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How to Secure a Door without a Lock | 11 Easy Ways

Are you looking for methods to secure a door without a lock? Locks are an excellent way to secure a door. But sometimes a lock fails, the lock is fragile, or the door doesn’t have a lock. So, in this situation, you might want to seek ways to secure your home or door.

   While the best solution is replacing or installing a new lock, we have some clever door lock hacks for securing a door without a lock. Using these temporary fixes, you can easily secure your bathroom, entry, apartment, or even bedroom door without a lock. So, here is a rundown of these solutions that will help you to get a peaceful sleep at night. Thus keep reading!

Best Ways to Lock a Door without a Lock

Best Ways to Lock a Door without a Lock

   Whether you want to go somewhere and your door is not locking, your lock key has been stolen, or you forget the key and stay at a hotel, and the door is not locked. Whatever the issue is, don’t worry. You can easily lock the door without a lock conveniently. Here are the best ways to secure a door without a lock:

1. Consider Using a Door Wedge

   You can jam the door with a rubber, plastic, metal, or wooden wedge. Door stops or wedges are frequently used to keep your door open, but they can also serve you to keep your door shut. So, shut the door and place the pointy side of the wedge in the space between the door and the floor. Then strike it with force until the wedge is motionless.

   On the other hand, you can also DIY a doorstop using household items such as paperboard or a shoe. Also, this method is only for inward swinging doors with space between floor and door.

2. Lock the Door with a Fork

   You can temporarily make your own lock with a fork. Bend the fork’s prongs by using a plier at a 90-degree angle. Cut the fork grip with a wire or bolt cutter, leaving 2.5cm on the fork’s edge. Now place the fork prong into the door latch and close the door. After that, insert the handle between the prongs horizontally, with half on the door and a half beyond the door.

   You can also place cardboard on one side of the fork’s handle over the door to prevent the door from jerking. This convenient and portable method works with a latch for indoor and outdoor opening doors.

3. Use a Belt or Rope to Lock the Door

   You can tighten a belt or rope around the hinges of a commercial building door. An automatic hinge is frequently located on the top of the hotel or office door. Close these doors by folding and tying a rope or belt around the hinges. Then wrap the belt end by the door frame hinge arm. After that, tightly fold the belt around the hinge.

   Unite the belt by the center of the hook to stabilize it tightly. You can also utilize purse straps because these also work like a belt and are effective. If you use rope, remember to knot it tightly so that it does not slip from the hinges. This temporary solution only works for inward-opening doors with a hinge.

4. Put a Chair under the Door Knob

   Blocking the door with a chair will keep it closed. Angle the chair top under the door knob and place it in such a way that the chair feet are planted against the floor. Such as positioning the chair at a 45-degree angle. This locking method is suitable for inward-opening doors. Also, this solution is temporary because the chair can slide out from the knob if someone firmly pushes the door.

5. Remove the Door Handle

   Take the door handle or knob out from the outer side. Remove the door handle completely if you do not have any other option to lock the door. Unscrew the knob with the help of a screwdriver and take out the knob or handle from the door. This temporary solution is both for inward and outward opening doors.

   However, this solution stops people from getting into your residence. But at the same time, you cannot come out from your residence. Some door knobs or handles are challenging to detach because they have hidden screws that are difficult to remove.

6. Secure the Door with a Security Bar

   Place a sturdy security bar under the handle to lock the door. Door jammers are an occasional cost for your relaxation. You can find these tools online or at hardware stores. Just place the bar slot under the door handle at a 45-degree angle. Adjust the pole bottom until it sticks to the floor completely.

   Then push the bottom against the floor until the security bar, or door jammer stand on its own. This portable tool works on sliding glass and inward-opening doors. Only the difference is that detach the door knob slot and place the bar between the sliding glass doors.  

