11 Effective ways to cut a padlock without Bolt Cutter In 2023

Ultimate 11 ways to cut a padlock without Bolt Cutter In 2022

Bolt cutters are the easiest way to cut the padlock. Bolt cutters are designed for this purpose. But most people do not have bolt cutters hanging around. So, if you locked the door or forgot your keys and do not have a bolt cutter, what to do. Now you do not want to purchase a bolt cutter to unlock a padlock.

   Fortunately, many other methods to cut a padlock without bolt cutter are helpful, simple, and straightforward. These ways are mixed up than a bolt cutter. But it will help you out. So, in this article, we have explained the easiest methods to cut a padlock without a bolt cutter. Here we go!

Things you need for cutting the padlock

Things you need for cutting the padlock

    As several methods need different tools to cut the padlock. So, these are following:

Cutting Torch

    A cutting torch is a blowpipe tool that heats the metal and corrodes it quickly. It discharges fire from the pipe and generates heat that melts the metal. It emanates oxygen from the flame and cuts the metal rod. These are standard tools found in metal stores and construction areas.

A Halligan bar and an Axe

     Firefighters are professional in these methods as Halligan bar and Axe are their tools. This method is risky as you need more force to hit the bar. If you miss the shot, then you can also hurt. So, it must be done by an influential and technical person.


     Dremel is similar to an electric drill but is light and small in size. It has a cutoff wheel that will cut the padlock. Be careful while using it and use less force because it can break. Also, wear a plastic mask to protect your face or eyes from the firecrackers. It will be found in electric stores or tools shops.


     It is a small piece of metal that works by putting it on the top part of the lock near the locking mechanism where the shackle goes in. it is a straightforward method that takes a lot of tolerance. If you don’t know how to use a shim, watch a YouTube video.

Hacksaw and Propane Torch

     The propane torch exploits hydrocarbon gas that creates heat. It is typically found in construction areas or metal-working areas. A hacksaw is used to cut the metal as a propane torch does not cut the metal. It just heated and softened the padlocked metal. So to cut the metal hacksaw is needed. Well, it is pretty time-consuming.

Two wrenches

     You need two wrenches of different sizes. You can take any length of wrenches, but one must be more extensive than the other to put in the shackle on both sides. This method is handy as I also use it for my padlock.  

Angle grinder

    This tool is used for sharp grinding and cutting. It has different sizes, but a 60 grit disc is ideal in size. It is used to cut the shackles of thick metal. It is the best way to cut the padlock. I recommend using a battery angle grinder as it is good where the light or plugins are unavailable.


     This method is ideal for cheap padlocks. It works by hitting the claw-end side of the hammer on the shackle of the lock repeatedly. It is not helpful for the robust lock but luggage locks.

Lock pick set

     If you have lock-picking tools, you can open the padlock using different wrenches. So place a suitable wrench size at the bottom of the lock and rotate it until you hear the sound of a click. This method is helpful.

Master key

    Master keys are available at stores for unlocking many types of locks. But they also have different styles that decide which key is suitable for the lock. It would be best if you had many master keys to try it. It takes patience as well as money.

11 Various methods to cut a padlock without Bolt Cutter

    The several methods to cut a padlock without a bolt cutter are as follows:

1. By using a cutting Torch

1. By using a cutting Torch

Step 1: Open the acetylene and oxygen tank

    Remember some tips for overheating in this step. According to professionals, open the acetylene tank about a quarter and fully open the oxygen tank.

Step 2: Position the PSI

    Oxygen tanks are high in pressure than acetylene tanks. Acetylene is more unreliable than oxygen and needs only 15 psi. So for cutting the padlock. I advised you to set the acetylene at 5-6 psi and oxygen at 40-50 psi. Also, do not use acetylene at high pressure.

 Step 3: Build up the acetylene and oxygen

     Some people fully open the oxygen valve, and some just half. It depends on your needs and how much you want to open. But open the acetylene valve less than the oxygen valve to avoid accidents.

Step 4: Adjust the valve

     Set the boost of the valve for cutting the padlock. If black smoke appears, the acetylene valve needs to adjust. Also, the smoke must be white or concentrated for the oxygen valve.

2. By using a Halligan bar and an Axe

2. By using a Halligan bar and an Axe

Step 1: Set the Halligan bar in a proper place

     You can place Halligan bar in two ways. Firstly, put it between the shackles from the upper side of the lock. Secondly, set the bar downwards on the top side of the lock and rotate it horizontally for curving the blade.

Step 2: Bang the bar

     Now strike on the surface of the curved blade with the help of an axe. Bang hard on the shackle many times until it breaks. Be careful while striking, and you must exert all your force while hitting the lock.

3. By using a Dremel

3. By using a Dremel

Step 1: Prepare a face shield and gloves

     By using Dremel, the metal sparks by friction. So, use gloves and a mask to protect your hands and face from the sparks.

Step 2: Position the Dremel on the lock

     Use a small or medium cutoff wheel to cut the shackle. Place the Dremel wheel in the middle of the shackle carefully.

