How to Spot Spy Cameras | Top 6 Effective Ways (2023)

How to Spot Spy Cameras Top 6 Simple Ways (2022)

   Are you thinking that someone watching over you? Don’t worry; spot their spy cameras to expose them. You can easily detect a spy camera through your phone. For instance, you can download a camera detection app from the google play store to identify a spy camera. The app will use a magnetic sensor to discover metal items. So, if it detects the camera, the app will alert you.

   You can also use a flashlight to spot the hidden spy cameras. So, this article summarizes the different ways to detect spy cameras. Also, we have illustrated the camera detection app so that you can easily spot the cam and expose the person who is watching you. Keep reading for more information.

How Do Hidden Spy Cameras look?

    These cameras have different shapes and sizes. Spy cameras have the appearance of everything. Spy cameras can be tiny in size and look like a keychain or pinhole. They can be placed in our daily use devices such as adapters, tables, vases, smoke detectors, etc.

    The famous types of hidden spy cameras are AC adapter type, Clock radio type, USB flash drive, and Smoke detector type.

6 Best Ways to Spot Spy Cameras

6 Best Ways to Spot Spy Cameras

   If you are absorbing that someone is spying on you, follow these simple methods to examine the spy cameras. These ways are convenient, and you can effortlessly search for hidden spy cameras in your office or home.

   Remember that hidden cameras are unseen and can be kept anywhere, so you must do in-depth research. Well, these tips are useful to uncover the hidden spy cameras in no time.

Sift through the Environment to Detect Spy Camera

   It is one of the easiest methods to spot hidden spy cameras. Carefully examine the environment. A little by little search will help you to detect the hidden cameras. The common indoor places to search for spy cameras are books, desk plants, stuffed teddy bears, smoke detectors, wall décor, tissue boxes, air filter equipment, and DVD cases.

   Also, other places are Electrical outlets, couch cushions, wall sockets, table tops, lave lamps, pens, wall or alarm clock, digital TV boxes, shelves, hairdryer holders, and clothes hook. The most common outdoor places to detect spy cameras are holes in the doors, doorbells, plants, and roofs.

   Some items might expose doubtful wires, lenses, or light that are the symbols of spy cameras. If you see any abnormal adapters or sockets, disconnect them immediately. Also, when you go into the room, listen carefully because some spy cameras make a little buzz noise while capturing.    

Switch off the Lights to Spot Spy Cameras

   The night vision camera operating concept helps detect hidden cameras in the room. Spy hidden cameras have green or red lights that blink in the low light environment. So, the LEDs will switch on automatically to increase the camera’s light to capture a clear image in low light. Follow these steps to detect spy IP cameras in the darkroom:

  • First, pull out the room’s curtains and switch off the lights.
  • Then check the entire room for red or green lights.

   Whatever the type of camera, whether it is wireless or wired, you can use this method to spot spy cameras in your stores, bedrooms, car, home, living rooms, etc.

Use Mobile Phone to Find Hidden Camera

   You can spot spy cameras easily by using your phone, whether an android or iPhone. There are two convenient methods to find hidden cameras using your Android or iPhone without sensors.

Method 1: Utilize a phone call to examine the microphones or Spy Cameras.

  • First, call your friends or family.
  • Talk to them while walking. Typically, hidden cameras radiate a radio frequency that bothers the call signals.

  If you realize any signal restricting in the area, stop and carefully inspect the place to find hidden spy cameras.  

Method 2: Utilize a mobile app to search spy cameras or listening devices.

  • Download a hidden camera detection app on your mobile. For instance, a spy hidden camera detector is the best app to use.
  • Start the application on your phone. If the detector shows red light, the phone detects a spy camera. Remember that it will also show light near other devices with radio frequency.

Use Professional Camera Detector to Spot the Spy Camera

   RF signal sensors or other camera detectors are very efficient in spotting hidden cameras. Many say that they have located hidden cameras in Airbnb homes. So, if you go on tour and live in an Airbnb home, you can quickly search the spy cameras with the detector.

Use Mobile Flashlight to Find Spy Cameras

   A simple method to find spy cameras is utilizing a flashlight. This method is best in dark rooms. For this, switch on the flashlight and switch off the lights in the room. Then flash the light in the room. Inspect any doubtful areas from various angles gradually. If you see any reflective light from an item, it may be a spy camera.

Find Hidden Camera with Radio Frequency Detector

   A radio frequency sensor is a device that is used to recognize hidden spy cameras by catching the radio frequency radiations. This method is useful for identifying the tiny hidden cameras that are invisible.

Detect Spy Cameras in Mirror

Detect Spy Cameras in Mirror

   Mirrors are an excellent place to hide Hidden cameras. So, here is some method to inspect a hidden spy camera in a mirror:

Search for a Lens

   It is a clear way to detect a spy camera in the mirror. If you notice a tiny black dot in the mid of the mirror, it might be a lens. If you cannot see the lens from your standpoint, move to other spots and look from different angles in the mirror.

Look for Reflection

   If you notice any suspicious reflection in the mirror, that is doubtful; it must be due to the spy camera behind the mirror. It is a fact that when you see a reflection of anything such as light or person, which is not at a specific place, it must be due to the camera.

