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Top 4 best Garage Door Locks | Top picks and Buying guide 2023

A home without security is not desirable. Garages that house high-value items always need extra protection, even if every house is equipped with lockable doors. When you’ve already installed your garage door, choosing a garage door lock that meets high standards is essential.

     Due to all the different lock designs and styles available, finding the proper garage door security for your home can be challenging. There are many things to consider, so we’ve put together a list of four of the best garage door locks you can choose from to protect your space and possessions from intruders.

Quick overview of best Garage Door Lock

      Here’s a quick overview of the best Garage Door Lock:


        Materials that are used to construct locks determine how good they are. High-quality garage door locks should be selected. Another way, decide on products with long-term durability, weatherproof construction, and rust-resistant surfaces.


        The lock you choose for your garage door should be easy to install. Such a lock will only bring you unnecessary stress. So before settling on an option, it’s prudent to research the installation process.

Lock Type:

        Depending on the type of garage door you have, it is important to choose a suitable locking mechanism. Aside from deadbolt locks and side-door locks, you’ll have access to t-handle locks, keyless locks, and garage door defenders.


Best Pick

SCHLAGE BE479 CAM 716 Electronic Deadbolt

  • Color: Aged Bronze
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Finish type: Aged Bronze
  • Lock type: Grade 1
  • Style: Camelot

Budget Pick

PRIME-LINE GD 52118 Inside Deadlock

PRIME-LINE GD 52118 Inside Deadlock

  • Color: Galvanized
  • Material: Metal
  • Finish Type: Steel
  • Lock Type: Grade 1
  • Style: Keyless

Editor Pick

NIDAYE Heavy Duty Inside Deadlock

NIDAYE Heavy Duty Inside Deadlock

  • Color: Galvanized/Silver
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Finish Type: Steel
  • Lock Type: Grade 2
  • Style: Keyless

List of 4 best Garage Door Locks

  1. SCHLAGE BE479 CAM 716 Electronic Deadbolt
  2. PRIME-LINE GD 52118 Inside Deadlock
  3. NIDAYE Heavy Duty Inside Deadlock
  4. PRIME-LINE GD 52119 Center Mount Deadbolt Lock

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to install
  • Several ways to unlock
  • Through Wi-Fi, you can access from anywhere
  • Easy to operate
  • Fits anywhere

Reasons to Avoid

  • Pricy
  • The door needs to be thick

Product Description:

   Schlage BE479 CAM 716 is a smart electronic deadbolt lock for your garage door that uses a touchscreen to unlock the door rather than using keys. It is battery operated and still access code by phone if the power goes. You can lock or unlock the door from anywhere by using an app through Wi-Fi. So, that’s the best modern lock for your garage.


  • Hands-free voice controls.
  • Manage codes by free smartphone apps and IOS.
  • Lock and unlock from anywhere.
  • The material and finishing are alloy steel and bronze.
  • Keyless design is 100% pick-proof and bumps-proof.
  • Enter your code on the touchscreen for access.

Company Review:

   Schlage is a well-liked brand that produces a wide range of high-quality locks, including deadbolts, electronic locks, knobs, handle sets, smart locks, and levers. These locks have metal construction for extra strength and security. This brand is top-rated and has an excellent reputation throughout the world.

About the Product:

   Has your home’s main door ever been protected by a smart lock? Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one on the garage door too? Since your valuables are also in the garage, you should be careful not to take any risks. The Schlage Sense lock can be easily installed on garage doors. If you own an expensive car, you should consider purchasing this lock. This compact door lock is designed to fit narrow spaces.

   Additionally, it is easy to install. It should measure between 1 3/8 inches and 1 3/4 inches thick. The lock includes all items that are needed in installation. An optional Wi-Fi adapter can be purchased separately. Multiple locking and unlocking methods are available on the lock. Passwords and keys are the two usual methods for locking and unlocking. With the innovative feature, safety can be controlled by voice.

   You can also use a touchscreen to unlock the door and set an auto-lock delay. You can also able the built-in alarm to beep the lock on open or close. If you are afraid of forced entry, set the alarm, so whenever the door is open by force, the alarm will beep. The lock will never be opened without authenticated code information. So no one can access it. You can press the Schlage name above the touchscreen, and the door is locked automatically.

    Amazon Alexa is capable of controlling it hands-free. Additionally, users can control the Schlage Sense lock with Siri in iOS by adding a Schlage Sense Wi-Fi Adapter. This product’s encryption system makes it the best on the market.


