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4 effective ways to Close Garage Door Manually from Inside & outside

An automatic garage door is an excellent convenience for homeowners. But when the power goes down, or something breaks in the door, the garage door does not open. So, in this situation, you can manually open or close the garage door easily. You must know to attach or disconnect the emergency pull for easily accessible to the garage.

   When you are manually closing or opening the garage door, make sure no children are around the door because it can be risky. So, in this article, I have discussed how to close garage door manually from the outside or inside.

How does the Automatic Garage Door opener work?

   A motor operator is located in the center of the garage that contains a belt, screw, or chain. The chain is attached to the garage door and curved door arm. When the motor pulls the chain, the automatic garage door opener work. The wiring of the motor operator is attached to the ceiling for power, and it works by pressing the garage door button near the home.

   While pressing the button, the chain, belt, or screw drive is pulled through the motor up or down, pulling the door and the curved door arm up or down. The motor moves down and lifts the garage door through these three drives. The older technology is chain drive and also cheap. But the belt or screw drives are new and quiet technologies.

Steps to Close Garage Door manually from outside

Steps to Close Garage Door manually from outside

   You can do that if you know the emergency release cord and have access to the garage from inside or have a house key. So here are the steps:

Unlock the Emergency Release

   A small keyhole is located on the top of the garage door. This small keyhole has an emergency release cable. Reveal the cable by unlocking it through the associated key. Then pull the cord and open the door by hand safely.

Unlock the Door

   You will find another lock near the handle at the bottom of the garage door. This bottom lock helps to close the door. So, unlock it with the help of a key, then lift the door by hand.

Lift the Door

   Hold the handle at the bottom and lift the door up. Ensure you pull it up correctly so the springs grab the garage door in place for easily moving the vehicle under the doorway. If the door is not moving smoothly, then do not try to open it forcefully. It might be damaged.

Close the Door

   Once you are done with your vehicle, close the garage door from inside by pulling it. Move slowly to keep the garage door down as it is cumbersome. Also, relock it carefully. When the electricity comes back, you can reset the automatic opener.

Steps to close the Garage Door manually from inside

Steps to close the Garage Door manually from inside

   If there is no electricity or the opener is broken down, and you have to go for the outage, you can open or close the garage door from inside. So, follow these steps:

Unplug the Opener

   Unplug the opener in case of no electricity. This step will prevent you from getting hurt in case of power come, and the motor activates.

Disconnect the Opener

   Pull the red emergency release cord to disconnect the door from the opener. The red cord is located on the automatic opener. When you pull the cord, you will hear the sound of disconnecting. You will find an extended spring on the trolley after disconnecting the opener successfully.

Lift the Door

   When the opener is disconnected, you can lift the door easily. Though the garage door is heavy, you can lift it with one hand if the springs work correctly. Do not open the door forcefully if it is not opening smoothly. Contact a technician if you find out any resistance.

Secure the Door

   The door should stay stand once it is open. If it is not staying, there might be pulleys or spring issues. If the garage door is not open on its own, you can hold it up with the clamp or ladder until the technician comes. You can also shut the door down through the handle manually.

How do you manually lock the Garage Door?

   The garage door can be open and closed from inside or outside when it is separate from the drive. You might lock the door in the evening manually. A locking mechanism is located in the center of the garage door. You can pull the lever that is locking the metal into a gap on one side with the garage door in the down position.

   A key is used to unlock the manual lock from the outside. If you have lost the key, you can contact the company connecting the door; they will change the key or the lock itself.

How do you reconnect an Emergency pull on a Garage Door?

   When the power has come back, you can reconnect the emergency pull. Press the button on the garage door; the emergency pull will automatically reconnect to the chain. New models have this technology. You can also reconnect it manually if you do not have new models. Hold the handle and pull it up or onward quickly.

   This quick motion will fix the spring hook back into the chain. You will hear a sound when it connects. Lightly pull the chain to see whether it is attached or not. If the pull comes back, then again repeat the motion. When it connects, press the button to check that it works automatically and adequately.

Ultimate 4 Best Garage Door Locks In 2022

A home without security is not desirable. Garages that house high-value items always need extra protection, even if every house is equipped with lockable doors. When you’ve already installed your garage door, choosing a garage door lock that meets high standards is essential.

     Due to all the different lock designs and styles available, finding the proper garage door security for your home can be challenging. There are many things to consider, so we’ve put together a list of four of the best garage door locks you can choose from to protect your space and possessions from intruders.

How to open or close a Garage Door Tutorial


What is the Big Spring?

   The springs are attached to the cables on both sides of the door with rollers in the track horizontally that control the garage door opening and closing. The springs hold the door from moving up or down too fast. Otherwise, it can be dangerous.

   Two torsion springs are located on an expansive double garage door. The heavy springs are attached to the ceiling braces for building a new automatic garage door or on the building of a garage door. The ceiling braces give security and balance to the springs.

Are Garage Doors easy to break into?

   Electric garage doors are challenging to break into because the door does not open when it is connected to the drive. The older garage door technologies might be easy to break into as they contain emergency pull that can be hooked by tool from the garage frame or door gasp.

   The garage door with an emergency pull is easy to lift from outside, but the locking mechanism is challenging to connect. So, electric garage doors are difficult to break into, but the emergency pull garage door might be easy.

What is the red cord on my Garage Door?

    A red rope hangs in the center of the ceiling with a trolley and moves with the garage door to open or close it. The trolley moves the door by opener carriage. Pulling the emergency release cord unattached from the trolley and manually moving the garage door.

What happens when you pull the red string on the Garage Door?

   When you pull the emergency release string, it disconnects the motor from the garage door. It loosens the metal door arm from the drive, and you can manually open or close the garage door.


   You can easily close or open the garage door manually when the electricity or power goes. You can quickly move your vehicle through these simple steps. It all depends on the technologies of the garage door. If you have any questions or suggestions, then comment below. I will reply as soon as I can. Share this content with your friends and loved ones. Thanks for reading!

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