Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red | Causes & Fixes In 2023

Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red Causes & Fixes In 2022

   Are you having problems with your ADT suddenly blinking or flashing red light? It happens due to several causes and functionality errors. The red light blinks when the ADT doorbell battery is low, or you have a bad internet connection. The red light indicates you whenever an issue occurs. So, it is common if your ADT doorbell camera blinks red.

   You should check your internet connection or recharge the battery to avoid flashing red. In this article, we have lighted on the causes and fixing of ADT doorbell camera blinking red. To discover, read out the article.

Why is my ADT Doorbell Flashing Red?

   Sometimes, the ADT doorbell blinks red to show an error about a malfunctioning doorbell. However, these problems are adjustable, and you can fix them yourself without the help of any professional or technician. There are many causes of blinking the red light on the ADT doorbell, and they can be solved easily.

Causes of ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red

Causes of ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red

   Here are some causes of the ADT Doorbell camera blinking red:

Low Battery

   The blinking of the red light alerts you about caution on your doorbell. It might be a function error, including a low battery. That means the battery is low and requires charging quickly. The light does not tell how long the camera will work, so recharge it as soon as the battery dies.

   Also, the battery might need to replace as it gets old. So, if you notice the red light on the doorbell, it may be the low battery or the battery is failed.

AC Wire Problem

   If your ADT doorbell has a hardwire connection and you notice red light flashing, the doorbell is not getting enough energy from the AC wire. It might be due to the disconnection of the AC wire from the doorbell camera, as it is not connected properly during the setup. Also, the AC wire you linked to the doorbell camera is damaged. So, the wire needs to replace.

Poor Internet Connection

   Another reason is a poor internet connection that is disturbing the working of your ADT doorbell and causing the red light to blink. Check the router and Wi-Fi connection to sort out the problem. If there is no internet connection or router issue, check the internet’s power that changes many times.

   You should have 2 Mbps internet speed for the best internet connection. Also, it should have a powerful strength of 90%. Moreover, a red circle appears around the doorbell for a Wi-Fi connection issue. When you fix this internet issue, a blue light will flash instead of red light.

Steps to Fix the ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red

Steps to Fix the ADT Doorbell Camera Blinking Red

   As I told you before, you can fix the issues yourself without the help of an expert. So, follow these steps to fix the ADT doorbell camera blinking red:

Charge Battery of ADT Doorbell

   Recharge your ADT doorbell battery if it starts blinking fast. That means soon, the battery will run out, and the doorbell will stop working. So, charge it immediately. The battery life depends on the ADT battery signal.

   If the red light is flashing, that means the battery is low. But if the light starts blinking quickly, that means the doorbell is going dead. So, quickly connect the charger to the doorbell and let the power flow into your doorbell.

Change the Battery of the ADT Doorbell

   Sometimes, low battery is not the issue of blinking red light on the ADT doorbell. It is the poor functioning of the battery. So, replace the battery to solve the problem. Purchase the battery from the nearby store and replace it with the old one. Do this quickly, as a damaged battery can ruin the doorbell and cause serious harm.

Fix your Internet Connection

   It is also possible that the internet signals are not strong. Also, might the network is shut down due to the improper functioning of the router. The internet is down if the red ring around the doorbell appears. You can also use a Wi-Fi extender to increase the internet speed. Once you repair the Wi-Fi connection, a live blue light will flash around the ADT doorbell.

ADT Doorbell Camera Hardwiring

   The next solution to the ADT doorbell red light blinking is to hardwire the camera to the home power supply. That will eradicate the need to charge your doorbell. But sadly, that is challenging. Some people find it difficult to tickle the wires. So, call an electrician to hardwire your doorbell camera in no time.

Fix the AC Wire Problem

   The final solution is to replace the AC wire connected to the doorbell camera. Change the damaged AC wire with the new one, and the red light will stop blinking.

What can you do to Prevent these Problems From Happening Again?

   Follow these steps to prevent these problems from happening again in the future:

  • Charge your ADT doorbell camera once a week to prevent low battery.
  • Use a constant and active internet connection for the ADT video doorbell.
  • Keep the AC wire in good condition.

Fixation of ADT Doorbell Camera Tutorial


What is the Battery life of an ADT Doorbell Camera?

   ADT doorbell cameras offer good-performance of batteries. A fully charged battery lasts up to two months. So, when the red light blinks, the camera users do not remember that it is a low battery sign. Also, the battery life of the ADT doorbell camera depends on the usage, features, and duration.

How do you Check your ADT Doorbell Camera’s Battery Status?

   ADT provides efficient software systems to improve its products. You can see any data about your system and controls on your phone. You must have installed the pulse app while setting up the ADT doorbell camera. This app offers all the information and controls about the doorbell camera.

   So, you can check the battery status of the doorbell on this app. Moreover, you can check the ADT doorbell display panel on the pulse app.

How do you Charge the Battery of the ADT Doorbell Camera?

   Use a micro USB 2.0 cable to charge your ADT doorbell camera battery. The charging port is behind the doorbell’s faceplate; connect the USB to the port. The doorbell will charge in three to four hours.

How to use a WIFI Extender?

   A Wi-Fi extender is a device that increases internet speed. It sends signals to those areas of the home where internet speed is low. Place the Wi-Fi extender between the doorbell camera and router to increase the speed. Once the internet connection is stable, the red light will stop blinking.

How to Reset your Modem and Router?

   The steps are simple and will solve the internet connection issues. First, disconnect the router and modem from the power source. Then wait for a minute. Lastly, connect it back, and the modem or router will restart.

Wrapping up

   Security devices are useful until you take care of them. If your ADT doorbell is not functioning properly, it may be the fault in the battery or connection. Also, try out the above hacks to solve the problem. We hope that this blog helps you to figure out the issue of the ADT doorbell camera blinking red.

   So, it is your choice to use the method after proper research. Also, if the issue persists, call a professional or get help from ADT’s customer service. If this article is helpful, share it. For any questions, comment below. Thank you for reading!

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