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6 Best Sliding Glass Door Locks to provide Security In 2023

     While sliding glass doors add beauty to your house, their single bolt cannot keep intruders out. We have compiled a list of the best sliding glass door locks to provide you with adequate security.

     These locks will prevent trespassers and thieves from entering your home, and they will prevent animals and children from wandering outside. As sliding glass doors are fitted with mortise locks, they provide your family with the same level of protection without requiring a new door.

     Sleek and secure, they can’t simply be broken. There are several different options, such as adhesive, bar lock, pin lock, and mortise lock. Check out your choices and decide which will work best for you.

Quick preview of choosing the right sliding glass door lock

     Quick preview of choosing the right sliding glass door lock:

  • Strength: If you want to restrict the patio door, you need a lock to support it without breaking. Intruders will not be able to gain entry to your home when you have pin and mortise locks installed.
  • Thickness and size: The size of the lock must be taken into account when choosing a lock for your window or door. It may be difficult to open the door if the locks are too thick, while too thin locks may not serve their purpose.


Best Pick

Burglabar Sliding Patio Door Lock – Incredible Strength

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Clear
  • Weight: 1.13 ounces
  • Size: 3 x 2 x 1.38 inches

Budget Pick

51Ui3JV4zOL. AC SL1500

Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar Sliding Door Lock – Ideal Use

  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Color: Silver
  • Weight: 2.37 pounds
  • Size: 1.25 x 1.25 x 44 inches

Editor Pick

ULTRALOQ Smart Lock U-Bolt Pro – Waterproof

OKEFAN Sliding Glass Door Lock – Childproof

  • Material: Plastic
  • Color: Blue
  • Weight: 6.7 ounces
  • Size: 4 x 3.8 x 2.1 inches

List of 6 Best Sliding Glass Door Locks

  1. Burglabar Sliding Patio Door Lock (BEST OVERALL)
  2. Brinks 675-83001 Commercial Door Security Bar (RUNNER UP)
  3. OKEFAN Sliding Glass Door Lock (BEST FOR BABY-PROOFING)
  4. Ashtonbee Sliding Door Lock (BEST BUDGET)
  5. HauSun Patio Sliding Door Security Lock (BEST SECURITY)
  6. FPL #3-45-S Sliding Glass Door (BEST SECONDARY LOCK)

Reasons to Buy

  • Strong adhesive
  • The duration is long
  • Easy installation
  • No need for a tool

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not sturdy enough

Product Description:

   Burglabar Sliding patio is a unique door and window hinge lock that offers additional security to your home. It has a crystal-clear design, then increases your home décor. This lock is incredibly solid that can withstand the energetic wave of 300 to 450 pounds. If you have children, you must use this lock for child safety.


  • Self-locking hinge lock.
  • It is a child-proof lock.
  • No tools are needed to install.
  • Made in Canada.
  • Withstand force of 300 to 450 pounds.
  • Ideal affordable solution.

Company Review:

   Burglabar brand is the creation of Rishon Enterprises Inc. They are popular for manufacturing smart home security and home automation. Their main focus is on everyday life’s safety, privacy, and security. They offer different types of locks and are easy to install. Their prices are affordable, and the customer rating is excellent.  

About the product:

      Burglabar door locks are overall the best products produced to ensure kids’ safety. Its installation is incredibly simple. The sliding glass door is secured on both sides when fixed. In addition to doors and windows, you can use this lock on your sliding basement door.

     Burglabar Door Locks are highly force-resistant. It is made from a strong, transparent, and transparent LEXAN material. This lock can be installed without the need for tools as well. Simply adhere the part to where you want it installed, and you’re done.

     So, just because it’s plastic doesn’t change the fact that it’s doing its job. As a plastic door lock, the Rishon Burglabar stands out from other products at this price point due to its hardness.

     Your kids will be unable to access dangerous house areas with this door lock. It is also strong enough to deter burglars. Despite this, the Burglabar Door Lock can’t be 100% burglar-proof.

    Even if you are away from home, it can provide sufficient protection for your belongings. The locks can withstand dynamic shear of 300-450 pounds. Also, affordable and keep your home secure.


