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Why does my ADT Alarm keep Beeping | Here’s the quick fix In 2023

ADT alarm system is the most popular tool today. It is beneficial to protect your home. But sometimes, you might face issues using these security systems. If your ADT alarm Keep beeping continuously, it might be due to low battery or connection problems. Also, you can stop this beep easily without an expert’s help.

   This article explains the reasons for alarm beeping and their solution. There are many several reasons behind the beeping of your ADT alarm. We have gathered this information after analyzing and testing. So, keep reading for more information.

How to Stop the ADT Alarm From Beeping?

   Sometimes, the ADT alarm beep due to a low or dead battery. The alarm beeps because it alerts you about the battery and stops its features from functioning correctly. So, the beeping is good as it alerts you about issues. Once you are alert, you can quiet the beeping in simple steps.

  • Press the OFF button on the keypad. OR
  • Press the # button on the keypad.

   If this method does not work, refer to the ADT user manual because every model has a different procedure.

Reasons for ADT Alarm Beeping

Reasons for ADT Alarm Beeping

   Several reasons for ADT alarm beeping are as follows:

ADT Alarm Battery

   The ADT alarm beep might be the dead battery; in this case, charge the ADT alarm battery. You can easily charge it in simple steps. Here are the steps:

  • Press OFF or # on the keypad to turn off the beep.
  • The control panel is located at the back of the keypad. Open it with the help of a screwdriver.
  • Disengage the battery of the alarm from the circuit board.
  • Charge the battery and put it back in the control panel.
  • If you still notice the low battery sign, wait for two days because the ADT alarm takes time to recognize any conversion in the battery.

Unmonitored System

   If you purchase an ADT alarm system that is not monitored by ADT currently in an active plan, it will call ADT anytime. If the call cannot deliver to ADT, it starts beeping to alert you that the call is not reaching. In this case, press the cancel button on the keypad. You might face this every day and get annoyed.

   So, if you have an unmonitored ADT alarm system, either you have to sign up to activate the monitoring or degrade the ADT alarm system. The upside is that if you have an active monitored ADT alarm system, you will get help from ADT technicians or perks.

Check for Power Failures

   It is common for an ADT alarm to beep cause of power failure. In case of a power breakdown, the ADT alarm relies on a backup battery and alerts you by beeping. AC power disconnection, blackout, and voltage fluctuation are the reasons for power failure. These reasons seriously affect the ADT alarm and harm electrical parts.

The Cover is OFF

   If your ADT alarm system is damaged, it can start beeping constantly. It can be an accidental bounce, falling of the cover, and a damaged keypad. Moreover, the beep can be speedy or loud and becomes irritating, so, in this situation, place the cover back, and the beep will stop.

Check your Phone Line

   Usually, the ADT alarm system is linked with a telephone line that transfers emergency data to the main station. It is an essential safety function, so sometimes the alarm defects cause telephone line issues. If there is no issue with the battery in your ADT alarm and still it is beeping, check the phone line. It might be damaged or cut. In this case, fix the telephone line to stop the beeping.

Connection Trouble

   The ADT alarm can beep due to connection troubles. Sometimes, it shows that the alarm is having issues connecting. Enter your security code on the user manual of the alarm system, and the alarm will stop beeping.

Replace your ADT Alarm Battery

   The final solution is to replace the battery if the alarm is still beeping. So, follow these steps to replace the battery:

  • Shift the ADT alarm system to test mode to avoid false alarms.
  • Remove the cover of the keypad’s control panel by using a screwdriver.
  • Separate the battery wire.
  • Remove the old batteries and place new batteries in the system.
  • Now engage the battery wire in the connector and close the panel.
  • The system will detect the battery change within 48 hours.

Different ways to Stop Beeping on Different ADT Alarm System Models

ADT Alarm System ModelsDirections to Stop Beeping
ADT Command Hybrid, ADT Command 2×16.Enter the security code of your system and press OFF.
ADT Simon XT.Press the Status button on the keypad to stop beeping.
ADT Concord 4, ADT DSC PC 1964.Select the * button.
ADT Safewatch QuickConnect Plus, ADT Ademco Lynx.Click any button. If the beep does not stop, enter the system’s security code and select the OFF button.
ADT Command All-in-OnePress Disarm. Enter the security code of the system. Click Disarm. Again enter the security code of your system.
ADT ITI Concord ExpressSelect 1 on the keypad, then enters the security code.
ADT BHS 3000 or 4000Click the Cancel button twice.
ADT Safewatch Pro 3000, ADT Ademco 20, ADT Ademco Vista 20p, ADT DSC PC 1555Select any button on the keypad to stop the beeping

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What kind of Battery is used in the ADT Alarm System?

   ADT alarm system uses rechargeable batteries of 12 volts. The battery size depends on your alarm system and control panel model. Use same-sized batteries in the system to prevent replacement.

How long do ADT Batteries Last?

   These should last three years. Also, it depends on the usage of the system, type of battery, and environment. Lithium-ion batteries last longer, but the battery will have a short life if the temperature is high in your area. Also, the usage affects the life of the battery. The battery is damaged if the alarm beep constantly.

Does ADT Replace Batteries?

   Yes, ADT does replace batteries. They offer their users many battery replacements, including self-service for their security systems. So, it becomes easy to replace a battery?

Why your ADT Alarm has a low Battery?

   The reasons for the low battery are that the battery is failed and has no life span. Also, it needs to recharge.

Why does my old ADT Alarm keep Beeping?

   Your old ADT alarm keeps beeping to alert you that the system needs new batteries or needs to charge.

Wrapping up

   It can be frustrating to hear the constant beep of the alarm system. The common reason for ADT alarm beeping is the low battery, so whenever your system beep, press the OFF button or # button. Also, it depends on the model of the ADT alarm system. Hopefully, the above-described methods are useful to you.

  So, if you face this situation in the future, follow the steps elaborate in this guide. If none work, it’s time to call the ADT technician or a professional. Share this article and comment below for any help or question. Thanks!


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