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3 Effective ways to open a Lockbox without code In 2023

Sometimes opening a lockbox without the code might be challenging. But don’t worry, you need to purchase a lock pick and put the pick in the gap of the first number. Then, look for the fault spot in the wheel. Repeat the process for other digits until you open the lock. So, that’s not difficult at all.

    If you forget the code, you don’t need to call a locksmith because you can open the Lockbox by following the simple steps. So, in this article, I have explained to open a Lockbox without the code; read carefully.

Are our lock boxes easy to break into?

    Lockable devices keep your keys protected and secure. These are made with many durables that make them difficult to break into. But some lock boxes are made of inferior materials that cannot fight against the impact and easily break. So, it depends on the material of the lock box that decides to break it easily or not.

Things you need for opening a Lockbox

Things you need for opening a

     You need certain things for accessing the Lockbox If you do not remember the code. These are standard tools that would be found in your toolbox. If you do not have them, you can borrow them from your friend or neighbor. Also, these are found in local stores easily, so you don’t need to be concerned about that as they are easily accessible.

Pick a lock

     You will need a lock picking set to open the Lockbox. If you do not have a lock picking set, you can purchase it from local stores or online, costing only $30. It includes different sizes and designs of tools that work other in every situation. You should buy a beginner lock pick set as it contains practical and budget-friendly five sets of picklock.

     If you do not want to buy a lock picking set, then you can use a thin metal to insert in the gap of the lock. The metal should be flexible and sturdy so that it is stuck inside the lock and does not break. The other method is to use a metal paperclip to open a lockbox. Straight the paperclip using a plier and turn it into a lock pick.

     If it has any plastic cover, belt it. The paperclip should be solid and durable to bear the pressure you use to insert while picking the lock.

A Paper and Pen

     You will need a paper and pen to mark the numbers so that you do not repeat the digit and set the correct code. You can use a ballpoint with tungsten carbide finishing and brass and steel. The size is about 0.7 to 1.2 millimeters. As it has oil-based ink that quickly dries when written on the paper. It lasts for an extended period and is affordable.

     The other one is a rollerball pen that has smooth writing. The ink is water-based and less thick. When you write on paper, it floats effortlessly. It would be best if you used a notepad instead of a piece of paper. As a notepad has springs, the papers do not scatter. It is also small in size that you can put in your pocket. And it helps you to avoid forgetting the lockbox code.


     Wear gloves while working with small tools to prevent the hands from getting wet and slippery. You can use anti-slip gloves that offer a good grip and easily work with small, slippery items. Also, it prevents from making ulcers on your hands by tedious gripping.

     The anti-slip gloves are nylon, vinyl, synthetic leather, cotton, and mixed fabric. You can select gloves that have anti-slip pads. Also, you can buy the pad separately so that you can attach it to the gloves if you need it. Mostly the anti-slip gloves are considerable that is difficult to wear and tear.

     Before purchasing the gloves, be sure that they fit your hands and that you can quickly move your hand in them. Make sure the gloves have an additional layer to warm your hands, and they should not be bulky. You can also use cotton or latex gloves if you do not have anti-slip gloves.

Spectacles (Optional)

     If you have poor eyesight and the digits are too small, you can use glasses or spectacles. If you have a pair of glasses, then use them during the tutorial. If you do not have glasses, choose them according to your need. If you want compatible focal power, then single vision lenses are suitable.

     Concave lenses are helpful for near-sightedness and myopia. You can use convex or plus lenses for hyperopia and far-sightedness. Also, you can use cylindrical lenses for astigmatism. So, it depends on your eyesight.

Steps to open a Lockbox without a code

    Follow these steps to open a lockbox without the code:

Step1: Place the pick in the gap at the first number

    Insert the pick in the gap at the first digit. If you put a paperclip or a metal for picking the lock, do not put too much force on it. Suppose you will apply too much pressure; this causes the metal or paperclip to break inside the lock. You should insert the clip in the lock properly as it will remain in the same position from start to end. So put the metal or clip straight in the lock.

Step2: Find the faulty spot on the wheel

     When you are done securing the pick lock properly, rotate the wheel to look for the faulty spot. Continue spinning the wheel until you feel there is little or no immovable in it. The digit with no opposition is the accurate number of the lockbox code. Stop at this digit and begin to the following numbers.

Step3: Keep repeating this process until the lock is opened

     Place the pick in the same position and repeat this process again and again. Rotate the wheel continuously until you reach the digits with no opposition or immovable. After that, the Lockbox will open.

     If the Lockbox is still not open, then again repeat the method. It means you might miss the right digit. Do not forget to write down the code on a notepad for the future once you open the Lockbox victoriously. Also, place the notepad in a secure area.


Is it possible to replace the lock on my Lockbox?

    Usually, lockboxes have also keyed cores as well as codes. Also, the combination lockbox is integrated into the box. Replacing a lockbox is similar to replacing a mailbox key or file cabinet lock. Unlocking the box is necessary; the core is typically attached to the box by a clip, and you can remove it easily by using a flat screwdriver.

How can I determine whether or not my Lockbox has a reset code?

     Factory reset codes on a few lockboxes enable the user to access the box and alert the code. If there is no factory reset code, you can also reset the code once by unlocking the Lockbox. Also, for replacing the combination lock, examine your product handbook.

What is the security of a lockbox?

     Lockbox is confidential as a low-security box. It means that the device is suggested for security purposes. It is loaded with essential equipment that the intruders can easily unlock the Lockbox or take with them. It is usually made of thin metals, and the securing technique is uncomplicated.

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Final Words

     You can easily inspect the lockbox code without any professionals’ help or damage it. You need the right tools and a procedure to follow. And you can successfully open the Lockbox without a code by this above-described method.

     If you find this article helpful, then share it with your friends. Also, if you have any questions, then comment below. It will be a pleasure for me to help you. Many thanks!

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