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How to Open a Master Lock Combination Padlock

Master Lock combination padlocks are ubiquitous staples used to secure lockers, gates, storage units, tool boxes, and other personal items behind a 3-digit numerical password. We’ve likely all encountered the frustration of dealing with a Master Lock combo lock that refuses access due to forgotten passwords or ambiguous reset procedures.

Thankfully, you can actually open a Master Lock combination padlock without needing to destroy it through a few manipulation techniques. Depending on the exact model, you may also be able to easily reset or override the lock to set a new combination code using special access methods.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll overview how to open a master lock combination padlock work internally and cover step-by-step instructions for:

  • Cracking and decoding digit combinations
  • Opening them without combos through mathematical trickery
  • Resetting lock passcodes when needed
  • Troubleshooting forgotten or lost combinations

How Master Lock Combinations Work

Understanding the internal components and mechanics of Master Lock padlocks enables manipulating and decoding them more effectively.

Inside Master Locks

Standard circular dial Master Locks contain an internal cylinder with 3 or 4 numbered wheels depending on the model. These DIGIT wheels must be aligned to the proper NUMERIC SEQUENCE by turning the external dials to enable the shackle to release and unlock.

Each digit wheel is separated at specific INTERVALS corresponding to the padlock model determining the combo digits sequencing. The dials manipulate the digit wheels to INPUT the set unlock code combination permitting the lock to open only when that PRESCRIBED ORDER is set.

Setting and Changing Combos

The built-in architectural spacing of the wheels establishes one factory DEFAULT COMBINATION. Padlocks with reset capabilities allow USERS to INPUT and RECORD new custom combos while still maintaining fundamental internal separation specs between components.

So in essence, the secret behind opening any Master Lock lies in the engineered spacing inside. While ill-intentioned folks can LEVERAGE this to DECODE combinations through mathematical trickery, it also allows legitimate users to easily reset and INPUT secure codes.

Checking Your Padlock Model

While Master Lock combination padlocks share underlying component spacing principles, specific capabilities differ across models – particularly standard circular dial locks vs digitally resettable electronic locks.


Common Circular Dial Models:

  • 1500iD
  • 1525D
  • 178D

Electronic Reset Models:

  • 1535D
  • 1537D
  • 1650D


Key traits around COMBINATION CAPABILITIES by model:

  • Number of dials/digits
  • Visibility of numbers
  • Tactile turns for manipulation
  • Built-in reset options

Determining Specs

Assessing technical aspects:

  • Examine for digit wheel count
  • Check dial housing visibility
  • Test turn tension and clicks
  • Noteany reset buttons or input panels

This product knowledge for Master Lock models allows matching decoding, cracking, and access techniques to the specific padlock version encountered.

Opening Methods by Model

The techniques used to open a Master Lock combination padlock depend greatly on the specific model and its capabilities around digit codes, resetting, and electronic access.

We’ll summarize approaches for 3 major type categories:

Standard Dial Locks

The classic circular dial locks involve physical combo cracking methods:

  • Mathematical Decoding – Calculate digit sequence based on wheel spacing
  • Hunt-and-Peck – Testing all numbering permutations

Covered in detail in the next section.

Resettable Combination Locks

Convenient built-in restoration functions allow combo overrides:

  • Factory Resets – Restoring original factory set combos
  • Custom Combinations – Setting new codes after reset

Detailed later.

Electronic Locks

Digital access controls enable rapid reprogramming:

  • Built-In Access Codes – Overriding previous combos
  • Resetting Firmware – Wiping all data and resetting

Cracking Standard Dial Locks

For classic Master Lock padlocks with 3 or 4 rotating outer dials controlling internal digit wheels, there are two main methods for cracking the combo without actually knowing the set sequence.

We’ll Cover:

  • Mathematical Decoding
  • Hunt-and-Peck Guessing

Understanding these manipulation techniques allows reliably opening most standard-dial combo locks.

Mathematical Combination Decoding

This method involves using the engineered spacing between the internal wheels to calculate the digits and sequence rather than guessing blindly. Steps include:

  1. Determine dial spacing
  2. Gauge initial digit alignment
  3. Calculate first digit
  4. Solve subsequent digits
  5. Attempt decoded combo

Effectively, you “read” the wheels through precision feeling and turning using the external dials. Patience is key, yet with practice nearly any standard Master Lock can be decoded mathematically.

We’ll overview the full decoding calculations and process in the next section.

