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How to Turn Off Blue Light on Blink Mini Camera In 3 Steps

   Cameras are a great way to secure homes and properties. You can keep an eye on your essential areas through your mobile or the recording store at cloud storage. Also, you want your camera unnoticeable by passers so that the intruders do not find it. But what if your blink mini camera is noticeable due to LED lights?

   Don’t worry; I have a key to solve this issue because I also have owned a blink mini camera, and I know these lights are irritating. Also, these LED lights can tell people about the hidden blink mini camera. So, keep reading for the solution.

Why does Blink Mini Camera have a Blue Light?

   The blue light on the blink mini camera is to make the people that the camera is powered and you are recording. This blue light is suitable for some circumstances, but sometimes it can disturb you. The best thing is that you can turn it off and eliminate the light.

   Different models have a different ways to disable this LED light. So, the method of turning off the blue light on the blink mini camera is very convenient.

Turn off the Blue Light on the Blink Mini Camera

Turn off the Blue Light on the Blink Mini Camera

   The blink mini camera is not appropriate for outdoor use, but if the blue LED irritates you too much, you can switch it off easily. Also, if you utilize this camera outdoor, you must void a guarantee. Accordingly, the blink mini camera shows a green light when it is not ready to utilize and record. The blue light appears on blink mini when it is recording.

   So, follow these steps to turn off the blue light:

  • Open the blink app on your mobile.
  • Go to the camera setting.
  • Find Status LED and select the OFF option. So now, no blue light appears while the blink mini camera is recording.

   The app might not be updated if the blue light does not switch off after disabling it from the app. So, ensure that the camera and app are upgraded to the latest firmware version. Update both from the setting. After that, disable the light again through the above method. Usually, the light must turn off.

   Some say that sometimes the blue LED does not switch off except if the blink mini camera is power off-on test. So, disable the blue light from the application setting, shut down the camera’s power, wait for a minute and plug it back. Wait for a few seconds and check if the blue LED is off forever.

Why Disable the Blue Light on Blink Mini Camera?

   There are many causes for disabling this light that is under:

  • Your blink mini camera is installed in a public place, and you do not want people to observe it.
  • You have to hide the camera, so you do not want the passersby to see it.
  • You must install the blink mini camera to keep an eye on burglars. If the burglars see the camera, they will take it off the place.
  • Also, a cat is staring at the light continuously, which makes the passersby suspicious of the area.

What to do if the Blue LED Light is not turning off on Blink Mini Camera?

   If the blue light is still turned on, contact blink’s customer support for help. Email them on their actual site. Also, you can go to blink’s community and ask people about the issue and solve it according to their recommendations.

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Can you Cover the Blue light on the Blinking Camera?

   The blue light on the blink mini camera is like hardware. If it is not turning off, you can cover the light with a small bit of tape to stop the light from appearing. Don’t worry; it will not affect the working of the camera.

Can blink Cameras be Hacked?

   Like other wireless cameras, blink cameras can be exposed to hacking. Luckily, Amazon has announced firmware updates to keep your camera secure and safe from illegal use. Also, blink cameras have security weaknesses, but still, there is no news about hacking this camera.

 Is the Blink Camera always Recording?

   No, these cameras do not record continually. But you can watch the live footage whenever you want.

Why does my Blink Camera go off Every Hour?

   The blink camera is going off every hour due to losing internet connection. That’s why it captures the images every hour. So, when the camera connects to the internet, it saves recent images. The images are protected in the camera even if you change the battery.

How Far will a Blink Camera Detect Motion?

   The range of detecting the motion of the blink camera is almost 20 feet. The things that impact the motion detection of the blink camera are installation place, object temperature, app setting, light beam, and object size.

Wrapping up

   The blue light on the blink mini camera indicates to you that the camera is recording the footage, and the clips are stored. But sometimes it is visible and bothering. In this situation, you can disable the light from the blink app or the device itself. But if it is still not switching off, contact blink support, and take help from the blink online chats or calls.

      Overall, the method of turning off the blue light on the blink mini camera is very simple and convenient. I hope you can get rid of this issue after reading this article. If you find this article helpful, please share it. Also, for any suggestions, questions, or tips, comment below. I will respond as soon as I can. Thanks for reading!


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