ColorAged Bronze
Finish TypeAged Bronze
Lock TypeGrade 1
MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight4.22 pounds
Dimensions5 x 1 x 3 inches
Batteries4 AA batteries required
Control MethodVoice

Highlight: Batteries are easy to replace and have high-quality surfaces.

Reasons to Buy

  • Durable
  • Prevent burglars from breaking in
  • Affordable
  • Simple to use
  • Easy installation

Reasons to Avoid

  • The instructions of installation are not clear

Product Description:

   PRIME-LINE GD 52118 is a heavy-duty security garage door lock that secures your valuables efficiently. This garage door lock works only from inside and is easy to install. It is made of durable, galvanised steel that lasts for a long time. This lock has five mounting holes and spring to open and close the unit.


  • Works only from inside.
  • Heavy-duty galvanizes steel housing.
  • Durable and made to last.
  • Incredibly cost-effective.
  • Engages in a vertical track.
  • Waterproof and keyless.
  • 1-year warranty.

Company Review:

   Prime-line is the largest brand that manufactures different appliances and locks for homes. It also works with other leading brands. Their locks are made of durable materials and offer extra security to our home. Customers are pleased with this brand due to their highly efficient products. Also, their prices are competitive.

About the product:

Locks of this type are excellent choices. GD 52118 is a solid-metal garage door made by a leading manufacturer that is everyone’s favorite. This is a deadlock. This garage door lock has many positive features. Adding it to your garage lock will make it more secure.

     Durable and heavy-duty, it is made of galvanized steel. If you are looking for a long-lasting door deadlock, this type of lock is a great option. It can be easily installed on your garage door. This lock is simple to install. To set it, simply open the garage door from inside.

     I like this idea because it keeps strangers with ill-motive from making trouble. With this lock model, you can maintain the strict security of your garage with the help of a very user-friendly design. Using this lock, you can relax in peace.

     Versatility and durability are features of this product. Prime-Line manufactures it. Prime-Line products don’t contain problematic garage door gadgets. If you buy garage door locks from this brand, you won’t have to pay a high price.

     Several door locks from Prime-line are less expensive. You might run into difficulty if you follow the installation instructions as described. In my opinion, they weren’t that helpful. The instructions need more information. For customers without basic knowledge, the installation might be challenging.


Finish TypeSteel
Lock TypeGrade 1
Weight1.13 pounds
Dimensions2 x 7.25 x 4.72 inches
Control MethodLatch throw

Highlight: A great value with a good-looking and heavy-duty unit.

Reasons to Buy

  • Inexpensive
  • Durable
  • Installing is easy
  • Anti-rust
  • Heavy metal

Reasons to Avoid

  • Screws are smaller according to need

Product Description:

   NIDAYE heavy-duty deadlock is the best option for those who want extra security in their garage. This lock attaches to a vertical track and locks or unlocks inside the garage door. The construction is made of steel and installed in a short time. It contains a latch to open or close the door instead of keys. That’s also affordable.


  • Attach slots in the vertical track.
  • Fits any kind of garage door.
  • Ideal extra protection.
  • Includes one lock with eight screws.
  • Heavy-duty metal and anti-rust finishing.
  • Durable and robust to close the door.

Company Review:

   NIDAYE is a leading online shopping brand that offers quality door locks. They deliver locks at the best prices to meet the customer’s needs. Also, they manufacture other household items. They make every kind of lock for various types of doors. Their customer rating is exceptionally high, making them popular in the locks market.

About the product:

One of the best choices among all these options is NIDAYE’s Heavy-Duty Garage Door Lock. It offers good security to your garage. Nevertheless, it is comparable with a bulldog lock. Galvanized metal is used to make the device.

     All of the materials used in its construction protect the device. The door can be locked to keep valuables in the garage. With this product, you can ensure your garage is secure. The product has a long-lasting luster and anti-rust properties.

    Many customers said they relax comfortably while their garage doors are installed with this product. Customers trust the product because of its durability and strength. They appreciate knowing that this lock system is controlled by a mechanism located inside the garage door.

    Your garage facilities will be safe from intruders with this idea. It comes with a locking mechanism that improves safety. It takes a short amount of time to install this model of garage lock.

    The lock mechanism fits smoothly and quickly, impressing customers. Customers have experienced difficulties fitting some of the screws because they were too small. The issue can be concerning for some customers.


ColorSilver/ Galvanized
Finish TypeSteel
Lock TypeGrade 2
MaterialAlloy Steel
Weight13.1 ounces
Dimensions7.4 x 5.83 x 2.05 inches
Control MethodLatch Throw

Highlight: It is a perfect fit for the square and makes the door feel locked and won’t move.