Weight1.13 ounces
Size3 x 2 x 1.38 inches
Number of piecesOne
Mounting TypeDoor mount

Highlight: The Easy to install, effective, and simple to use.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to install
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Very adjustable
  • Budget-friendly

Reasons to Avoid

  • Noticeable on doors

Product Description:

   Brinks 675-83001 is a heavy-duty door lock that is easily adjustable with sliding and standard doors. It is simple and needs no heavy installation. It is enough to deter intruders. It is made of high-quality material and works best on concrete, wood, or tile floor. Its compact design looks great in your home and comes with a lifetime warranty.  


  • No need to drill in.
  • Firm against the floor easily.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Adjustable to different heights.
  • 20 gauge heavy-duty steel tube construction.
  • It is a swivel base.

Company Review:

   Brinks is a brand that offers adjustable door jammers for extra security in the home. Their products are tested and of high-quality material. Their locks offer years of dependable security and reliable performance. So, their locks increase security for all of your needs. Also, they provide a lifetime warranty.

About the product:

Depending on its innovative nature, a design can be very bad or exceptional. Fortunately, the case is the latter in the case of Brinks’ security bars — they’re great safety features for every home and can be tailored to various applications.

     Because of the bar’s versatility, it can be positioned horizontally or vertically – a benefit for both standard and sliding doors. So it will easily fit in the door.

    A horizontally oriented sliding door jammer can be inserted inside a closed sliding door frame, effectively jamming it shut and making it impossible for anyone to open it from the outside.

    It’s a very simple concept but highly effective, and even the most determined efforts will not get it to budge. The security bar for sliding doors is constructed of heavy-gauge steel tubes and has a protected swivel base.

    Additionally, it is fully adjustable to be used with any type of door. A contemporary design that is sleek, simple, and requires no installation, the security bar is a great sliding door lock.

    However, if you use this lock to secure your sliding patio door, intruders will be unable to gain entry into your home or remove it from the track. I highly recommend this security bar for women who live alone or people who just want that little extra feeling of security.


MaterialAlloy steel
Weight2.37 pounds
Size1.25 x 1.25 x 44 inches
Number of pieces:One
Mounting TypeSwivel

Highlight: Very easy to set up and remove as well.

Reasons to Buy

  • Installation easy
  • Have multiple colors
  • Child-safe
  • Affordable
  • No tools required

Reasons to Avoid

  • Look big for some sliding doors
  • Adhesive loss over time

Product Description:

   OKEFAN sliding door lock is child safe and made of solid ABS plastic material. It requires no drill or tools to install it on the door. It is installed by peeling off the tape and attaching it to the door. It has a button that is pressed simultaneously and opens the door. It is not so tough but still secures your home from burglars.


  • Child-proof safety lock.
  • Withstands the pulls and tugs of children.
  • Press the button to unlock.
  • High-quality ABS plastic and stainless steel springs.
  • Strong 3m adhesive tape to install.
  • Durable, lasting work.
  • No drilling tools are needed.

Company Review:

   OKEFAN is a worldwide brand that offers child-safe products. Their door locks are tested while manufacturing to maintain ideal safeness and effectiveness. Their locks contain strong adhesive tape for easy installation. Also, they are working on standard hung windows and sliding doors. Also, they have an excellent rating throughout the world.

About the product:

      A child’s safety is always a top priority in any home – and each family has different “weak points” to watch out for. Looking at sliding door locks reveals they are easily opened – which can sometimes lead to our kids wandering away if not supervised.

     Now you can keep this all under control thanks to this unique sliding door lock design. You can use it to keep toddlers safe inside sliding doors and windows.

    A solid ABS plastic material is used in this design, which requires no Drilling, Magnets, tools, or complex assembly procedures. You put the lock in high up – out of reach of the kids – by peeling off the strong adhesive tape.

    The lock engages instantly via two buttons at the side. Simple, but very effective. However, it is efficient at keeping the kids in even when stopping violent and forced entry might not be ideal.

    OKEFAN should be installed away from kids to prevent accidents. This sliding glass door lock is made of plastic, which keeps people in instead of keeping them out.

    The OKEFAN lock can help boost security, but it isn’t as tough as the other locks we recommend. In the end, that is what matters most!


Weight6.7 ounces
Size4 x 3.8 x 2.1 inches
Number of pieces1
Mounting TypePeel off

Highlight: Easy to install and very inexpensive. Works great and gives you extra security.

