Top 6 Reasons of CCTV not recording And how to fix it In 2023

6 Reasons of CCTV not recording And how to fix it (2022)

   There are many different ways to protect properties, but CCTV cameras are the most cost-effective security systems to monitor your residence, homes, offices, and more. Also, you can install them in the areas where crimes are common. So, the footage works as evidence against the criminals.

   But what if the CCTV camera is not recording? Many reasons are behind this issue, such as damaged cable, insufficient electricity, adapter problems, damaged DVR, etc. So, in this article, we’ll go through the issues and fixes that cause CCTV not to record. So, read on for more information.

How do I know if my CCTV not recording?

   First, check the digital video recorder (DVR); if the CCTV camera does not show the live footage, then your CCTV is not recording. Another best way to tell your CCTV is not recording is to take your mobile and point it on the CCTV; if the light beam is emitted on the mobile, that means the CCTV camera is recording. Also, use this method in the dark so that to see the IR lights.

6 Reasons and Fixes for CCTV camera not recording

6 Reasons and Fixes for CCTV camera not recording

   Here are the following reasons for the fixes that cause your CCTV not to record:

Power supply or Adapter issues

   A voltage converter or power supply is provided with each electronic device as an adapter of the needed voltage. A CCTV camera also has the same adapter or power supply. If the CCTV adapter is off, there will be no power flow to the camera. That means the CCTV is switched off and not recording.

   You can fix this by checking the output of electricity. Use Avometer to check the supply; if there is no power coming, there is defacement in the power supply. You can change the power supply that is located in the control box.

Detached connector cable

   A coaxial cable is required in CCTV to transfer data to a computer in the structure of analog signals for output data or recording. The cable is damaged if the image or footage does not appear on the computer. In this case, CCTV is incapable of recording the footage.

   To solve this problem, track the cord from ascending to descending. If the cord is broken, then replace it. The user should connect it again, and the image will show on the monitor.

Broken camera recorder

   A camera recorder is an essential component of CCTV. If it is damaged, then no footage will be shown on the computer. You should take the CCTV camera to the expert if these issues occur.

   If the camera can be repaired above 50% of the accuracy level, then it’s well and good because an improved camera can show good quality footage. But if the accuracy level is less than 50%, you must purchase a new camera.

Damage DVR

   A device that converts analog signals into digital ones is DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The camera generates the data into the analog form that can be stored on hard drives, USB drives, memory cards, and other storage tools. So, the analog signals must be converted into digital signals to keep the footage.

   So the DVR converts the captured footage by the CCTV camera that is in analog form into digital signals to store it on the storage tool. If the DVR is damaged, the captured footage by the CCTV will not record and display on the computer.

   You should call a CCTV expert to solve the problem because DVR prices are very high, so a user should repair instead of purchasing a new one. A repaired DVR can be used again. But if it is severely damaged, then you must replace the DVR.

Impaired connector port

   A connector port is also important to distribute the data by cable. The CCTV camera will not get current in case of defacement to the connector port and also will not record the footage.

   Moving the cord to another connector port can easily solve this issue. If the camera starts recording again after exchanging the port, you will discover that the port is damaged.

Damage hard disk

   The hard disk stores the footage or recordings that are located in the DVR. The footage will be saved on the hard disk according to the declared period. In case of damage to the hard drive, the video will be played on the computer but cannot be repeated due to the inaccessibility of the data on the hard disk.

   You must replace the hard disk to get rid of this problem. Hard disks are sensitive to damage due to concussion. The cost of repairing hard drives is also costly. So, an excellent way is to buy a new one.

   One more thing, if the data on the hard drive is not important, then a replacement can occur. But if the data is crucial, then take the drive to an expert.

Why does my CCTV camera keep going offline?

   The main reason the CCTV camera keeps going offline is the loss of internet because if your internet is not working properly, the camera will face recording issues. Also, the power outage is typical in that case. If there is no electricity, the CCTV camera will go offline as they work with power.   

   Another reason is the failure components of the CCTV camera such as cable, hard disk, connector port, DVR, camera recorder, and others. So, by fixing these issues, your CCTV camera will function accurately.


What causes video loss in CCTV cameras?

   The videos on CCTV cameras or DVRs are lost due to damaged wiring, failed power supply, unstable internet, failed hardwires including monitor, IP issues, camera, CCTV software, and more.

How many days can a CCTV record?

   Generally, a CCTV recording is stored on the storage for 90 days. Though, every camera has a different setup and storage limitation. So, it depends on the camera features.

What is the red light on the CCTV camera?

   The red light indicates that the camera is recording. If the camera is continuously online, the red light will appear 24/7. Also, for some cameras, such as blink, the light appears only when it detects the motion and footage are recorded.

What is video termination in CCTV?

   The termination in the CCTV video is the video frequency in Ohms linked to both ends of the coaxial cable. Usually, there are 75 Ohms in a recording.

Why is my CCTV not showing on my phone?

   If you cannot see CCTV footage on your phone, the problem will be in the Wi-Fi or router that does not deliver internet signals to the DVR or NVR.

Wrapping up

   Ultimately, the CCTV camera is not recording due to many reasons. But if you find out the actual reason, you can overcome the issue easily. Also, in case of a broken part of the CCTV camera, you must replace it because it can also impact the other parts. So, you can use the above methods to solve the issues.

   We also have faced the above issues and successfully solved them, and we have shared them with you so that you can also take advantage. But if the problem is severe, like you cannot handle it or don’t know how to do it, take help to the expert. Hopefully, this article helps you. Also, please share it, and for any questions, comment below. I would love to help. Thanks for reading!

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