Reasons to Buy

  • Suitable for the door
  • Contain single-cylinder bolt
  • Reliable
  • Prevent picking lock
  • Durable finish

Reasons to Avoid

  • The lock mechanism is rough

Product Description:

   Prime-line GD 52119 is a heavy-duty spring bolt door lock that fits overhead garage doors. It has an aluminum finishing with diecast construction. It mounts with a five-pin tumbler that makes it unique. Also, it looks beautiful on your garage door due to its color. It is weather-resistant and does not get rust in the rain.


  • Center mount with a key cylinder.
  • Heavy-duty spring bolt.
  • Comes with a five-pin tumbler.
  • Mounting hardware included.
  • Aluminum painted diecast finishing.
  • Two nickel-plated brass keys.

Company Review:

   Prime-Line manufactures a wide variety of home appliances and locks. It also partners with other major brands. They produce locks made from solid materials that offer peace of mind. Prime-Line products don’t contain problematic garage door gadgets. You won’t have to pay a high price if you buy garage door locks from this brand. Also, their products are highly regarded by consumers.

About the product:

The GD 52119 Deadbolt Lock from Prime-Line is a decent-looking overhead door deadbolt. Garage locks are more secure with the center mount deadbolt mechanism. Keeping strangers away from your garage door with a robust system is excellent.

      Among the most stable overhead garage door models are this one. The track for the garage door is arranged with the single-cylinder lock. This door lock allows the garage door to be locked until you are ready to open it.

     Solid and durable, the lock is made from metal diecasting. This kind of garage door lock is appreciated by its owners because of its durability. When fitting pins, customers may experience difficulty.

     Therefore, this product comes with a five-pin tumbler that prevents picking. Several times, I’ve been unable to pick locks. A set of keys is included with this door lock product. The keys are plated in nickel and brass and have an aluminum finish.

     The keys are easy to operate, and they are also user-friendly. To make the door locks smoother, you might want to use some oil or lubricant. Customers have reported that the mechanism for opening and closing was a bit rough.


Finish TypeAluminum
Lock TypeGrade 1
Weight3.17 ounces
Dimensions1.5 x 3.75 x 7.63 inches
Control MethodKeys and latch

Highlight: It was easy to install and did not take much time.

Comparison of SCHLAGE and PRIME-LINE Door Locks

     The pros and cons of every brand are different. Every one of the locks listed above is unique and durable. Schlage and Prime-Line anchor the lock industries. Here is a comparison of the two brands:


  • Schlage has been manufacturing locks in the United States since 1920.
  • They make one of the best deadbolts available with their Smart Sense deadbolt.
  • Their products include high-quality electronic locks, handle sets, and doorknobs.
  • · Their locks offer a reasonable price, are durable and well designed.


  • Another leading residential lock manufacturer is Prime-Line.
  • Their products make use of a variety of technologies to ensure safety.
  • They continuously use technology to improve their products, and their products are excellent.
  • Several of the nation’s leading locksmiths and security experts test their products.

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Types of Garage Door locks

Types of Garage Door locks

The mechanism for locking garage doors may seem complicated, but they are pretty simple. The following five garage door types each have their advantages and disadvantages. We recommend installing two or more locks in your garage to boost home security.

1.   Side door Lock

        These locks are usually designed like a slide locks and are installed outside the garage. Intruders can’t manipulate this locking handle from the outside, as it can only be done from the inside. Garage door side-hinged lock reinforcements are best suited to this use.

2.  T-Handle Lock

        Locks with T-handles are commonly used on metal garage doors, which come pre-installed with most of them. They are often connected to a spring-latch cable to open a garage door. These locks need to be enhanced with additional security measures since burglars have found ways to open them using wire hangers and brute force.

3.  Deadbolt Lock

        In the same way as standard deadbolts, deadbolt locks use a unique key to lock from the outside. Side-hinged and overhead garage doors can benefit from this simple mechanism for added security.

4.  Garage Door Defenders

       The garage door defender consists of a ground-mount lock installed on the garage door. Designed with a large arm, it is impossible to open because it blocks access to the garage. It also uses padlocks and electronic locks to ensure security to prevent any tampering. Invasion attempts will be discouraged by its sight alone if it’s appropriately locked.

5.  Keyless Lock

       Known as automatic or electric garage door openers, keyless locks are another type of mechanical gate lock. Passcodes or biometric information are required to open the door. Innovative home security systems are usually connected to these devices, making garage operations easier.