Reasons to Buy

  • Multi-purpose
  • Affordable
  • Simple to install
  • Childproof
  • Plastic is BFA-free

Reasons to Avoid

  • Hard to remove
  • Might leave mark

Product Description:

   Ashtonbee sliding door lock has a keyless design and uses tape to stay in place. It can be used in cabinets, drawers, and sliding doors. The best thing is that it has four locks per pack. So, you can use this lock in various places. Also, it is childproof, and you no longer need to use keys. It is an excellent choice for your home.


  • Protect the kids from harm with the door.
  • Easy to install by peeling the tape off.
  • Multipurpose sliding door lock.
  • With a unique, keyless design.
  • Versatile childproof lock.
  • Four locks per pack.
  • Attaches firmly to any surface.

Company Review:

   Ashtonbee is a top brand that provides baby-proof locks. It manufactures baby products, including baby-sitting chairs, feeders, childproof locks, etc. Their products are high quality, durable and last long. They offer low prices for their customers in different regions. So, their products are affordable.

About the product:

Ashtonbee Sliding Door Lock is our fourth best sliding glass door lock. You can use this door lock to prevent your kids from getting into dangerous areas in your home, including a swimming pool, medicine cabinet, or balconies.

      Childproofing a home is easy with this door lock. You don’t need a specialist to install this device, as you can do it independently. The tape only has to be removed, so you can apply it to any surface that you want to keep secure.

      Various surfaces can be covered with tape. No matter how much force your kid exerts, it will remain attached to the surface. A child or a baby might have trouble opening the door lock, but an adult will have no trouble opening it.

      For adults, locking and unlocking the door should be simple. It’s made of durable, BPA-free ABS plastic that’s both durable and healthy. Installation is quick and easy. In addition, it can be installed on your Windows, Storage spaces, Doors, or other entryways.

     This lock is not simply for preventing toddlers from getting into dangerous areas of your home; it is to keep them away from danger. Not that it prevents burglars from entering your house.


Weight0.8 oz
Size9 x 3 0.05 inches
Number of pieces1 pack
Mounting TypePeel off

Highlight: Easy to lock and unlock. Also, you can use it for several purposes.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to use
  • Double locking system
  • Installed on many types of door
  • Solid finishing
  • Durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Made of plastic
  • Not for outside

Product Description:

   HauSun patio sliding door lock is an attractive and functional lock that is ideal for child guardians and childproofing. It offers two-way installation. You can install it on both the bottom and top of the door. You need screws to install this lock. Also, the construction is made of metal, aluminum, and ABS that are durable and stays for long. So, that is a good option for home security.


  • Offers two installation ways.
  • Securely locked to prevent intruders.
  • Hard to open by a child.
  • Works both on the right and left sides.
  • ABS, metal construction.
  • Easy installation and spring-loaded.

Company review:

   HauSun is an excellent brand for manufacturing household products and different types of locks. It provides you with the best security solutions for your homes or offices. It is also a trademark that is registered and sells online products. The customers are delighted with their products, and they have a good market reputation.

About the product:

Aluminum and ABS plastic are used in the HauSun Patio Sliding Door Lock design. Its striker plate, on the other hand, is metal. The aluminum, vinyl, and wooden materials can install this door lock.

      Installing it inside the track is the only way to install it on sliding doors. After locking the door, you can leave a 3-inch gap. The gap allows ventilation to take place.

     This lock can be installed on either the top or bottom rail, depending on your preference. Most people, however, prefer to place the lock on the top rail. That’s because it’s not accessible to adults, though it’s out of reach for kids.

     Another option is to install the lock at the bottom. The lock can be operated with your foot from this position. With its higher resistance than most sliding glass door locks at its price point, the HauSun patio sliding door lock is a good choice.

     Forced entry load tension of more than 1000 pounds makes this sliding door lock effective in protecting your family and belongings. Due to its double locking system, a burglar would have difficulty lifting the sliding door from its original track.


MaterialAluminum, plastic, and metal
Weight5.6 ounces
Size6 x 2.2 x 0.5 inches
Number of pieces1 pack
Mounting TypeBrackets

Highlight: The lock works perfectly fine, and even if the door is wide open, the catch plate is never exposed and won’t be a trip hazard.

Reasons to Buy

  • Affordable
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Have multiple finishes
  • Durable
  • Adjustable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not suitable for all doors

Product Description:

   FPL #3-45-S sliding glass door lock is one of the best adjustable door locks with an adapter plate. This mortise lock fits all types of doors easily. It is made of durable steel, and the color is satin nickel that looks pretty on your door and enhances the décor. It is quite affordable and contains no dye-cast zinc components.


