3 Steps to Open a Combination Lock in 2023

Open a Combination Locks

    Combination locks can be used for your locker at school, gym locker, bike, or whatever else you wish to keep safe. A combination lock can be opened very easily once you’ve figured out the combination.

    You have to turn the lock a couple of times to the left and right, and you are done. So in this article, we will tell you how to open a combination lock most easily.

    These are the steps you need to follow to open a combination lock.

Step1: Purchasing a Combination Lock

Step1: Purchasing a Combination Lock

    In this step, the following actions are taken:


    You can find combination locks at most hardware, sports store, and home improvement or online in the US. Many stores sell combination locks, including The Home Depot, Walmart, Lowe’s, Sears, Model’s, and Staples.

Find the Combination sticker:

    Look on the back of the lock for the combination. Typically, a new combination lock comes with a sticker explaining its combination on the back. Peel this sticker carefully off your lock.

   Unless you want to risk the combination being discovered by someone else, write down the combination and throw the sticker away. Memorize the new combination for your locker. Having the combination memorized will make opening your locker consistently easier. Want to purchase? Then Check out Our Review on Best Combination padlock.

Step2: Combination Lock opening

Step2: Combination Lock opening

   In this step, the following actions should be taken:

Turn the dial clockwise:

   The lock’s dial needs to be turned three times clockwise. Rotate it to the right. With this method, you will be able to open the lock once it has been cleared and reset.

Stop turning until the first combination:

    Once the marker reaches the first number, stop turning. It should point to the 12 o’clock position at the top of the dial. The marker or line is often red. If the marker points to 36 on the dial, stop turning the dial. That is the first number on this lock’s combination.

Spin the dial back until full turn:

    Once the dial has been fully turned to the left, turn it back to the right. You can spin it one full turn counterclockwise, passing the first number, 36, and stopping at the second number, such as 10.

Turn right the dial:

     Rotate the dial to the right. Once you reach the last number on the sticker, turn the dial clockwise again.

Open the Combination lock:

     You can now open the lock. You should be able to open it by grabbing the top shackle. The lock can also be pulled down by holding on to the shackle.

    Attempt the process again if it doesn’t open. You should clear the lock once you have partially engaged the tumblers to try again.

Step3: Combination Lock Locking

Step3: Combination Lock Locking

     In this step, you must follow the following actions:

Place the shackle:

    Put the shackle on. The opened end of the shackle should be above the hole. Slide the shackle into the hole at the top opening of the lock.

Rotate the dial:

    Turn the dial. Rotate it three times in any direction. You don’t need to stop at any particular number. The tumblers will be disengaged in this process, so you will have to enter the first number again to open the lock.

Try it out:

    Give it a try. Pull the shackle or lock to ensure the door is locked. Relock it if it opens.

What do I do if the first and second numbers are the same on my combination lock?

    The same thing would apply if the numbers were different. Let’s say it is 15-15-09. If you rotate it counterclockwise, you would rotate past the number 15 and keep going until you reach it again. Then you would rotate clockwise to the number 9. You should be able to unlock the lock once you pull on it.

How to open Combination lock Tutorial


How do I open a multiple combination lock when I don’t know the code?

     At the top, keep your thumb firmly in place. Count the numbers slowly, and when you reach the right one, you will hear or feel a click.

What do I do if the combination lock is stuck?

     It may be necessary to seek assistance for your problem. You may need a new lock.

Can a combination lock be picked?

     When you forget your passwords, grab a picking tool and get to work. Combination locks are by far the easiest to pick. It takes practice to decode your lock the first time, but you can do it in seconds once you know the drill.

What do I do if I lose my combination lock?

     You can either get the combination on record from the administration office, or they can change it for you.

How do I open a dial lockset on a new suitcase without instructions?

     There should be an instruction sheet with the suitcase that tells you how to open the lock. You can usually find one in the shop where you bought the suitcases. If not, you can contact the shop where you purchased them.

Final words

     If you don’t know to open the combination lock, this article will help you out. Follow the following above steps, and that will help you. If you want to ask any questions, please comment below. Also, if you find this article helpful, share it with your friends.

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