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4 Effective ways to open a Master lock without a key In 2023

Opening a Master lock without a key might be challenging. It might happen to you that you forget or lose the keys and lock up, so what you will do in this situation. Don’t worry; I am here to help you out. I also had to face this situation and call a locksmith. I waited for him and paid a heavy amount of money. After that, I tried several methods to open the master lock without a key if it had no combination.

    These ways are life and money saver. So, in this article, I have shared the methods of opening a master lock without a key. These methods are easy and save your time too.

Is it possible to open a Master lock without a key?

     Yes, the master lock can open without keys. Sometimes the person forgets the keys or is locked in the house. In this situation, you can use several methods rather than calling a locksmith. You can cut the lock with a bolt cutter or grinding tool. Also, you can use a paperclip or shim to open the lock.

4 ways to open a Master lock without a key

     You can open the Master lock with different tricks. So four methods to open a master lock without a key are as follows:

1. By using a Bolt Cutter

How to open master lock by using Bolt Cutter

     This is an excellent and quick way to open a standard master lock because the diameter of the shackle is not too big or small; a bolt cutter can easily cut that. So it also makes it easy to open the lock.

Step 1: Select an appropriate Bolt Cutter

     All bolt cutters cannot cut a master lock. Select a 22 or 24 inches length of bolt cutter for enough grip to unlock the master lock easily. A long bolt cutter can easily cut the large shackle master lock, and you can open it quickly.

Step 2: Hold the lock with a plier

     This step will help you to restrict the movement of the master lock. All you need is to hold the lock with a plier so you can easily cut the lock using a bolt cutter. Like this, the two blades of the bolt cutter meet easily on the shackle.

Step 3: Put force on the Cutters

     The bolt cutter is in the shape of a V, so clamp the handles of the bolt cutter and make a straight line. Apply enough force on the cutter until it cuts the shackle and the shackle breaks.

2. By using Shim

How to open master lock by using Shim

     It is an ideal way to open the Master lock without a key by preventing it from physically damaging it. This method is straightforward, as I have also tried it. Also, one of my friends tried this way and found it very convenient.

Step 1: Prepare tools for this Method

     You will need a marker, a pair of pliers, scissors, a ruler, and a can. It looks like these are too much, but these items are small and can be found out of the warehouse and in a car quickly.

Step 2: Make the padlock Shim

     Firstly, wash the can and cut its top and end. Cut the can in a straight line by cutting from end to top. In this way, it will shape into a rectangular aluminum sheet. Now, flat the aluminum sheet with the help of pliers.

     Next, turn the aluminum perpendicular and cut it in half. Now, cut the square shapes of aluminum pieces 4-5 cm. cut the aluminum into square fragments using a ruler carefully.

     Finally, mark the aluminum plate by using a pen in two parts. Draw an M on the plate and make its corner rounded in the shape of a key rather than a triangle. Now create a volume similar to two symmetrical keys by curving the bottom of M.

Step 3: Bend the aluminum Sheet

     Now fold the side of the aluminum piece beside M and stop at the center where the line has been marked. Wrap the two sides of M and wrap the leftover aluminum back. Also, fold the aluminum in a way that it touches the marked line. Fixed the folded parts of aluminum with pliers.

Step 4: Put the shim in the Shackle

     First, place the pen in the center of the folded aluminum piece to fit in the shackle hole. Put the shim in the shackle slowly without any pressure. Do not twist the shim as it will make it complicated to open the lock. Put the shim on the side of the shackle from where it opens or close.

    Move the shim from one end to the other in a circular motion. Keep patience if there is no movement. It happens because of the latch. Move the shim continuously until you hear a sound click. That means you have open the master lock without a key victoriously.

    Some locks need two shims on both sides of the shackle. That’s why I cut the aluminum piece into two parts. So that if required, you can use the other shim too.   

3. By using a Grinding Tool

How to open master lock by using Grinding Tool

    It is used to grind metal. For instance, it can be a sharp wheel to cut metals or a grinder. It helps you to push all the pins out of the master lock.

Step 1: Check the locking Mechanism

    Check both of the lock shackles to find the keyhole. Usually, the shackle locking mechanism appears where the signs of notched the key. That means the shackle opens on this side.

Step 2: Plane the side of the lock where the Shackle Falls

    Planning the shackle side will make it easy to push pins out. Grind the side of the lock until the pins fall out.

Step 3: Open the lock

    Now the lock is not involute with a password. Now put a flat item in the lock’s keyhole that fits it perfectly. At this spot, twist the flat thing slightly, and the lock will open.

4. By using Paperclip

How to open master lock by using Paperclip

    This method is complex by using two paper clips. When I tried this method, it took too much time. It is a bit challenging for beginners. But I have also tried it with a single paperclip, and my master lock was open without a key. So, you do not need to break your master lock if you know how to open the lock with a paperclip.

Step 1: Cut one side of the Paperclip

    In this step, cut one side of the paperclip by using pliers. Cut the paperclip from where is no circular fold.

Step 2: Put two sticks on the side of the Paperclip

    Place stapler pins on the side of the paperclip so that it fits easily into the keyhole because stapler pins are small enough to fit in the hole. If you use something more prominent, it will not put enough force in the hole.

Step 3: Use a Screwdriver

    Now use a screwdriver as it will work as a lever. Use it with a crossbar so that it inserts into the keyhole easily because it is small enough to fit easily in the hole. Then, slowly turn the screwdriver, and the shackle will come out. That means you have successfully opened the master lock without a key.

Some tips

  • Check the manufacturer and model number of the lock that is on the bottom of the lock. It will help you call a locksmith if you cannot open the master lock yourself.
  • Whenever you decide to buy a lock, choose a transparent lock so that you can understand the locking mechanism. If you ever face this situation, it will help you solve the problem.
  • Always keep the extra key to the lock with yourself for emergencies.

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How do I open a lock with a combination at the bottom?

    If you forget the combination and want to open the lock, then you need to break the lock with the shim method I already have described in the article. You can also try the combination with patience because the lock owner knows the combination, not the manufacturer.

How do you remove a lock if you lose the key?

    You can remove the lock with the help of a tension wrench. Also, you can use a bolt cutter to cut the lock. There are also many other methods of removing the lock, such as grinding, paperclip, or shimming.

Do bump keys work?

    Bump keys might effectively unlock the cylinder-shaped lock by nearly 90%. Lock bumping can be done by intruders, which means without any forcing the door, the house can be opened.

Is there a master key for Master Locks?

    No, there is no master key for the master lock because every key has its number used to open the lock.

How to Open a Locked Door with a Hole

You can keep valuable items safe with a lock. Knowing how to unlock locks in various ways is a handy skill that will prove useful if you are locked out of your home due to a lost, broken, or forgotten key and the nearest locksmith is closed.

Final Thought

    There are many tricks to open a lock. You must have patience and practice in opening locks. Just knowing the trick is not enough. Yes, it is annoying to lose the key but when you have successfully opened the master lock, remember these methods to prevent the intermittence.

    I have also tried all these methods, so I share these four ways of opening a master lock without a key with you all. So that if you face this situation, then these ways help you. If you have questions about this article or similar content, comment below. I am always here to answer you. Many thanks!


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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