Hear the Noise

   If you are suspicious about a spy camera in the room, switch off all lights. If you notice a buzzing sound from the mirror, it symbols that the camera is functioning.

Watch for Wires

   Another way to detect a spy camera in a mirror is to check the wires. If you see any wire, that means there is a camera in the mirror.

Use Flash light

   If you are unsure about the mirror camera, then use the flashlight. Glow the flashlight on the mirror; this way, the lens will reflect the flashlight, and the camera will be visible clearly.  

Detect Hidden or Spy Camera in Smoke Detector

   If a smoke detector is attached to a wall, access it from the side. But if it is mounted to the ceiling, access it from above. Because spy cameras covered in smoke detectors have a 94-degree field of view, they become invisible. Check the front of the detector for any abnormal flaws.

   For instance, a spy camera can be hidden in the tiny hole of grille work. So, focus light in the grille to find any camera. Also, examine doubtful wires coming from a smoke detector. It might signal that a spy camera is inside the smoke detector. Remove the detector from the specific place if it is possible.

   Check the back of the device for any symbols of the spy camera. If there are wires in the smoke detector or it is heavy, it indicates the spy camera. If you doubt a spy camera has been installed in the smoke detector, unplug the wires immediately.

   However, it also stops the functioning of a smoke detector. Also, if you are hesitant about it, take help from a professional before doing anything.

What to Do if you Find a Hidden Spy Camera?

   If you find a spy camera in your location, you should follow these steps:

  • Do not touch the spy camera or make a move. Otherwise, your fingerprint will print on the camera.
  • Get your belongings away from the viewing phase of the camera.
  • Take photos of the camera for proof.
  • Call the charge of the place and police for investigation.

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Five Best Hidden Camera Detection Apps

Five Best Hidden Camera Detection Apps

   Here are some best camera detection apps to find hidden spy cameras easily:

Spy Hidden Camera Detector

   You can purchase it on the app store for $4.99. This app works by scanning hidden spy cameras through your mobile camera. It scans the reflection of the hidden camera’s lens. If this app detects a spy camera, it alerts you by beeping. This app has a 4.5/5 rating.

Glint Finder

   This app contains no charges and is free on the app store. It works by detecting the spy cameras by using the mobile magnetic detector. If it detects a camera, it alerts you by blinking the red light instead of beeping. So, it has a 5/5 rating.

Hidden Camera Detector Free

   This app is available free on google play. It also uses your mobile camera to detect spy cameras. This app checks infrared light that hidden cameras release. If it finds an IR light, it alerts you by alarming. So, the rating of this app is 3.8/5.

Hidden Camera Detector Pro

   This app is free and accessible on google play. It uses both mobile’s magnetic sensor and camera to scan spy cameras. The app warns you with a sound if it detects a spy camera. This app is rated 3.6/5.

Hidden Spy Camera Detector

   It is also free on the app store. It uses the phone’s magnetic sensor to detect spy camera lenses. If it locates a camera, this app makes a loud alarm to alert you. This app has a 3.6 rating out of 5.


What should I Do if Someone Spies on Me?

   If you are suspicious that someone is spying on you, you can use the above-explained six methods to find out any spy camera. Take photos of the camera if you search for it then take help to the police.

Is there legislation Regulating Hidden Cameras?

   There are strict legislation laws on privacy. It is illegal to use hidden cameras for spying. Hidden spy cameras are restricted in restrooms, dressing rooms, homes, locker areas, and other private places. Also, audio from remote recording, eavesdropping, and other illegal methods are restricted.

What is the Easiest Way to Find Spy Cameras?

   The easiest way to find a spy camera is by using a phone. Simply install a hidden camera detector app and execute it. It will scan the area and alerts you if the app finds any camera.

How can I inspect for a Spy Camera in a lightbulb?

   If you doubt that a lightbulb has a spy camera, then check these things:

  • If the bulb is switched on, then it has no spy camera.
  • If the lightbulb is larger than the standard size, it might have a spy camera.
  • Also, examine the lens in the bulb. If you notice a lens or light, then it is a camera.

What are Some Ways to Disable a Spy Camera?

   One efficient way is to cover the camera lens with a small piece of tape. That will close the camera’s view and avoid the recording. Another method is to disable the spy camera by disconnecting it from the power socket. This will stop the camera’s functioning. The last one is to destroy the spy camera, which will never be re-recorded.


   It is a traumatic event to catch or suspect the existence of spy cameras. It is a significant matter of privacy that must not be ignored. In case of a hidden spy camera, report the police immediately so that they investigate the entire situation. Also, if you detect a spy hidden camera, cover it with a cloth or leave the place.

   You must never try to remove, switch it off, or disable the spy camera yourself because your fingerprints will be obtained on the camera and it will put you in a criminal case. So, do not touch or interfere with the camera for the moment. Hopefully, now, if you face this situation, you can easily handle it.

   If you find this blog useful, share it with your loved ones. If you have any questions or confusion, comment below. I will help you out. Thanks for reading!

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