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Top 6 methods to unlock a door with a hole in 2023

     Looking to unlock a door with a hole? Almost all private locks have push-button controls. A small hole is used instead of keyholes in this lock type. This lock is much easier to open than deadbolts and other door locks. The design ensures privacy. It is often found in bathrooms and bedrooms.

     Locked doors with holes can be opened in many ways. Here are a variety of options to choose from. Choose the method that is most suitable for you.

Method 1: Using a plastic card

     If you do not have any lock picking tools inside your home, this is the easiest way to unlock door handles with holes. Plastic cards can be used. Use a gift card or a membership card that you don’t mind damaging.

     As well as being durable enough not to bend or break easily when you are trying to open the door, it must also be flexible.

1.  Hold on to the doorknob

        If you do not have anything to pick up the lock, a card can also unlock the door. Firstly, you need to use your hand to hold the doorknob. Right-handed individuals should hold the doorknob with their left hand. The door must be pushed and pulled while you try to smash the lock’s strike plate.

2.  Placing the card perpendicularly against the door

        Lean your body against the door to widening the gap between it and the door frame. Position your body perpendicularly to the door and insert the card. Bend the card so that it reaches the strike plate. Press the doorknob slightly.

3.  To open the door, raise and lower the card

        Use the correct amount of force to raise and lower the card. Try wiggling the card while pulling and pushing the doorknob if you have trouble opening it. By doing so, you can reduce friction and the force of the latch. The door will open automatically once the cylinder retracts.

Method 2: Using a strong force

     In this method, the following steps are taken:

1.   Find the best spot to kick the door

        You should only use this method if you need to open the door as soon as possible due to an emergency. Make sure not to kick the handle itself, but rather as close as possible. Be careful not to kick the center portion of the door because it may break and hurt you.

2.  Take a kick to the spot you found

        It is better not to use this method if unfamiliar with a front kick. Open the door by kicking through it. You can also avoid damaging the door if the situation can wait by trying other methods. A locksmith will be able to help you if you don’t want to do that.

Method 3: Pick the lock

     If this seems confusing to you, please read the instructions thoroughly. Place the Allen wrench’s short end on the bottom side of the keyhole. By applying simple pressure, you can turn the lock a tiny bit in the direction of the key. Pick the lock with an unbent paperclip that has a slight crook at one end:

1.  Scrubbing technique

        Using a paper clip, you can scrub the keyhole by gently inserting it at the lower end and lifting it back and upward. Each time you turn the Allen wrench, increase the pressure until the lock shifts. Repeat the motion until the door unlocks by keeping the pressure steady.

2.  Pin by pin technique

        If you cannot succeed with the scrubbing method, gently push the paper clip into the hole while applying slight pressure to the Allen wrench. If the paperclip comes in contact with the pin, try catching it on the bend and lifting it to place it. Repeat the process for all remaining pins.

Method 4: Remove the hinges

     The pin must be wedged between the bottom knuckle and the flathead screwdriver. With a hammer, tap the screwdriver handle downward. After the pin and head are loose enough, remove them. All hinges should be replaced in the same manner. If it doesn’t come out quickly, it may be easier to force the pin out with a Phillips head screwdriver.

Method 5: Using a screwdriver

     The privacy doorknob can be easily unlocked with a small screwdriver. A flathead screwdriver with a 5/64 diameter is the smallest size you need. Smartphones and other electronic devices are often repaired using this type of screwdriver. Perfect for unlocking small holes in doors.

     A metal paper clip will work as an alternative to a small flathead screwdriver. To fit in the small hole, it needs to be straightened first. Also, you can use a bobby pin, but you will have to straighten it. Also, it should be strong enough to push the door lock’s button.

1.   Use a flat-head screwdriver to enter the hole

        Start by inserting the flat head screwdriver into the lock’s hole. Ensures it fits well and will not become stuck. If you use a small screwdriver, the tip should not touch the curve of the hole. It would be best to hold the button straight to push it quickly.

2.  Push the screwdriver inside the lock until it reaches the bottom

        The screwdriver should be positioned correctly after being inserted into the hole. If you are in the correct position, you will feel slight resistance. Put the screwdriver in the proper position, and then push it until you hear a clicking sound. You have now successfully opened the door.

3.  Try turning the screwdriver so it falls into the slot; if it doesn’t work

        The lock may be a turn-style lock instead of a push-button if the button cannot be pressed with a screwdriver. The screwdriver needs to be turned until you feel it fall into a slot to open a turn-style lock. Then repeat the process until the lock is open.

Method 6: Annihilate the lock with a hammer

     This is a last-resort solution for a reason. For most situations, you would be better off calling a locksmith. Bash the doorknob or lock it repeatedly until it breaks during an emergency.

How to unlock a door with a hole Tutorial

How to unlock bedroom door with a hole

Privacy locks, or doorknobs, are usually installed in bedrooms. In most cases, you cannot open an interior door with a key from the outside, as you would with an entry lockset. How do you get into your bedroom if you lock yourself out — or if your kid locks the door intentionally? You can usually solve this problem with a simple solution, but it depends on your bedroom’s kind of door lock. Here we go:

Unlocking a bedroom doorknob with a push button

     On the non-locking (exterior) door of a privacy lockset, there is a small pinhole in the center of the knob. The release button is directly behind this pinhole. Insert a paper clip or a wire of similar dimensions into the hole and push the release button to unlock the door. The lock button will pop out, enabling the door to be opened. The key that comes with some push-button doorknobs is meant just for this purpose.