Step 3: Switch on the Dremel

     Now start the Dremel and cut the padlock slowly. Do not put too much force on the shackle, as the Dremel drill can break.

4. By using a Shim

4. By using a Shim

Step 1: Place the shim on the shackle

     Put the shim on both sides of the shackle on the top of the lock near the locking mechanism. And also, you need some patience to set the shim.

Step 2: Wiggle the shim

    After placing the thick part of the shim in the lock, twitch it back and up. By doing so, the lock will open the springs. This kind of method needs some learning skills.

5. By using a hacksaw and propane Torch

5. By using a hacksaw and propane Torch

Step 1: Heat the shackle

   Switch on the propane torch valve and adjust the flame until white smoke. Select a location on the shackle to heat. Hold the lock with a plier to avoid too much moving the torch. It takes some minutes to soften the shackle, just like the metal bar to cut it by saw.

Step 2: Let the lock cool

    In this step, cool down the lock to unaffected it by heart. It will take a few minutes.

Step 3: Cut the shackle

     Put the saw in the heated place and cut the shackle with power or force. So, the lock will be cut without a bolt cutter.

6. By using Wrenches

6. By using Wrenches

Step 1: Check the locking mechanism

    If you do not remember the locking mechanism on which side the shackle closed, then examine the lock’s keyhole. The lock shackle is on the opposite side of the gap.

Step 2: Place the wrenches

    Place the smaller wrench on the stationary side and the large one on the shackle that locks or unlocks. Place the wrenches in a line and next to each other carefully.

Step 3: Stretch the wrenches simultaneously

    After positioning the wrenches in a V shape, quickly pull them together with the pressure that makes the sound pop. Next, repeat the same process after changing the position. Repeat until the shackle break. It will take a little time and patience.

7. By using an Angle Grinder

7. By using an Angle Grinder

Step 1: Wear gloves and a face shield

    The grinder creates fire sparks due to friction, so wear a mask to protect the face and gloves for your hands. Also, wear long sleeves and keep flammable items away for extra security.

Step 2: Balanced the padlock

     Position the padlock in a balanced form by using pliers. In this way, you can limit the movement of the padlock and can easily cut the shackle.

Step 3: Switch on the angle grinder

     You can perpendicularly place the grinder blade on the shackle to avoid balancing the lock. Slowly cut the shackle. You do not need to put much force on it because the grinder motor will put power on it. After cutting the padlock, do not put your hand on the hot surface as it can burn your hand. If it does not work, try another side of the shackle.

8. By using a Hammer

8. By using a Hammer

Step 1: Position the hammer

    Place the hammer on top of the hasp of the padlock. In short, place it on the side down of the shackle.

Step 2: Strike the hammer

    After positioning the hammer on the lock, bash the hammer on the shackle repeatedly until it breaks.

9. Lock picking

9. Lock picking

Step 1: Place the tension wrench

    Take an appropriate size of tension wrench according to the lock hole and put it in the keyhole carefully.

Step 2: Rotate the wrench

    Now rotate the tension wrench slowly. Make sure do not pressurize the wrench as it can break. When you hear the sound click, then the first digit is found. Repeat until all numbers are found. 

10. By using a master key

10. By using a master key

    In this method, use master keys to unlock the padlock. For this, you have to purchase several master keys to open it. You need some patience for this as it will take time. Also, it costs you money to buy several keys.

11. Call a Locksmith

    If all these methods fail, it’s time to call a locksmith. He knows well about the locking mechanism and cutting lock tricks.

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Some Tips and Tricks

  • You can buy the above-described tools in hardware shops because they have these items for industry use.
  • Must save all tools in a box for easy access and to avoid hindrance.
  • Always close the valve of heat-generating tools after using.
  • Also, check out the warranty information on the lock to replace it.
  • You can try these methods on old locks not

used for the trial.

  • Call a neighbor or a locksmith if the lock is still not open.


Can a locksmith cut a padlock?

    Yes, a locksmith can cut a padlock. They are also trained in techniques because he has the proper tools to cut it. If the lock is not essential, you can cut it using angle grinders.

Can a hacksaw cut through a master lock?

    Yes, a hacksaw efficiently cuts a master lock or any other lock. But for this, you must soften the shackle by using a cutting or propane torch.

Can an angle grinder cut hardened steel?

    Yes, an angle grinder can cut hardened steel easily as it has a cutoff wheel that is best to cut any steel.

How do you break a padlock easily?

    You can easily break a padlock by using a hammer. Bang the hammer on the top of the padlock shackle continuously until it breaks.

Final words

    You might find the same content on other platforms. But I have used all these methods, and also, these methods are verified by other people. So, this article describes the best methods of efficiently cutting padlocks without a bolt cutter. You need some tools and experience to cut the lock.

    These methods are life-saving, and the tools used in these methods are common use. If you ever face this problem, then use these methods. But I hope you never face this situation in your life. Share this article with your beloved one. For any questions, comment below. I am always here to help you out. Thanks for reading!

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