a French door, you must think about the material. Choose a durable and thick material that secures your home. The entries with thick wood are best and add security to your home and valuables. Hurricane-rated glass is best for the thickness and safety of French doors.

      You can also give higher protection to your French door by getting a sturdy and durable steel frame layer for excellent security and a safer protection level. So steel frame is best to add a layer to your French door.

Glass Panes

      French doors are vulnerable as they contain a lot of glass panes that are easy to smash for burglars. Also, a thief cannot squeeze through a broken glass pane as it can injure him. In most cases, thieves break the glass window and open the lock by using their hands and entering the house. It would be best if you focused on the thief’s weakness and how he breaks the door in two parts.

      You must install incredible tough glass in your French doors that are hard for a burglar to break, such as laminated glass, hurricane-rated glass, and impact-resistant glass. These glasses are durable and extremely difficult to break. If you live in hurricane-prone areas, consider these glass materials.

      Also, plain glass French doors can expose your indoors. And the intruders can quickly check who is at home. You can use curtains or blinds to cover the entrance. Also, the front doors can be frosted, colored, or distorted to prevent seeing the indoors.

Security Bar

      Security bars are a very effective measure to prevent burglars from getting into the house. You can fix it on French doors for high protection. These are also available with alarms that ring when intruders try to break or surpass the French door. Also, it stops the thieves from kicking the door efficiently.

CCTV camera near the Door

     You can fix CCTV cameras near doors for extra security. Position the cameras near the French door to see the view outside easily. You can specify the cameras on the patio door, backyard, or main entry doors. You can see clearly through CCTV cameras as they have night vision.

     You can purchase Lorex and Reolink cameras that offer specific features. Now motion-activated and alarm system security cameras are in for better view anytime, anywhere.

Best ways to Secure French door Tutorial

14 Ways To Open A Locked Door With A Hole In 2022

You can keep valuable items safe with a lock. Knowing how to unlock locks in various ways is a handy skill that will prove useful if you are locked out of your home due to a lost, broken, or forgotten key and the nearest locksmith is closed.

     These tips will save you time and money on opening a door with a hole. So Click Here to follow the following tricks and learn how to open a locked door with a hole.


How much does it cost to secure a French door?

    In addition to acceptance, protecting French doors is not costly at all. You can fix its damage points unless in $1. Also, the cost depends on your needs and security. And it’s all about your budget.

Are French doors easy to kick in?

    Generally, French doors are unprotected and sensitive to kicked-in. You can add a security bar to your French door for extra security and prevent the intruders from breaking it. A security bar is the most effective and convenient method to secure your French door and home.

     It prevents the French door from opening by putting it at an angle between the floor and the door, which is very helpful. So, other methods are also explained above for extra security.

Won’t people break the glass to get through a double door?

     It is tremendously possible to break the glass like this. You can protect the glass with a practical and durable security film to prevent this risk. The double deadbolt lock helps to not open the door even if the door glass is broken because there is no thumb turn on the double cylinder deadbolt.

Are French doors safe?

     An actual French door without augmentation is not secure for your home. So, the above are described the optimal solutions and security issues to manage them. You can try all these methods to enhance the protection and security of French doors and homes.

Will the French door be a weak point in my house?

    Yes, it can but if you want it to be secure and protective for your home and valuables, then follow the above methods. So that the intruders do not break or cross your French door. In this way, your French door will be reliable and strong enough to hurt.

Final Though

This article explains the best way to secure French doors using adjustments such as glass panes, locks, and hinges, security bars, and CCTV cameras near door or door materials. The doors will prevent potential burglars from breaking in after being locked properly.

    Is this measure likely to reduce your door security risk? Let us know how you would secure French doors in the comments section below. Also, share this article with your friends and family. Thanks for reading!

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