       They can be installed on most garage doors as an added feature, but a manual lock is recommended as an extra security measure. Also Read our Guide about Ultimate 5 Best Keyless Door Locks In 2022

What to look For Before Buying the Best Garage Door Lock

The term ‘best’ can be problematic when dealing with particular products. There are hundreds of products in the market, and it is nearly impossible to examine each one. The best garage door lock can be chosen within one’s budget by considering the essential facts. Consider these factors before you buy:


     It is crucial to check the material of a garage door lock first. Metals may be combined in the lock. However, make sure that the core is made of metal. After all, a lock made with high-quality metal will last for a more extended period. The product’s price determines the metal used in most door locks.

     It is best to choose stainless steel or galvanized metal lock for maximum durability and strength. Both of these metals are strong and durable. Additionally, they are corrosion-resistant.

    On the other hand, the metal would not be high-quality if you were looking for something inexpensive. If you choose a new product, you might want to check if it has a coating to make it stronger and last longer.

Lock Mechanism

    It is crucial to examine the locking mechanism for both garage and main door locks. With a cheap locking mechanism, an expensive metal product makes no sense. Because thieves may use a duplicate key instead of breaking the lock to access your garage.

    You will see in this article that each of these rated garage door locks has a different type of locking system. If the product has only a keyhole, anyone would need keys to open it. A garage door lock usually also includes a deadbolt locking mechanism. When it comes to the highest level of security, a deadbolt is an obvious choice.


     When choosing a door lock, you need to set the proper budget. In my opinion, you should not compromise on this. Your vehicle may cost thousands of dollars, and the lock is intended to protect it inside the garage. Therefore, you should not rely on cheap locks to protect your stuff.

     Consider the features carefully, however, if you choose cheap locks. You need a higher budget for a smart lock for your garage door.

Easy Installation

     It’s important that a garage door lock is installed correctly, don’t you think? Be careful when choosing the installation procedure. You shouldn’t have to hire someone to do it because it isn’t too complex. Besides being in the right size, it is also essential to fit correctly to the door.

     Check the thickness of the door if the lock requires screws or pins. A thin door may not fit some locks. Also, does the selected lock come with everything you need to install it? If not, you shouldn’t choose it. You’ll have to spend more on additional accessories.

Door Type

     Most locks will work with any garage door design, so there will always be a way to bolster your security and keep your home secure.

     Sectional garage doors and roller garage doors boast the least visible vulnerable areas, so they are already very secure. Even so, a keyless or manual deadbolt can increase security.

    Previously, garage doors that lift up and over were relatively easy to break into. Though modern garage doors have improved security and are now more secure, a garage door defender will deter any would-be burglars.

    A reliable deadbolt or side-door lock will increase the security of side-hinged garage doors. There is nothing special about this garage door style, but it has multi-point locks.

How can I make my Garage Door More Secure?

      Assessing your garage door’s weaknesses and finding ways to address them is all it takes to strengthen its security. Aside from investing in a high-quality lock, you can improve safety in various ways:

  • The installation of home security systems such as camera, light, etc.
  • Make sure windows or interior doors are not problematic entry points.
  • The remote for your garage door opener should stay inside
  • Upgrade your garage door opener
  • The emergency release cord must be secured

    Some of these methods could help improve door security, but they are only a few. They should be a good start for making your garage door more secure.


Is it a Good Idea to Install a Smart Lock on my Garage Door?

     There’s nothing wrong with installing a smart or keyless lock on your garage door. The other lock types do not provide the same level of functionality. Some people choose not to obtain these options because they are more expensive.

Is it necessary to Contact a Locksmith to Install a Garage Door Lock?

     Installing a garage door lock is easier if you have experience. Generally, users who have done the process before find it reasonably easy. In my opinion, contacting a locksmith would be unnecessary if you are comfortable doing it yourself.

Is it possible to Hack a keypad Garage Door Lock?

    A wireless functionality lock can be hacked if the network connection is not set up correctly. It is important to protect the Wi-Fi connectivity by using a strong password on the keypad and using a pin on the keypad.

Which kind of Door Lock do I need for Insurance?

    A five-lever mortice deadlock is required if you want insurance coverage for the properties. You are more likely to get insurance coverage if the lock has more levers. Insurance providers and states may change the odds. It is best to get a clear idea from your insurance provider.

Is it essential to Buy a Rust-resistant lock for the Garage Door?

    Well, that depends on where the installation takes place. As there is less chance of getting wet or humid inside the lock, rust resistance is not required. However, the lock for the outside of the door should be rust-resistant.

Final words:

     Once you read the reviews, you won’t be confused about which garage door lock is the best. Every lock comes with unique features and is the most affordable among similar products. Anything you order from the list will be a good purchase.

     Before choosing another product, I recommend looking over the buyer’s guide. You will find the right garage door lock through the guide.


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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