Hunt-and-Peck Combination Guessing

When lacking the skill, time, or information to decode mathematically, an alternative brute force technique involves testing all numbering permutations across the digits:

  • Input 000, 001, 002 etc in sequence
  • Can also attempt random combinations
  • Typically successful within 100-200 attempts

Mathematical Combination Decoding

The mathematical decoding methodology leverages the fixed mechanical spacing between digit wheels inside standard Master Lock padlocks.

By reading the alignment of components through precision dial rotations and tactile feedback from tension clicks, you can calculate rather than guess true combo codes. Follow this process:

Determine Dial Spacing

  • Count dial graduation indents when turned
  • Used to calculate spacing formulas

Read Initial Digit Alignment

  • Dial positions upon initial padlock closure
  • First digit(s)

Calculate First Wheel Digit

  • Use spacing count and turns to solve
  • Usually the last number dialed

Decode Middle Digit(s)

  • Apply formula using dial spacings
  • Requires focus and methodical turns

Determine Final Digit & Sequence

  • Finish calculating using environment
  • Attempt full decoded combination!

In essence, you exploit the engineered structure of the padlock itself – almost like a figure-it-out puzzle.

This does require patience, practice, and adept use of tactile sensation through precision dial movements. Yet it can open most lost combination Master Locks without needing to input hundreds of blind guesses.

Dealing with Forgotten Combinations

When faced with a Master Lock whose combination you can’t recall or never had to begin with, there are options before resorting to breaking the padlock open destructively.

Attempting Common Factory Set Combos

Certain combination codes are widely used across Master Lock models as predefined factory standards:

  • Try combos like “000” or “123”
  • Can work on locks never user-reset

Built-In Resetting on Some Models

Many modern Master Lock padlocks have built-in reset functionality to restore factory codes without decoding:

  • Electronic locks with reset buttons
  • Override security on certain circular dial models

**Forced Entry as Last Resort **

When lacking reset capability and decoding fails:

  • Bolt cutters to sever shackle
  • Locksmith drilling if needed

Avoid forcing open durable Master Locks if possible to maintain their integrity and reuse.

Setting New Combination Codes

Once unlocked through either decoding or built-in restoration on models with reset capabilities, you can set your own new combination codes on Master Lock padlocks.

Restoring Factory Default Combos First

Some locks require flashing:

  • Input reset inputs if electronic
  • Decode original factory combos

Step-By-Step Code Setting Procedure

After restoring baseline codes:

  1. Align existing combo digits
  2. Set own new combo via dial input
  3. Turn dials randomly several times
  4. Enter products’ specified input commands

Setting Pro Tips

Ideas for reliable secure combos:

  • 5+ digits for complexity
  • Mix number patterns
  • Easy for you to recall
  • Avoid personal dates

Essentially reset then follow explicit model steps to claim Master Lock padlocks with your own defined custom combos. Maintaining secrecy obviously imperative for security!

ConclusionHow to Open a Master Lock Combination Padlock

When faced with a secured Master Lock combination padlock but no code, first don’t panic and certainly don’t force it open destructively quite yet. For classic circular dial models, precision manipulation of the digit wheels based on engineered internal spacing allows mathematically decoding solutions. Or rapid hunt-and-peck guessing can brute force guess working combos within 100-200 tries. More conveniently, integrated reset buttons on newer electronic Master Lock models enable restoring factory default codes instantly to gain access.

Once unlocked, built-in functionality also allows setting your own new custom combos across most padlocks. Simply follow the proper steps to reset digits to a known sequence, then carefully set a multi-digit personal code while turning dials intermittently to enable your own password to take over. So between exploitatively decoding physics parameters, accessing reset backdoors, or good old fashion guessing, combination-based Master Lock padlocks can relinquish their unknown codes quite readily to those in the know without need for hammers or bolt cutters. A little insight into their designed inner workings goes a long way.


I forgot the combination to my Master Lock. What should I try first before decoding?

First try common factory set combinations like “000” or “123” in case the lock was never reset before. Also try combos like a birthday date or anniversary if you think someone may have customized it.

How many numbers are there in a Master Lock combination?

Most standard circular dial Master Locks contain 3 number combos. Some larger padlocks have 4 digits. Check the dial closely to confirm the count which informs decoding methods.

I broke open my Master Lock forgetting the combination – can I still use it safely?

If a Master Lock no longer locks properly after being forced open through breaking, cutting, or drilling, it unfortunately should be replaced for security reasons. The alignment and tolerances are likely disrupted beyond repair at that point. Time for a new, durable Master Lock you can reset the combination on yourself this time!


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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