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Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera not working | 6 Causes In 2023

   ADT doorbell camera is a beneficial creation of today. It captures everything around your home, office or where you install it. But sometimes ADT doorbell camera is not working or capturing the footage. It happens cause of bugs or issues in the ADT doorbell camera, including poor Wi-Fi signals, limited cloud storage, power issues, and much more.

   But don’t worry; you can deal with these errors without professional help. We have demonstrated these issues and their solution in detail in this guide. So, read the article to discover more.

ADT Doorbell Camera not Working

   Many causes can develop in the working of your ADT doorbell camera. The ADT camera might mostly stop identifying the motions or capturing the footage. So, many reasons are behind it such as electricity problems, interrupted internet connection, insufficient space to store the clips, poor camera setting, etc.

Six leading Causes and Fixing of ADT Doorbell Camera not Working

Causes and Fixing of ADT Doorbell Camera not Working

   Here are the main reasons why your ADT doorbell camera is not working:

1. Poor Wi-Fi Signals

   ADT doorbell camera needs strong Wi-Fi signals to work outdoor. If it catches poor signals, it will not perform smoothly. So, if the internet connection is weak, the ADT doorbell camera will not detect the motion or stop working.

How to fix it?

   The ADT doorbell camera is an outdoor device that might face signal errors. To solve this issue, check the Wi-Fi signal strength from the camera app. A sign on the app will tell the user the signals are weak for the ADT doorbell camera panel system.

   So, shift the Wi-Fi router near the ADT doorbell camera for a solid connection. If you cannot move the router near the device, use a Wi-Fi extender to boost the signals so that the camera works properly.

2. Old Monitoring Software

   Updated software is crucial for the excellent working of your ADT doorbell camera. Outdated systems create many issues in the camera function, which must be dodged for the smooth operating of the ADT doorbell camera.

How to fix it?

   Outdated systems have a deadly effect on the functioning of the ADT doorbell camera. So, you must update your device when it is necessary. Also, you can keep your camera on the auto-update feature so that the ADT doorbell camera automatically updates when new updates arrive. So, inspect the setting properly to solve this error.

3. Power Issues

   Power issues are the most common integral factor that can disturb the working of the ADT doorbell camera. You need full access to power connections so you will not face any issues regarding the ADT doorbell camera functioning.  

How to fix it?

   Your ADT doorbell camera can stop working due to power issues, which is very common. So, check your main electric board for the issue. Also, check the wires for a blackout. You can also take help from a professional. Do not touch the damaged wires or switches; otherwise, these are life-taking.

4. Poor Cloud Storage

   Sometimes, cloud storage memory is full due to footage. That cause unable to download or see newly recorded videos. Also, your ADT doorbell camera does not respond in this situation. Checking the footage and erasing them on time is a good option.

How to fix it?

   ADT doorbell camera stopped working due to the lack of storage in the memory. So, check the cloud storage space by using the ADT Pulse app. You can purchase new storage bundles available in the Pulse app if the storage is complete.

   Another option is to delete the old footage to make more space for the new recording. So, check the recording videos; delete them if they are not essential for you.

5. Outdated Camera Firmware

   Outdated camera firmware is also an error in the functioning of your ADT doorbell camera. You need to upgrade the camera firmware for efficient working without bugs.

How to fix it?

   You must require a recent version of ADT doorbell camera firmware, just like other monitoring systems. You can download or upgrade it when needed. Also, manage it on auto-update so that it does the work automatically. So, make your life easy by solving this error.

6. Incorrect Detection Setting

   It is one of the most common reasons the ADT doorbell camera does not detect motion. Usually, this issue occurs when you purchase a new ADT doorbell camera that needs a setting. However, you adjust the setting without the help of any technician or professional.

How to fix it?

   Change the setting of motion sensors of the ADT doorbell camera to resolve the error of not detecting the movements. Go to the ADT doorbell camera setting, and adjust the time frame, system sensitivity, and arming state. It will record the footage with the current setting and features.

Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera not Recording but Detecting Motion?

   ADT doorbell camera is not recording but detecting motion because the recording setting has not been arranged. The camera operates according to the set rules. Some reasons for not recording the videos are as follows:

  • The incorrect minimum setback between the activated footage.
  • The false setting schedule of recording clips.
  • Also, check the home setting of your ADT doorbell camera.

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Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera not Connecting to Wi-Fi?  

Why is my ADT Doorbell Camera not Connecting to Wi-Fi

   Two reasons behind it are as under:

Wi-Fi Failed Signals

   Move your ADT doorbell device closer to the Wi-Fi for fast signals. Another way is to unplug your camera from the power cycle and connect it back after a few minutes.

Power is lost

   The biggest reason the ADT doorbell camera does not connect to Wi-Fi is power loss. First, check the lights on the device. If they are off, check that the camera is plugged in and the main power system. After ensuring the power, power cycle your ADT doorbell camera and a Wi-Fi router.

Here is the method of power cycle:

  • Disengage electricity from the Wi-Fi device and ADT doorbell camera.
  • First, connect power to the router, which will take five minutes to restart.
  • Then connect power to the camera, which will reconnect in a few minutes.

How to Reconnect my ADT Doorbell Camera to Wi-Fi?

   Here are simple steps to reconnect the ADT doorbell camera to Wi-Fi:

  • Press down the main button of the ADT doorbell for a few seconds to put it in AP mode until the LED light substitutes green and red. 
  • Log on to the app.
  • Select Menu.
  • Select Doorbell camera.
  • Select Settings.
  • Select Add option in the setting and click Begin installation.
  • Continue to the installation setup. Also, it is the process of installing an ADT doorbell camera.

What to do if my ADT Doorbell loses Power?

  • If the ADT doorbell loses power, recharge the camera’s battery before connecting. A digital chime doorbell camera will take about 21 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • An analog chime ADT doorbell camera will take 7 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • Also, if you charge the doorbell camera using USB, it will take only 45 minutes to recharge.


Why is my ADT Camera offline?

   The ADT camera is offline due to power loss or failed Wi-Fi signals.

How to Power Cycle an ADT Doorbell Camera?

   First, detach the gateway and camera for 5 minutes. Then, power backs the gateway and lets it reconnect. After that, power backs the ADT doorbell camera and connects it again.

What does it mean if the ADT Doorbell Camera Blinks Red?

   If the ADT doorbell camera blinks red, it alerts you about the breakdown of the network connection. So, fix the network connection, and it will stop blinking red.

Why is a Green light Circling on my ADT Doorbell Camera?

   If a green light is spinning on the ADT doorbell camera, that indicates updating the camera firmware.

What is the purpose of Blinking Orange light on the ADT Doorbell Camera?

   The Wi-Fi is not connecting or working if an orange light blinks on the ADT doorbell camera. So, close the Wi-Fi device to the ADT doorbell camera.

Why did a Red light Flash Three Times on my ADT Doorbell Camera?

   It means the AC power is disengaged or the WPS system has failed.

Wrapping up

   It is pretty standard for an ADT doorbell camera not working. However, it is adjustable, and you can easily solve the fundamental issues. You have to find the main error that interrupts the camera’s working and then solve it. Remember that we have discussed the most common issues that cause your ADT doorbell camera not to operate well.  

   So, save this article for quick access if you have a problem with your camera and may have issues in the future. For any questions or suggestions, comment below. I’d love to respond. Thanks for reading!


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