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Bullet vs Dome Camera | All you need to know In 2023

Are you considering purchasing a bullet or dome camera, but you are confused about which one is suitable for your home or business? So, choosing the right security camera is essential because every camera is different from others, such as capabilities, resolutions, and features. It depends on your needs.

   You might think bullet and dome cameras are named by their forms. But the reality is that these cameras have different functions and features. Both cameras offer enhances security to your home and offices. In this article, we have narrated the difference between bullet vs dome cameras. So, read on for more information to decide what fits your requirements.

Bullet Camera

Bullet Camera

Bullet cameras have a cylindrical shape that looks like lipstick or a bullet shell. These cameras are noticeable and catch the eye. It deters the intruders from robbery. A bullet camera is workable for indoor use, but these are perfect for outdoor because of their wide range and deterring functionality.

   Bullet cameras are apparent for security purposes. This camera monitors the long ranges. Also, it protects your home, building, or office efficiently due to its visibility.

Benefits of Bullet Camera

   The benefits of bullet cameras are as follows:

Portable: Bullet camera can easily move and is adjustable. That helps to change the lens angle easily. So, it will capture all events in a specific place.

Weatherproof: A bullet camera can withstand the weather conditions such as rain, storm, snow, dust, etc.

Eagle eye: This camera provides an excellent long-distance view. You can easily see the people at long-range distances. It also has a zoom feature to read the car plate number easily.

Customized installation: Bullet cameras can be set up on the ceiling or walls. Also, these cameras use solar power to record, wired or wireless.

Disadvantages of Bullet Camera

   The disadvantages of bullet camera are as follows:

Easily destroy: Bullet cameras are less durable and can be easily destroyed due to their visibility. So, intruders can vandalize this camera in no time.

Discreet: These cameras have a narrow field of view and are not very attentive. In other words, it has blind spots.

Shape: Birds build their nests around these cameras due to their shape and outdoor use. So, it cannot capture all angles cause of the nest.

Dome Camera

Benefits and disadvantage of
Dome Camera

   Dome cameras are circular and have a bubble shape. The camera is enclosed in a transparent protective block and can capture the surroundings effortlessly. Buildings use this camera inside due to its discreet design. These cameras have a large field of view and are adjustable. Typically, mostly use these cameras to keep an eye on retail stores.

   These cameras are not visible and extremely durable. These are beneficial for places in hotels such as swimming pools, lobbies, gyms, etc. You can also install them in parking garages. So, the dome camera is suitable for both outdoor and indoors.

Benefits of Dome Camera

   The benefits of a dome camera are as follows:

Discretion: These cameras are less visible than bullet cameras. But if you look intently, you can spot these cameras. You can easily pass unnoticed them. So, these are best for areas where people do not expect cameras.

The perfect view: This camera has a wide-angle view lens. Usually, dome cameras have the focal field of view by default. But you can adjust the angle according to your needs.

Tamper-proof angles: These cameras hide the direction of the lens, so no one knows which direction the lens is. It is a unique benefit. Even if an intruder reaches this camera, he cannot rotate the direction.

Durability: Dome cameras are quite durable. They last for an extended period due to the protective lens shield. So, it has a high rating of impact protection.  

Installation: These cameras can be mounted easily on the ceiling or eave. These cameras are flexible and can be fit anywhere. Once you install these cameras, they are not easy to move. So, consult a technician or professional if you want to change their angle.

Disadvantages of Dome Camera

   The disadvantages of dome camera are as follows:

Short range: This camera has a short range of capturing than a bullet camera. So, it does not record long-distance views.

Gets dusty: Dome cameras require cleaning because they are sensitive to dust and get dirty quickly.   

Complicated installation: The installation of a dome camera is burdensome. Once these cameras are mounted, they are challenging to unmount.  

Reposition: These cameras are difficult to reposition. If you want to change the angle, you have to remount them.

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Comparison Between Bullet vs Dome Cameras

Comparison Between Bullet vs Dome Cameras

   The difference between bullet and dome cameras are as follows:


   You can identify both cameras with their names, such as the bullet camera looks like a bullet, and the dome camera has a shield-like dome that covers the lens. Their security goals are also different. Usually, dome cameras are not noticeable, so install them where the surroundings mix with them. In contrast, bullet cameras are observable, so these can be used to deter intruders.


   Both cameras have 720p, 1080p, and 4k resolution, so you can use any if you want a high-resolution camera. While 1080p and 4k are tempting, 720p is enough for offices or homes. It offers an explicit video of all events. Moreover, 720p resolution will take less space to store videos.


   Bullet cameras allow changing the field of view, so you don’t need to unmount it. On the other hand, the dome camera is itself mounted on the wall or roof; then, the camera is connected to the arm. If you want to adjust the field of view of the dome camera, you have to detach it and mount it in whatever direction you want.


   As I tell you before that, bullet cameras are noticeable, so they are best to deter burglars. Dome cameras are unobtrusive/hidden, so they are better if you do not want to show off the camera. Also, bullet cameras capture every spot, but dome cameras record only where the field of view is.


   Both cameras are highly rated for easy installation. Dome cameras are challenging to install, but you will not face any problems if a professional install them. Both cameras can be installed on a roof or wall and are suitable for outdoor and indoor use. The other benefit is that both cameras can work wirelessly.

   If you want an easy installation option, wireless is the best. This way, you will be free from the wires, control panel, or DVR hassle. Also, you can install it in any location, saving a lot of your time.


   Another thing about security cameras is that they work in low-light places. Fortunately, both cameras work excellently in the dark. Bullet and dome cameras use infrared LEDs and image intensifiers, respectively, to record a clear image. There are also invented more modern bullet and dome cameras that use both features.


   The camera’s range is not linked with the camera’s design. It depends on the lenses and the image sensor of the cameras. Both cameras have a close range. A bullet camera is suitable if you want a larger lens with optical zoom and to cover large distances. On the other side, dome cameras cover wide-distance events. So, if you want to capture a far area, choose a dome camera.

What Should you Choose: Bullet or Dome Camera?

   Though, the differences between both cameras are almost minor. The general opinion is that if you want apparent security, to tell the burglars that you have cameras and strong security, then choose bullet cameras.

   Also, if you want to invisible the cameras to spy on everyone, then dome is suitable. However, the combination of both cameras offers the best security system that allows you to keep an eye on all outdoor or indoor areas.

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How Far can a Dome Camera See?

   It depends on the lens, placement, and resolution of the dome camera. Usually, a dome camera has a range of 50 to 98 feet.

Do Dome Cameras have Audio?

   Yes, dome cameras have audio. These cameras have built-in microphones that pick up the voice with the monitoring features. So, they can record both video and audio.

Is a Bullet Camera an IP Camera?

   Yes, a bullet camera is an IP camera that functions with an IP network. So, you can connect them with a cat5 networking cable.

What is the Purpose of a Bullet Camera?

   Bullet cameras are beneficial for businesses and homes to monitor areas or suspicious actions. Typically, they have small in size and linked with the surveillance system.

Are Bullet Security Cameras Good?

   Bullet cameras typically have a large lens that makes them excellent for outdoor use to cover great distances. The night vision of this camera is beneficial for parking or traffic areas.

Wrapping up

   In the end, Bullet and dome cameras have pros and cons according to the situation. If you want tight security, you can install both. Also, it depends on your needs and budget. While choosing, consider their features and functions for a better choice. After reading this guide, I hope you are clear about bullet and dome cameras.

   Also, if you are still confused, do not hesitate to ask questions or give suggestions in the comment section. I will love to help you. Share this guide with your friends. Have a good day, and thanks for reading!


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