How to reset ADT Doorbell Camera? (wired & Wireless 2023)

How do I reset ADT Doorbell Camera (Updated 2022)

   A complete and intact ADT home security system is crucial so that your ADT camera is separate from the position and not functioning; it might need to reset. One of the possible solutions to fix the ADT doorbell camera is by resetting it. A power cycle can do the work and save you time adding the camera to the ADT plus app.

   However, if your ADT camera fails and it seems like resetting is the best option to recover the doorbell camera, this guide will help you out. By performing a reset, your camera will be operating again. This guide also narrates what to do after reset ADT doorbell camera. So, keep reading!

Where is the reset button on the ADT doorbell?

   If you have a wireless ADT doorbell camera, there is a small button on the back of the system; press it for 10 seconds. Also, for the wired ADT doorbell camera, a square button is located on the back of the system; press and hold it for 15 seconds, and the ADT doorbell camera will restart in 1-2 minutes.

Resetting a wired ADT doorbell camera

   Follow these steps to reset a wired ADT doorbell camera:

  • If the camera is attached to a power source, it will show the steps to reset it.
  • Press the down square button for 15 seconds on the backside.
  • The camera will reset in two minutes.

Resetting wireless ADT doorbell camera

   To reset a wireless ADT doorbell camera, follow these steps:

  • Press down the small button for 10 seconds which is located on the back of the camera.
  • Wait for 2 minutes, and the camera will power back.

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What to do after reset ADT doorbell camera?

What to do after resetting your ADT doorbell camera

   Once you reset your camera, you can no longer access the ADT plus app. Because by resetting, the camera resets to the manufacturer setting and removes data from the ADT plus account. Therefore, more steps you need to follow to gain access. Follow these steps to rejoin the camera in ADT plus app:

  • Tap Manage devices in the ADT plus app.
  • Look for the Cameras option.
  • Choose the button Add Using WPS.
  • Now enter the PIN into the box located under the Instructions. Find the PIN on the back of your camera that you have reset.
  • Then the camera will flash green and yellow color lights.
  • Tap Continue.
  • After that, press down the square button for 5-6 seconds on the back of the Doorbell camera.    
  • If the ADT doorbell camera blaze a green light, the reset method will finish. Now you have access to your camera and can change the name.

Important note: Call ADT security services if the issue is still not solved.

An alternative method of resetting the ADT doorbell camera by power cycling

   Sometimes the ADT camera does not function even after resetting it. So, in this situation, a complete reset is the only way to eliminate the issues. Actually, there are many alternatives, but the power cycle is one of the best alternatives. All you have to do is disconnect and reconnect the power to the camera, which is suitable to solve all complications.

   Furthermore, the power cycle does not require you to rejoin the camera in ADT plus app, saving you time and effort. So, here are the steps to the power cycle:

  • You should try to connect the camera or ADT plus gateway in a different socket and also examine the cable connection if both are not gaining power. A convenient way to check whether your device is obtaining power or not is the LED light displayed on it.
  • Power cycle the camera and gateway by detaching both if these are receiving power.
  • Then wait for a few minutes after unplugging the camera and gateway.
  • Examine the ADT plus app and see if the camera is online or offline. If the camera is online and functioning, your issue has been solved.
  • If you are still facing problems, try to move the camera near to gateway after finishing another power cycle. So, detach the electricity to the camera, wait for a few seconds and then plug the power back.

Troubleshooting tips for ADT Doorbell Camera

   You should try these tips if your ADT doorbell camera is not showing any footage:

  • Shift from Wi-Fi to data on your mobile to ensure signals.
  • Reset the camera by holding the button for 10 seconds on the back.
  • Your phone must have 4G or higher signals because the ADT plus app does not function with 3G bandwidth.
  • Remove and reinstall the ADT plus app. Mostly, it can solve the issues that make hindrance in a video feed from functioning.
  • Power cycle the gateway and router by disconnecting them and waiting for 4 to 5 minutes before plugging them back. First, connect the router and give it time to restart, then hook up the gateway and give it a few minutes to restart.
  • Reinstall the ADT doorbell camera after deleting it.


Why does my ADT doorbell camera not connect?

   One of the huge reasons is the power loss; that’s why your ADT doorbell camera is not connected to the Wi-Fi. Check the LED light on the doorbell camera; if it is not flashing, the camera is off. For this, examine the device to make sure it is plugged in. Also, double-check the socket.

Why is my ADT doorbell camera not recording?

   If your ADT doorbell camera is not recording footage, examine that it is obtaining enough electricity. Furthermore, check that the camera has proper Wi-Fi signals; if not, then the footage will not be stored.

Does the ADT doorbell have a battery?

   An ADT doorbell camera can be wireless or wired. The wireless option has a rechargeable battery that needs to be recharged after using three months.

Are ADT cameras always recording?

   ADT cameras record when they detect any motion and send a notification on your mobile to alert you about the movement. Also, other surveillance cameras record continuously.  

How far can ADT cameras see?

   ADT cameras can see more than 6 meters with a 95-degree viewing angle. These security cameras offer 1080p high-quality footage and also have a night vision feature.

Wrapping up

   In most cases, the user cannot reset the ADT doorbell camera because the device might be damaged or due to insufficient power. So, the above method will help you to reset the ADT camera. Sometimes, there are fundamental issues with your ADT doorbell camera that can’t be overcome by resetting or power cycling.

   So, in that case, you should take help from the ADT professionals to fix the device. Call ADT customer service at (800)-521- 1734. Hopefully, this guide is helpful for you. If so, share it with your friends. For any questions or suggestions, comment below. I would love to respond. Thanks for reading!

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