      In this method, the pinhole is pushed back straight across the wire by pushing the wire straight back. The doorknob’s exact center is a small release button with a small diameter. The button will probably be missed if the wire is angled at all. Keep trying until you succeed.

Unlocking a bedroom doorknob with a turn button lock

      You turn a turn-button lock with your thumb and forefinger as you are familiar with it. Like push-button locks, turn-button locks have a pinhole on these locksets’ non-locking side; however, the hole is generally wider than for push-button locks. There is a keyhole in the doorknob to insert an emergency key.

      The emergency key is the first thing you should look for. It is usually located near the trim of the bedroom door. Like a flat-head screwdriver, emergency keys have a flat tip. You can use a very thin screwdriver if you can’t find your official key-as long as it fits through the hole in the doorknob. Using a flat-head screwdriver, an eyeglass screwdriver usually works too.

       If that doesn’t work, a stiff, flat wire will work. Grasp the key or other tool and insert it straight into the pinhole lock until you reach the end. To turn the key, you turn the button until the key sits in the slot and then turn the key as you would a screw. Most locks can be opened by turning counterclockwise, but rotate it clockwise if that doesn’t work.

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Best ways to Open a jammed lock

Opening a jammed lock

     The following steps are taken in this method:

1.  As you turn the key, pull or push the door

        The warped door bends the lock at an awkward angle with an older door, so you must press the door while fiddling with the key. Apply pressure in all directions simultaneously: upwards, downwards, toward you, and away from you. Once the door opens, you should exert as much pressure as possible without falling.

2.  Rotate the key in both directions

        A key cannot always be turned in the same direction for unlocking a door. Regardless of which direction the key goes, it sometimes helps to turn it further into the “locked” direction to break the jam. Turn the key back the other way quickly and smoothly after it’s passed the locked position for a short distance, and you may resolve the jam.

3.  Grease the lock

        Choose a non-oil lubricant such as graphite powder unless you plan on replacing the lock since oil will increase the chances of jamming the lock even more once it dries out. Simply spraying or squeezing lubricant into the keyhole should be sufficient; too much can work against you. WD40 can even also be sprayed. Also, you can rub the key with a graphite pencil tip if you are trapped in a room.

4.  Check out the keys

        Keys with severely damaged teeth could also be a problem. If you have a clamp handy, you may be able to bend the key back into a flat position. Go to a hardware store immediately to replace your keys.

5.  Apply force when necessary

        A few thumps might open the door if you hear a click when you turn the key. Several hits to the lock after lubrication may assist in shifting the sticky tumblers if the lock is jammed.

6. Try other methods

        Using the lock picking methods described above may be all you need to do if you are allowed to keep the key. It may be necessary to give a locksmith a call if that doesn’t help.


What is the best item to unlock a bedroom door with a hole?

    Small flat-head screwdrivers work best for unlocking bedroom doors with holes. It can unlock push-button locks as well as turn-style locks.

How do you unlock a doorknob with a hole in a twist-lock?

    Finding a paper clip is the key to unlocking a twist lock on an interior door. To insert the paper clip into a small hole on a doorknob, bend a portion of it so that it is long and straight enough. Place the paper clip in the hole of the doorknob.

    It should be positioned where the door handle connects to the knob at the back top. Into this hole, place the paper clip.

How To Open A Disc Lock Without A Key?

A disc lock has locked your motorbike, but you forgot to put the key in your pocket while you were locking it. How will you proceed? Do you know how to open it without a key? That’s what we’ll talk about next.

     You can open a disc lock in several ways with the right tools. Here’s how you can open a disc lock without a key.

What is the little hole on the side of my doorknob for?

    It appears to be a small hole cut out of the center of the knob. As a backup method to open locked interior doors, such as bedroom or bathroom doors, this is intended for emergencies only. It is referred to as a privacy lock.

Can you unlock a door with a knife?

    Knives with narrow blades are capable of doing so. When lifting pins with a bobby pin or paper clip, you can use the knife’s blade as a tension lever on a pin or tumbler lock.

What if my door does not work?

    Two options are available then: The hinges can either be broken off, or the handle or door can be screwed off.

How can I open my locked door without a key?

    Use a credit card to jam between the door frame and the lock to unlock it without the key. Once you’ve bent the card back to the frame, you’ll be able to force the locking mechanism back into the door.

What is the best way to unlock a bedroom door with a hole?

     To open a hole in a bedroom door, it is best to use a small screwdriver with a flat head. You can use it to open a turn-style lock and push-button locks.

Why does the knob have a small hole in the center?

     Privacy locks are small holes. Usually, privacy locks are used on bathroom or bedroom doors. If there is an emergency, the door can be opened by pushing the button inside this hole.

Do bump keys work?

     Almost every cylinder-type lock on the market today can be bumped when executed correctly. This means that your home can be broken into without any signs of force, perhaps one of the most disturbing aspects of lock bumping.

Final words

    Have you ever tried to open a door with a hole? A privacy lock can be unlocked in so many ways. Besides that, the items you need are easy to find in your home. You do not need expensive lock picking equipment. So, if you find this article helpful, share it with your beloved ones. If you have any questions, then comment below. I’ll respond as soon as I can. Many thanks!


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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