  • Durable steel mortise lock.
  • Adjustable hook and 45-degree hub.
  • Have no dye-cast zinc items.
  • Suitable for every type of door.
  • Smooth lock and unlock.
  • Made of metal, not plastic.

Company review:

   FPL door locks and hardware brand is an excellent solution for high-quality products. Their focus is on providing the hardware that improves home security. They offer every type of door lock for each door. They offer affordable prices and durable construction of locks. Their highest priority is customer service.

About the product:

       FPL Sliding Glass Door Replacement Locks can replace almost any damaged door lockout there with no hassle. The lock that comes with this is a hard-wearing steel mortise lock. This lock has no die-cast zinc components.

      You can use it to secure your possessions and family. Door locks like this one will replace wooden, aluminum, and vinyl mortise locks. However, you might be concerned about installing it due to the lack of instructions.

     Then you can apply the same idea to the new mortise lock after removing the old one. It has an adjustable hook and five-and-three-quarter inch screw holes. To ensure the replacement lock fits perfectly, measure the distance between the screws on your old lock.

     Installing the lock is easy with the package, including everything you need. All the hardware you need for installation, the keeper, the strike, and the mortise lock. It has a 45-degree hub as well.

     Furthermore, striking and keeper plates and adapter plates come with different finishes. In other words, if you are looking for a mortise lock replacement that perfectly matches your hardware, you will likely be able to find what you are looking for.


MaterialStainless steel
ColorYZD Plating
Weight7 ounces
Size6.5 x 1 x 2 inches
Number of pieces1
Mounting TypeScrews

Highlight: It is easy to install and perfectly fits the sliding door.

Comparison of Burglabar and Brinks

      Brinks and Burglabar are both reputed names in security sliding door locks. One of the companies provides professionally installed home security systems, and the other offers DIY systems. These companies offer home security equipment that includes the latest features. Here we go:

  • Brink’s home security and automation technology are state-of-the-art.
  • Pricing is transparent, and the company offers DIY installation. The technology can be installed by a professional if necessary, but it is simple enough to do it independently.
  • Brinks require contracts.
  • Our ratings and reviews for Brinks are generally positive. Customer testimonials consistently praise the quick service, knowledgeable customer service representatives, and professional installation technicians.
  • Some customers are complaining that customer service takes too long to respond.

Now Burglabar review:

  • Home automation and smart-home security are available through Burglabar.
  • Installation and monitoring can be handled professionally, and it offers a variety of plans.
  • Online or by phone, you can request a free quote from the website, but pricing isn’t transparent.
  • On ConsumerAffairs, Burglabar’s customers describe professional service and satisfaction with any issues resolved.
  • Others express concerns over equipment functionality and contract cancellation issues.

You may Also Interested:

What to look for while Buying the Best Sliding Glass Door Locks

     You need to consider some factors when choosing the best sliding glass door lock. We will discuss them in detail here to make an informed choice.


     What is the price of the sliding door lock you are considering? If you haven’t realized it yet, now’s the time. Planning your budget is easier when you know the price. Good quality door locks also don’t have to be expensive.

     For this reason, market surveys and reviews such as these are crucial. You will be able to determine the cost of different locks by using these methods, and you will be able to make an informed decision on which lock to choose.

     Make sure you read the price tag and determine if the pack includes an extra lock you can use on other sliding glass doors in your home because some packs of locks contain extra locks in them. Make sure your locks are of good quality above all.

The Intended use:

     The most common reason homeowners need a sliding glass door lock is twofold. The first is to prevent their children from entering restricted areas. Another is for protection against burglars.

     Keeping children from entering your home will be possible with a childproof door lock. With this system, your kid will be unable to access areas off-limits. Many people find them incredibly useful in closets to keep dangerous objects out of reach.

     A burglar-proof door lock would be necessary for homeowners looking at the second reason more closely. Pick one that stops the door from being lifted off its track by burglars. In that case, it’ll be an easy target for thieves.

     In addition to being sliding glass door locks, they fulfill both functions. You won’t have trouble keeping little ones in either case with these locks. In the end, you’ll need to select the sliding glass door lock that will suit your needs.

Quick and Easy Installation:

     Purchasing an option that requires professional installation is not a good idea. That’s a waste of money and time. A variety of simple to install, high-quality options are available. Most child-proof sliding glass door locks can be installed within a minute.

