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How Much Does ADT Home Security Cost & features In 2023

   Home security has a lot of options, services, and costs really matter to renters and homeowners. The development of DIY security systems makes some customers choose cheap options that use smartphones rather than a professional security systems. But some homeowners prefer professional monitoring to be extra secure in their residences.

   Many consumers depend on the home security community they recognize. These companies have trusted experience and a solid record that many can rely on. Consumers have trusted ADT for over a century in the home security industry. It provides various security systems and monitoring plans for consumers to ensure the right security for their homes.

   But some people are confused about their packages and costs. Our experts test this security brand, and here we will give you the information about ADT Home Security Cost & Many more, from its plans to its monitoring costs. Also, this information is about the ADT control system, not Blue by ADT.

What Is Best About ADT?

   ADT offers smart home integration and works with google assistant and Alexa. Also, the devices are connected to Liftmaster and Kwikset. Professionals will handle the entire installation process, ensuring your system works after it has been installed. ADT has a user-friendly app, making it easy to remotely control and monitor the home.

Is ADT Suitable For You?

   Customer’s confidence ADT. It is the oldest, most experienced, and most well-known home Security Company. Nut, with its historic experience and popularity, has huge pricing. Does worth it? After analyzing the customer reviews and ADT’s services, we believe it gives you enough benefits.

So, the advantages of ADT are that it offers a long trial period, landline packages, experienced, and video monitoring. The downside is that it is expensive and has long contracts. We suggest the ADT home security system for those who want experienced and true home security, not those who want to save cash.

ADT Monitoring Packages and Pricing

   ADT offers three types of packages: Complete, Secure, and Smart. So, here is the analysis table of ADT packages and monitoring.

Package NameSecure HomeSmart HomeVideo and Smart Home
Check it outView packageView packageView package
Cost per month$28.99$45.99$59.99
24/7 Professional monitoringYesYesYes
Professional installationYesYesYes
Customizable alerts, schedules, and automationNoYesYes
Record and save clipsNoNoYes
Entryway contact sensorsYesYesYes
Motion detectorYesYesYes
Window decalsYesYesYes
Smart thermostatNoYesYes
Smart plugsNoYesYes
Outdoor cameraNoNoYes
Environmental monitoringYesYesYes
Remote arming and disarmingNoYesYes
Livestreaming from mobile devicesNoNoYes
Digital panelYesYesYes
Keychain remoteYesYesYes
Yard signsYesYesYes
Smart light bulbNoYesYes
Garage controllerNoYesYes
Doorbell cameraNoNoYes
Indoor cameraNoNoYes

ADT Installation

   ADT trains professionals to install security cameras. Installation cost depends on the equipment and plans you select. A qualified ADT professional will come to examine your home and debate the security options. The technicians will fit the camera security parts, and the ADT adviser will guide them to work properly.

   This professional installation benefits those who want to get rid of DIY installation. So, if you are uncomfortable with the technologies, ADT security will supervise all your specific factors of yours. So, ADT is a good security option for your residence.

What equipment does ADT Offer?

   ADT has a considerable range of equipment that includes:

  1. Keypad
  2. Glass break sensor
  3. Motion sensor
  4. Smoke detector
  5. Smart lock
  6. Remote smart thermostat
  7. Smart LED light bulb
  8. Siren
  9. Shock sensor
  10. Carbon monoxide detector
  11. Combination of smoke and carbon monoxide detector
  12. Remote smart light module
  13. Garage door controller

   If you purchase from an ADT-certified seller, you will get more equipment, such as flood sensors, medical alerts, and doorbell camera devices. ADT equipment is made by the arbiter, such as Honeywell or Well, it is agitated to pay much for the equipment, but you can reuse them with other security brands when the ADT deal ends.

ADT Equipment Security Features

   Here are the top-notch ADT security features:

ADT Smoke Detector

   ADT offers a smart home detector, so when it stops working, the detector sounds a siren, send your notifications, shines a light, and calls the ADT team. Furthermore, it is tamper-proof and can function at a wide range of humidity and temperatures level.

ADT Shock Sensor

   You might think this sensor shocks anyone who wants to get into the house. It seems quite horrible, but that does not work like that. The shock sensor works by detecting the shock waves, such as any pressure against the door or window. It alarms if someone uses a battery or breaks the glass to get into the home.

Upgrades and Adds-On

   ADT offers a variety of customizable adds-on, accessories, and upgrades that includes additional entryway sensors, security cameras, fire sensor, smart door locks, flood sensors, carbon monoxide sensor, smart lightening, panic buttons, motion detector, a video doorbell camera, garage door controllers, smart thermostats, smart switches and plugs, and more.

Add-On Equipment Cost

   Additionally, ADT upgrade and Add-on costs are on the rise. As I told you before, other manufacturers Honeywell and GE, make ADT items. So, you must pay $60 for one entryway sensor, which is almost twice the industry price. All ADT equipment are costly than other companies, including sensors to the cameras.

   However, as we have examined, ADT devices are superior to other products. So, you can enjoy the top security system and quality if you have a budget.

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ADT Features

ADT Features

   You can expect the following features from the ADT’s packages:

Mobile Alerts

   You will get notifications on mobile from wireless ADT alarms and emergency equipment. You can easily monitor or remote control the devices from anywhere and give access to anyone in the home.

