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How to change 4-digit code on a Schlage lock | Experts guide 2023

A Schlage deadbolt lock’s 4-digit code needs to be changed if you are a homeowner. To use the Schlage button, you must simultaneously press number 1. Three beeps and flashes will occur. Enter your new code in the Schlage button now. You will be able to hear it beep once the Schlage button has stopped flashing. Type in the new code again.

     Changing 4-Digit code on a Schlage lock is effortless if you know the steps and have the necessary items ready. This tutorial will take you only five minutes if you follow the steps correctly.

The things you’ll need

A Schlage 4-digit code change can seem difficult if you don’t have the right equipment. Prepare the items you will need before you begin the tutorial. They are easy to find. You may already have them. They can also be found in your local store.

  • Get a pen ready to jot down your code.
  • A notebook to write down the code. If you lose your Schlage lock code, this would be useful. A case-bound notebook would be one alternative.

Steps to change the 4-digit code on a Schlage lock

    Here are the quick steps to easily change the 4-digit code on a Schlage lock:

Step 1: At the same time, push the Schlage and number 1 buttons

    You will need access to both the interior and exterior of the lock to change the Schlage lock code, so you will need to open the door before you do that. The Schlage button and the number 1 button should be pressed simultaneously. A three-tone beep will accompany the flash.

Step 2: Type in your new 4-digit code

    Enter the new 4-digit code after the Schlage button has been flashed and beeped. Keep a note of the code you’ve just created in a notebook; otherwise, the company will not be able to find it. If you forget your combination, you will have to figure it out

    Adding a new code will not work once the maximum number of codes has been stored in the lock; adding a new code will not work. Delete a code by pressing the Schlage button and number 2 simultaneously after entering the lock’s program code. Confirm the deletion of your old code by entering it.

Step 3: Re-enter the new code

    The Schlage button will beep three times once you enter your new code. Once you’ve changed the code, you can re-enter it to confirm. Keep a copy of the new code somewhere safe where unauthorized people won’t be able to access it.

The following video explains how to change the code on a Schlage lock so that you can see how it is done: How to Change the 4-digit Code on a Schlage Lock.

How to remove a 4-digit code on a Schlage lock?

     The process of removing a code or renouncing access to a code that was given to someone is relatively straightforward. Follow these steps!

Step 1: Put in your programming code

     On the keypad, enter your six-digit programming code. You will find this code either behind the keypad or user guide. The Schlage button will flash three times and emit three beeps once the code has been entered.

Step 2: After pressing the Schlage button, press number 2

     On the keypad assembly, press number 2 after pressing the Schlage button. There will be three orange blinks, and three beeps as the Schlage button is pressed.

Step 3: Two times, enter the unwanted 4-digit entry code

     To remove a user code, enter the 4-digit code twice. You will hear a long beep if you have pressed the Schlage button correctly. Test the deleted user code to make sure it was deleted correctly. Want to buy New Schlage lock and you don’t know which one to buy then check out our detail review about best locks.

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Schlage lock security tips for a new code

Schlage lock security tips for a new code

Regularly update your code

     A Schlage lock’s code needs to be changed annually. Your home will be as secure as possible when your code is changed every year, preventing unauthorized individuals from entering. Be sure that you change your deadlock’s first code after installation.

Do not use simple code, such as your birthday or address

     By utilizing a guest code, you can also keep your home secure. Codes for guests are great because they can be created temporarily and then deleted later. Your home can be secured by using guest codes so you can know who is in the house.

Do not share your primary entry codes

     Do not use the same 4-digit user code as your main entry code when creating a new 4-digit user code. You mustn’t share your main entrance code with others. This could lead to criminal activity or theft. Don’t share your main entry code with anyone!

When you no longer need guest code, delete them

     Delete any old guest codes from the keypad if you no longer use them. This way, no one else can use them.


How can I delete all entry codes at once?

     You can remove all users ‘ codes using the ‘Schlage’ key and the ‘6’ key simultaneously. This will remove all codes.

How to find Schlage programming code?

     The front of the user manual is usually a white label with the Schlage Lock Programming Code. If you don’t have the user manual, remove the lock from the door and look on the keypad assembly back for the Programming Code.

What should I do if I enter no codes and the red Schlage button keeps blinking?

     In this case, the red Schlage button will blink without you have entered the code, indicating that the battery is running low.

Why can’t I add a new user code?

     You already have 19 codes stored in your Schlage lock. A new code can be added by deleting one. A second reason may be that you entered a different code from the first code. Enter it again. You may also have entered the same code as when you originally programmed.

How will I restore the factory settings of my Schlage lock after I lose my programming code?

     On the inside of the lock, remove the battery cover and then remove the battery. Connect the battery while holding the Schlage button; then, release it. Press the Schlage button again if a green light flashes and a beep is heard. This must be done within 10 seconds.

How can I remove all of the codes on my Schlage lock?

    Enter the programming code by pressing the Schlage button. After that, press number 6 and confirm that all of the codes have been removed by entering your programming code again. Delete all existing codes from your Schlage lock so that you can unlock it without needing any additional codes.

Final words

     Schlage smart lock change code 4 digit is easy to learn if you follow the steps carefully. There is no need for professional assistance because the steps are straightforward. Kindly share this post with people who have trouble changing their keyless lock codes if you find this Schlage keyless lock change code article useful. If you have ideas regarding using the tutorial, please share them with us. Comment below.


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