     You open the adhesive surface’s seal and place it where you want it. Why should we spend extra money on a profession when so many top-notch options are readily available? So choose a sliding glass door lock that has quick and easy installation.


     Corrosion and rust are the biggest problems with locks. Unaddressed, these issues can negatively impact the appearance and effectiveness of the lock. You should only get corrosion-resistant all-metal door locks. Weather conditions have very little effect on the appearance of such doors.

     Customer reviews can determine a lock’s durability. The resources will help determine how well the sliding glass door lock functioned.

Types of Sliding Glass Doors:

      Sliding glass doors come in various designs and materials on the market. Aluminum, vinyl, or wood are the most common materials for sliding glass doors. Therefore, it is advisable to check the type of sliding door you have before investing in a door lock.

      Most locks would be appropriate for wood, vinyl, and aluminum. It is worth noting that most locks will not function on screen doors.


      The finish is another crucial consideration. The lock you choose must match the finish of the entire sliding glass door. If the door looked otherwise, it would appear strange and unattractive.

      Choose a door lock that matches the finish of the original but already damaged lock if you are choosing one as a replacement. Fortunately, most locks are available in various finishes. Hence, you should be able to find the lock that suits your preference.

Simple to use:

      It is best to choose a lock that will be difficult for your children to operate if the objective is to keep them away from a balcony, swimming pool, or dangerous area. For burglars, the process is the same.

     A good lock would prevent them from being able to break into your house. When choosing a door lock, make sure you think about your needs, as well as those of your elderly family members. So make sure you get an easy-to-use lock, regardless of the lock you are getting.

What can I do to Increase the Security of my Sliding Glass Doors?

     Sliding glass doors can be made more secure in several ways. I will give you a few of my suggestions for adding a bit more security to your home:

  • Setting up a security system
  • Increasing the locking system’s security
  • Install a lock bar for sliding glass doors
  • The curtains should be closed
  • Secure sliding glass doors with a deadbolt

By following these tips, you should be able to get a much more secure sliding glass door in no time. This will make you feel more secure in your home.

Steps to Fix a Sliding Glass Door Lock

      It isn’t that difficult to repair sliding glass door locks. Follow these steps to ensure a simple process.

  • If your door lock is broken, remove the screws that hold it in place. Use the old door lock as a guide for replacing the sliding glass door lock at your local hardware store.
  • Examine all the parts of the new sliding glass door lock after you remove it from its packaging. Due to the substantial differences between these products.
  • The lock cylinder should be installed into the door’s lock frame. Make sure the lock turns correctly by inserting the key into this cylinder.
  • The outer lock frame should be inserted from the locking side into the door. After securing the exterior side, you can secure the interior side. Overlap the handle on the interior side of the door frame over the screw holes. Attach the screws and tighten them by hand. For this, you should use a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Close your glass door and lock it. Verify that it works.


How do you Lock the Sliding Glass Door Lock from Outside?

     An installation of a lock and key is required if you intend to lock your door from the outside. You may find it uncomfortable at first. However, these updates will greatly improve security and protect against intruders.

Are there Smart Locks for Sliding Glass Doors?

     For sliding glass doors, there are no commercially available smart locks. This is because there are so many styles of sliding doors. Each one locks and unlocks differently as a result.

What is the Best Lock for a Sliding Glass Door?

     We selected our sliding door locks to fit a variety of situations, but the best lock for you depends on your needs. Install your new lock high up on the doorframe, so it is out of reach of children and pets.

     Look for locks resistant to picking or tampering if you want to keep intruders out. The most secure locks are those that come with keys. Multi-lock systems can increase security.

What is the best way to secure a sliding door?

   A sliding glass door lock is a vigorous way to secure a sliding door. These locks are fitted on the upper of the door where the sliding and stationary doors combine. So, these locks can only be opened by an elder or a tall person.

Are sliding doors easy to break into?

   Mostly, sliding doors are made of moderate glass that is easy to break into. A burglar can simply throw a hard object on the glass to break it. But still, some sliding doors are very strong that ho hard objects affect them.

Should the sliding door be inside or outside?

   Generally, a sliding door must be inside. These doors can also slide outside but still sliding indoors of the fixed panel is more secure.   

Final words

     You should now be able to choose the best sliding glass door lock. Your search is simply a matter of applying what you have learned. It becomes straightforward from then on.

     Please let me know if you have any other questions in the comment section. As soon as I can, I will reply to you. Many thanks!


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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