Wireless security

   Both securities, such as hardwired and wireless, are specified by the ADT security system. Wireless components leave no marks of installation. Also, wireless supports home automation, remote monitoring, and control.

Professional installation

   ADT install security system professionally so that the consumers are protected properly. Whatever your security system is, get professional installation. You can also transfer your security equipment from other companies when the ADT contracts are completed.

Remote control

   ADT offers a mobile app and keychain remote to control the wireless system remotely. Each ADT keychain remote has to disarm, LED light, arm, and panic buttons.

24/7 monitoring

   ADT monitors records 24/7 and services to convey to the police. So, if something happens, such as stealing or someone breaks into the home, the police will know.

Surveillance cameras

   You can monitor your home through security cameras from anywhere on the earth. Also, you can see live videos and save footage from your computer, mobile, or tablet.

Home automation

   Home automation gives additional security. Also, it saves money and time. Use ADT’s app and biometric voice identification to robotize the lights, locks, thermostats, alarms, and more.

Hardwired security

   ADT is a global master in hardwired security that has installed various systems. You will get professional installation whether you are getting the security service for the first time or transferring to a new location.

ADT Movers Security Guarantee

   ADT security systems are ideal for new and older homes alike. ADT provides their customers with the mover security warranty. If you want to move after a few years of ADT service, it offers free security plans for your other location.

ADT Customer Experience

   ADT has excellent customer service and is always available. Also, their packages are backed with a money-back guarantee during six months of installation. So, with their affordable monitoring plans and superior customer service, ADT will professionally secure your residence.

What can I do to save money on ADT costs?

   The full home security cost is not worthless. If a high level of security is crucial for you, it is definitely worth you. But looking at the chance to lessen the overall cost is beneficial.

  • Inspect the ADT packages for their recent packages. Like other security companies, ADT has special lists of offers on its front or home pages, such as they will give you extra sensors, free cameras, free installation if you purchased a package, and other agreements.
  • Also, consult your home insurance company to minimize the installation rates. ADT gives monitoring credentials to confirm your system is working.
  • If you have a previous system installation in your home, ADT can function with the current system and update it cost-effectively.
  • Carefully select the security equipment that you need. You can also add more equipment later. If your neighbors have cameras on every corner of the house, that does not mean you have to install the cameras like them. So, you can lessen the cost by not installing additional devices.

ADT and Other Companies

Security SystemThe monthly cost of professional monitoring
Front point$49.99

Overall Value of ADT

  During the testing and research, we found that ADT benefits various categories. Their plans and cost are simple. Also, their monitoring plans are cost-effective. Also, this company provides an honest 6-months money-back warranty, which we think is best. The guarantee has certain restrictions.

   Overall, ADT users must maximize their dollars to get their devices and services. So, ADT is for those who can afford it. But still, ADT is not for all. If you want cheap and DIY monitoring and no contracts, we suggest you look for other security systems such as Vivint, SimpliSafe, and Ring.

   You will spend more money at first with these companies and must purchase the equipment from starting. Also, you will pay $10-$20 for monitoring each month. At the same time, if you prefer 24/7 monitoring and plan to stray in your residence for various years, then ADT offers suitable plans and packages.  


ADT stands for what?

   ADT stands for American District Telegraph and was founded in 1874. It is one of the best security systems in the US.

Is an ADT contract required?

   Yes, the contracts are necessary. The contract period is 24 months, depending on the locality and contract policies.

What is the difference between ADT packages?

   ADT offers three monitoring packages: basic monitoring, which starts from $45.99 per month; then Smart home monitoring starts from $49.99 per month; and the last one, Video & Home monitoring, which starts from $59.99.

What is the cost of ADT-monitored equipment?

   ADT offers a wide range of equipment according to your home security requirements. So the equipment price includes the shock sensor costs $149; the smoke detector costs $199; the smart lock, which costs $62; the glass break sensor, which is $199; and the carbon monoxide detector, which is $229.

Is ADT worth the money?

   Absolutely, ADT is worth the money. This security system is one of the most trustworthy around. Moreover, it offers professional installation and monitoring with every device.

Is ADT easy to hack?

   As a wireless security system, ADT is not at risk of hacking other than the standard vulnerabilities. We have found some ADT hacking reports that work with DVR. But the attacks were only bound with DVR models.

Are there panic buttons with ADT?

   Yes, it has panic buttons. ADT provides a panic button necklace to wear on your wrist or around the neck.

Does ADT have a lot of monitoring centers?

   ADT operates six monitoring centers. Also, the number of ADT’s monitoring centers is more than other companies, which makes it the monitoring boss.

Is Ring better than ADT?

   Ring offers reasonable pricing and DIY installation, but it lacks ADT’s equipment and industry experience. Also, ADT offers professional installation with experienced equipment. So, the choice is yours.

Wrapping up

   Ultimately, ADT is one of the oldest, leading security brands. If money is not a problem and you want a reputable brand for your home or business security, ADT is ideal. Because it brings peace of mind and makes your home safe. However, if you have a limited budget, you might skip ADT.

   Their monthly packages are high-priced. Ya, you can search for cheap plans, but you will not get the same quality as other systems. So, if you want high-security and professional installation, ADT is your best choice. I hope this article helps you with ADT prices. For any questions, comment below. Also, share this article. Thanks!


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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