14 Tricks to open a locked door with a hole In 2023

open a locked door

     You can keep valuable items safe with a lock. Knowing how to unlock locks in various ways is a handy skill that will prove useful if you are locked out of your home due to a lost, broken, or forgotten key and the nearest locksmith is closed.

     These tips will save you time and money on opening a door with a hole. So follow the following tricks and learn how to open a locked door with a hole.

Types of privacy locks

     The majority of home doors come with the following three types of locks:

1.  Turn the button privacy lock

        Home doors rarely use this type of lock. On the inside, you can turn a knob to lock it.

2.  Privacy bolt with a lever knob

        A privacy lock works like a deadbolt and is a newer type of lock. This system has the advantage that no outside key is required.

3.  Privacy push pin (button) lock

        When using this model, the lock is activated by pushing a button on the knob on the interior of the door. The knob must be turned from the inside to unlock it.

14 Best tricks to open locked doors with a hole

Open locked doors with a hole

     Opening a locked door with a hole is possible using a few simple tricks. Here are these: Also If you are looking for best lock picking tool Then check our review about it.

Credit card

     You can use your credit card to open lever-style doorknobs, latch-bolts, and spring locks without much trouble, but it is not ideal for deadbolts. Select the right card by keeping that in mind. One of the best options is a flexible and stiff one, like the library card and credit card from the grocery store.

     Don’t use a debit card, credit card, or identification card. The card has to be slid between the door frame and the lock in this process. Push the bolt inside by bending the handle back and pushing it in. you may find the job is completed more quickly if you lean against the door.


     Paper clips are excellent tools for opening doors with holes if you need to unlock them. All you have to do is shape it to fit the job. When you use two paper clips, the process is even more convenient. If this is the case, fold the first one and bend the second one straight out.

     It would be best if you stuck the straightened paperclip beneath the bent one after inserting the bent one into the lock hole. Moving and wriggling, the second piece opens the lock.

Tension wrench and a paperclip

     When trying to unlock a lock with a paperclip, you can use a tension wrench to keep the tension inside the lock. As part of the defining, the tool is inserted into the bottom part of the lock and rotated to gain tension. You will hear a few clicks as you slowly wiggle the paperclip inside the lock.

Eyeglass screwdriver

     An emergency can be handled by removing the doorknob using a screwdriver if you have a door with a privacy handle. When you are trying to unlock the lock, do not turn it. You will need an eyeglasses screwdriver with a flat head to reach the hole in the doorknob.

     Since the thicker rods can’t be put inside the handle, you can’t use the tool. Wiggle and turn the device until a groove is caught. When the click sounds, you are done.

Pick the lock

     If you don’t have instructions, this procedure can be complex for most people. You need to insert the shorter end of an Allen wrench into the keyhole’s lower edge to do this. Maintain constant pressure while turning the lock slightly. You have two options for completing this job.

  • Scrubbing method: Gently push the Allen wrench into the keyhole and lift it in circular motions.
  • Pin by pin method: Keep the Allen wrench firmly in place while pushing the paperclip incrementally. The paperclip should be caught on the bend and lifted upward until you hear a click.

Metal Coat Hanger

     If you have a latch bolt, you can open a locked door by pulling the bolt with a metal coat hanger. You need to bend your hanger sufficiently so that the handle has a hook at one end. Wrap the hook around the latch bolt and place it between the wall and the door.

    Pull the hanger toward you with another hand while rotating the knob. If the jamb blocks the space between the wall and the door, the technique will not work.

Bobby pin

    With this simple pin, you can pick the lock, but you must be patient. Two bobby pins should be bent into a particular shape before you begin so that they can replace the key. Perpendicular, the end of the bobby pin by turning its last 0.4 inches (1cm) away from its free ends.

     Using the second bobby pin with a bent fulcrum, attach the straight piece to the bottom of the keyhole. Next, turn the doorknob while wriggling the bobby pin. This method usually works well in practice, even if it takes longer than in the film.

Butter knife

     You might not believe it, but a butter knife is a good way to unlock a locked door, especially if the door has a push-button lock on it. To unlock, insert the butter knife into the keyhole and turn. To open your door, turn the doorknob. Use a dull knife, so you don’t cut yourself.


     You can probably open a locked door with a hole without destroying it by using a cord with a slipknot or rope that is thicker. The only requirement is that the top of the door must have a small window. Choose a cord long enough to reach the outside lock. You can unlock the door by pulling on both sides of the cord while holding the lock.

Remove the door handle

     Pick this method whenever you can’t access your door any other way. To remove the door handle, remove the screws with a screwdriver or drill, and then use the screwdriver as a lever. Gently turn the handle until clicking is heard.


     Use this technique only if you have no other option, and be aware that drilling the lock will damage your door. The pins need to be destroyed using the drill, and the lock turned. If you drill above the keyhole top (the shear line), you’ll need to be careful.

     The lock part between the pin and the cylinder is aligned with the threshold. Keep the lock lubricated by starting with a small drill bit. Using a screwdriver, you should be able to open the lock immediately after drilling the hole.

Remove the hinges

     It may seem not very nice, but it’s a completely effective method. To wedge the pin between the pin and the bottom of your door, you’ll need to use a flat-head screwdriver. To remove the screwdriver, use a hammer to force the pinout of the head until it is loose enough. The door can be removed once you have repeated the action on all hinges.


     If you want to open a locked door with a hammer, you should do it as your last resort since it will damage your door. Batter a doorknob repeatedly with your fist until the lock break and fall off.


    The SWAT-style kick can be used to open a locked door if you are strong enough but you do not have any tools. You should look for doors that open outwards and are softer materials. The system is quite simple. Identify and kick the weakest point above the doorknob with your dominant leg. If you fail on the first attempt, do it again with a flat foot.

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How do I lock the door?

    Most doors have a deadbolt, and a thumb latch should operate the handle.

Can you use a knife to help unlock the door?

     In theory, you should be able to use the knife to accomplish more or less the same effect as a credit card. You would need to jam the knife between the door and the wall where the handle is located, then wiggle the knife.

What should I do if I lose a key?

     Keep spare keys with you at all times! Make spare handles and ask a locksmith to break off the handle or pick the lock so you can open the door.

What if I lock both my keys in the room?

     A paper clip or a credit card could be used to pick a lock if you locked your keys in your house. You can also pick locks with a screwdriver if your lock matches your one.

How do I open a locked door with a hole?

     It sounds as if you meant a privacy door. To do this, make sure the screwdriver is long, thin, and flat to reach the back wall of the hole. Usually, a notch will be visible there. When you turn the notch with the screwdriver, you should hear a small click.

Final Thought

     Keep a lock-picking set on the shelf inside if you have difficulty picking the lock of the door often. When needed, you can pick up the lock without damaging it. If this article helps you open a locked door with a hole, then share it with your friends. Also, comment below if you have any suggestions or questions. I’m always here to help you out. Thanks!

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