7. Barricade Furniture in Front of the Door

   Place furniture in front of the door to keep someone out of your residence. Put bed, chair, bookshelves, wardrobe, desk, or cabinet in front of the inward opening door. So, if someone tries to open it even by pushing firmly, the door can’t open. You can use anything that is heavy to barricade the door. Also, the item must be more than half of a door in length. This temporary method is not infallible.

8. Use a Door Barricade Bar

   Invest in a wooden or metal door barricade bar, as it is an excellent option to lock the door without a lock. It is a permanent solution and is easy to install. The best part is that it provides extra security, and no one can open the door even with their entire force. To install this, fix the lock anchor on both sides of the door beyond the door knob.

   Make certain to fix the lock anchor’s level with each other. Insert the metal barricade bar into the lock anchors to secure the door. You can also make your own security bar. Just screws the brackets on both side of the door frame and set the pole from side to side. It is best for inward opening doors and will avoid someone from knocking in the house.

9. Invest in a Portable Door Lock

   Purchase a portable door lock that you can take and use anywhere. Various types of portable door locks have a metal plates with chain locking mechanisms. All you have to do is to insert the metal plate into the door latch, and the chain locking mechanism is fit in a covert on the metal plate.

   So, follow the portable door lock instructions to install it properly. This method can be used both for inward and outward opening doors. You can remove and use it when necessary. This hack is useful for renters and travelers.

10. Secure your Door with a Floor Barricade

   Floor barricades are the permanent door stopper. These are made of metal and attach on the inner side of the door to the floor. The metal plate is fitted into the floor with screws under the door and the huge rectangular bar inserts inside it. So, for locking your door, shut it and place the block into the metal plate.

   You should call an expert to install it if you are inexperienced and have a tile or stone floor. It is a permanent locking tool that is useful for inward opening doors. Mostly these floor barricades are used by owners who want extra security over regular locks.

11. Keyless Door Reinforcement Lock

   A keyless door reinforcement lock is an excellent way to secure your door without a lock. It is free from the hassle of keys and works great for inward-opening doors. You can lock and unlock just with a single use. These devices can withstand forces up to 800 lbs and are sturdy against kicks. All you have to do is to mount the lock to the door frames with screws. If you are inexperienced with drilling, try calling a professional to install it.

How to Prevent the Possible Intruders?

   Here are some suggestions to prevent intruders from breaking into the house in the future:

  • Get a dog to deter burglars with its bark.
  • Install motion detectors in your residence. So when the thief or someone moves, the lights will switch on automatically by detecting motion, and the intruder will think that someone is awake in the house.
  • A home security system is a reliable solution to secure your home.
  • Make sure to lock your windows at night or whenever you go anywhere.
  • Install a big front gate in the house to stop the burglars.
  • Install a doorbell camera so that when someone knocks on your door, you can see the person on the door with the help of a camera.

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How do you lock a door with a towel?

   Place the towel on the side of the door knob over the door to keep it from wagging. This locking solution is easy, portable, and useful for both inward and outward-swinging latch doors.

How do you lock a door with a sock?

   Fill your sock beneath the door. You might be thinking the socks smell will keep the burglars away from your home, but the purpose is that the socks work like a doorstop or wedge.

How do you lock a door with zip ties?

   Just twist the zip tie by the hole near the rope on the latch. Then again twist it by the second hole over the emergency latch. After that, tighten the zip tie, and the door is locked without a lock.

What makes a door more secure?

   A sturdy door made of steel, metal, wood, or even fiberglass is best for security purposes. Steel-made doors are one of the strongest and most challenging to break. While solid fiberglass and wood are better choices too.   

What makes a door strong?

   The crucial part of any door is a strike plate. A door with a solid strike plate offers great strength against intruders. Because as much force a burglar applies, he will not be able to unlock the door.

Wrapping up

   Ultimately, there are various ways to lock a door without a lock. So, which one should you try? However, the best solution depends on your situation, whether you want a permanent or temporary solution. Hopefully, this article gives you the best ways to secure a door without a lock. Also, please share it with your friends. Have a great day!   


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