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How to open a Disc lock without a key | 3 Steps to follow

A disc lock has locked your motorbike, but you forgot to put the key in your pocket while you were locking it. How will you proceed? Do you know how to open it without a key? That’s what we’ll talk about next.

     You can open a disc lock in several ways with the right tools. Here’s how you can open a disc lock without a key.

Can you break a Disc lock?

     In addition to providing enhanced security, disc locks are very common for storage units. Disc locks are widely used in motorcycles due to their high resistance to breaking. Can disc locks be cracked? A hammer cannot break a disc lock, to be honest.

    Disc locks feature shielded shackles, making it hard for a hammer to penetrate the shackle. This type of lock is also difficult to cut with a bolt cutter. Using a hammer may not be enough to break disc locks.

3 Methods of opening a Disc lock without a key


There are several ways to open a disc lock without a key; a few are explained below. Also, you might need the tools to open a disc lock without a key.

Method 1: Picking the lock

    Tools required:

  • Lock pick rake
  • Tension wrench

    There is no doubt that picking locks are one of the most effective and oldest methods. Here are some tips on picking disc locks.

  1. Place the tension wrench into the lock keyhole and turn it like a key. To gain access to the first pin, use the lock pick rake.
  2. Keep the tension wrench in its original position as you push the pin-up. Start by placing the first pin, then move on to the next pins.
  3. When all pins are raised, the tension wrench can be used to remove the shackle.

Method 2: Drilling the lock

     Tools required:

  • Titanium drill bits
  • Bolt extractor
  • Drill machine

    Using a drill machine with a titanium bit, you can follow this process.

  1. Keyholes can be found on disc locks and padlocks. Drill through the hole with the drill bit.
  2. Drilling your lock should be done carefully and without touching the bike body.
  3. Drill the lock from the center. If the shackle does not open, try hammering the lock.
  4. Make more holes if the lock doesn’t open. When the lock eventually comes off, it should be easy.

Method 3: Cutting the lock

     Tools required:

  • Bolt cutter
  • Hammer

     If you have lost the key to your disc lock, cutting it is the most convenient solution.

  1. Wire cutters, bolt cutters, and angle grinders are all tools you can use to cut a lock.
  2. You can grip the lock with pliers or something similar and separate it from the bike.
  3. Cut through the lock with a bolt cutter or angle grinder.
  4. You can remove it without any problems, and it comes off easily.

Open a Disc lock without a key Tutorial

How to break around the lock?

     It is also possible to break round disc locks with a few tools. If you don’t have permission, don’t break a lock. You need to check your local laws before removing the lock on a public storage unit. You will need the Angle grinder and bolt cutter to break around the lock.

    Follow the following procedure:

  • When cutting the lock, use the bolt cutter to prevent it from moving.
  • Cut through the shackle with an angle grinder. Unlike traditional disc locks, round locks have a shackle exposed.
  • If the lock cannot be removed, break the shackle in two places.

How to open a house lock without a key?

     The manufacturer usually provides disc padlock pro replacement keys in emergencies. The following methods can be used if a replacement key is not available.

  • Using the picking method described above, you can pick the lock.
  • You can easily break an ordinary padlock by hammering it.
  • You can use a bolt cutter or angle grinder to open the lock if you have them within your reach.

How to cut a disc lock with a bolt cutter?

     It is quite tricky to open disc locks because the hasp is hidden. But you can still cut disc locks by following the steps below.

  • Make sure you have bolt cutters on hand.
  • Grab one of the cutters firmly and hold the lock in place.
  • Use the other cutter to apply enough pressure to the hasp.
  • Alternatively, you may be able to cut the lock by putting a brick under the top lever of the bolt cutter and pressing it with both hands.
  • You should be able to get the lock open this way.

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How to remove a disc lock?

     It will be easy to get the disc lock off and ensure that it will never happen again if you follow this simple solution:

    It is possible to remove a disc lock using bolt cutters. On the other hand, angle grinders are also used for eliminating disc locks from 2 wheeled vehicles. An angle grinder is capable of removing disc locks with ease.

How do you open a lock with a hammer?

     First, put on your gloves and goggles and prepare the hammer. Then pull the loops of the shackles to create tension. The padlock can be opened by repeatedly pounding the side with a hammer until the lock opens. If the lock still works, you can reuse it.

Can you pick a lock with scissors?

     Take a pair of scissors and push them as far into the hole. To fit into the whole lock, the blades must be thin enough. After inserting the scissors deeply into the lock, turn the scissors counterclockwise, left to right. The lock will be opened by shifting and moving the scissors around.

Why do locksmiths drill locks?

     You should never drill a lock unless it is the last resort to get your door unlocked, and this is usually the case when the pins have already been damaged inside the lock cylinder.

What can a pencil do for locks?

     You can use a pencil as a lubricant for door locks if you’re in a hurry. To cover the key’s teeth with graphite, rub a sharp pencil over them. Fill it up with lots of graphite! Once the graphite is deposited in the lock, insert the key again.

Final words

     You might end up in a bad situation if you lose the key to a disc lock. If you are prepared, you can easily overcome these difficulties. Each method involves some level of expertise, whether picking locks or cutting them.

    Hence, you should know how to open a disc lock without a key. This knowledge can come in handy in case of an emergency. Remember, however, not to use these methods to illegally open locks. You may face penalties. In addition, you should always use a key to open disc locks. Be sure to keep the key safe.


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