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How To Manually Open Roller Garage Door In 5 Steps

   Sometimes, you are dealing with power outages and cannot open a roller garage door until you have battery backup. Roller garage doors are indeed easy to use and secure, but these can be an issue during power outages. What if you are in an emergency or get to work and there is no power, or the motor is not working? If you have to manually open roller garage door, then what will you do.

   In these situations, you want to open the garage door and get out of the vehicle without damaging it. That important for you to know to open the garage door manually. So, in this article, I have described easy steps to manually open the roller garage door. Also check out 8 Secrets To Close Garage Door Manually From Outside.

5 Steps to Open Garage Door Manually

5 Steps to Open Garage Door Manually

Here are the steps to open the roller garage door manually without any issue:

Disconnect the Motor

   A manual release mechanism is located above the electric garage door. Usually, it is operated by pulling a red cord. Drag the cord once, and it will bolt into an open direction.

Manually open the Door

   Once the mechanism or motor has been detached, you can quickly manually close or open the garage door. Hold the garage door carefully with your hands as the electric door are heavy, and uplift it. Check the release mechanism by pulling the cord if the garage door is lodged.

Keep the Door open

   Electric garage doors are difficult to close because they are weighted. These doors fall on the ground if the motor is disconnected or you do not hold them. Help from someone to hold the door so you can take your vehicle in or out. You can also use a big solid wood piece to open the door.

Carefully close the Door

   Close the garage door carefully after arranging your vehicle. Ensure the garage door does not fall on the ground on its weight as it can damage the door itself. Let the door falls in a closed position by holding it tightly.

Regenerate the Mechanism

   After closing the door safely, reconnect the mechanism by pulling the cord. You will feel a sound when the mechanism regenerates with the roller cord. When the power will back, examine the door so that it is working correctly. If the door is not opening, even if the motor is working, pull the roller cord again to ensure the motor is generating.

How to open roller Garage Door from Inside

   Here are the following steps to open the roller garage door from inside:

Unlock the Door

    Open the latches or locks near the garage door from outside. So, you can open the garage door easily.

Unhook the Opener

   Disconnect the power from the automatic opener.

Find the Emergency Release Cord

   The emergency release cord is located in the center of the garage door track. It has a red handle and looks like a rope. It attaches to the trolley in the center of the ceiling that connects the arm of the garage door. When the door is closed, use the emergency release handle.

 Pull the Cord

   Pull the cord, which will be unattached from the trolley door. Then you can easily move the garage door.

Lift the Garage Door

   Pull the door straight down until it stops moving. Ensure that the garage door stays in place to move your vehicle in or out of the garage.

Close the Door

   Once you have arranged the vehicle, close the door gradually. If it has a lock bar, then slide the lock manually.

How to open Roller Garage Door from Outside

   Here are the following steps to open the roller garage door from the outside:

Find the Emergency Release kit

   You will find a small lock on the top center of the garage door. There is an emergency release cable in this lock. Also, you must have a corresponding key.

Unlock the Emergency Release Cord

   Open the lock to release the cable with the help of a key. This cord will turn your door into a manual mode through a release mechanism.

Unlock the Garage Door

   There is another lock near the handle with an emergency release kit at the bottom of the garage door. Unlock the door with the help of a key to vertically the handle.

Lift the Door

   Pull the door up with your hands straight. Ensure that the garage door stays open until you move your vehicle inside.

Close the Door

   Pull the door down from inside to a closed direction.

Safety Tips for manually Opening the Garage Door

   While opening the garage door by hand, follow these tips:

Unplug the Automatic Door Opener

   Before opening the garage door manually, unplug the automatic door opener. Because the power is restored, the door will try to open while disconnected. It will make the garage door difficult to reconnect. Si, unplugging the door opener will keep you safe.

Do not leave the Open Door Unattended

   When the door is open without power, it can shut because of strong wind. So keep your children away from the door and close the door as soon as possible.

Know when to call a Technician

   If you have to disconnect your garage door and it is challenging to move, then the spring has issues. This is dangerous when the springs are not working. So, in this situation, call a professional.

Use the Manual Lock

   When the power is out, and the door is inactive. Use a manual metal lock to lock the door. So that if you go for an outage, which will protect your house.

Do not pull the Emergency release when the Door is Open

   Never pull the release if the door is open and is difficult to close because it will crash the door. Wait for the power to come or call a technician.

Watch for Problems

   If you disconnect the door and the garage door is moving badly, there might be a problem with the door, so that’s the time to contact a professional or technician.

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Why can’t I Manually open my Garage Door?

   It might get stuck if you cannot manually open your garage door. Check the elements of the door and see that they are correctly fixed. Also, see the instructions on the door manual, and lubricate them. And your door will close and open quickly and smoothly.

How to reset a Garage Door after a Power outage?

   If your garage door is not working after a power outage, reconnect it to the opener. If it is still not working, then call a technician.

How to avoid needing to Open a Garage Door manually?

   You can avoid manually opening a garage door by installing an automatic opener with a backup battery. You can easily open the garage door with a battery even when the power goes out.

Can a Garage Door be Forced Open?

   Unfortunately, a bulger can open your garage door with the help of a wood or coat hanger. But it also needs some hard work and time to do.


   Never let the power outages stop you open the garage door. You can open the garage door easily by following the above steps if there is a power failure. You can easily use your vehicle without endangering your home security. Also, if you have a battery backup, you can open your garage door easily if the power is out.

   If you find this guide helpful, then share it with your friends. If you have any tips, suggestions, or questions, comment below. I would be happy to answer them. Thanks for reading!


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