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Why is my Alexa Light Spinning | 8 Reasons with Solution In 2023

Why does my Alexa light spinning? Well, Alexa has various light signs, and each one indicates a condition. It is essential to understand these lights if you have an echo device that communicates with Alexa. One of the most common spinning lights is blue. Also, it turns into different solid light that has various causes.

   Every light has a message, such as orange for processing Wi-Fi, red for the disabled microphone, purple for connecting to Wi-Fi, white for changing volume, yellow for a message, and much more. So, we have discovered the reasons for each light, how to identify them, and how to fix them in this article. Please keep reading for more information.

How Do Alexa Works?

   Alexa is an intelligent assistant of Amazon. You can give commands to this device by your voice, such as shop online, play music, get weather reports, search the web, make a shopping list, and control smart home accessories. The activeness of Echo and Alexa varies from other voice assistants.

   You can activate Alexa, Amazon, Echo, or Computer by saying the trigger word instead of pressing a button because they contain no buttons. Command them what you want to do, and they will follow if the setting and command are correct.

Reasons and Fixing of Alexa light Spinning

Reasons and Fixing of Alexa light Spinning

   The reasons for Alexa spinning light and their fixes are as follows:

1. Alexa is Activating

   When you connect the Echo to the power socket, you will see the following light cycle:

  • First, you will see the strong blue light ring.
  • After that, blue light with a white spinning portion.
  • Cyan and blue spinning sections.
  • Sparkling blue and cyan circles.

This process will take 35 to 40 seconds due to Alexa activation, Wi-Fi connection, and other startup processes. You should not worry if it takes two minutes.


   If the light is still spinning for more than 4 or 5 minutes, it needs to unplug and plug it again into the socket. If it still does not work, wait a minute to observe if Echo has any issue, such as a Wi-Fi connection problem. If all fails, reset the device.

2. Alexa is listening to you

   Whenever Alexa hears a voice, the Echo device will show a blue circle with cyan sections focusing on the voice. This light also appears when you press the execute button, where the cyan section spins on edge near the button. So, you don’t need to worry; it is normal.


If the Echo is recovering a lot of noise, shift it to a place where is low noise. The cyan section will tell you where the lost voice is coming from.

3. Alexa is Working on a Command

   A blue circle with a rotating cyan light will appear after Alexa hears your command. That means Alexa is working on the request. You do not need to worry if it will take several seconds. It happens due to confusing commands, slow Wi-Fi, complex asks, etc. But still, Alexa does not take more than 9 seconds to respond.

   If you have a bad connection, you might get a message,” I am having issues understanding you” or “I am having connection problems.”


   If Alexa says, “I am having issues” in reply to your command, then do this:

  • Command the Alexa again.
  • Use simple words.
  • Check the Wi-Fi speed. If it is slow, restart the router.

  If the blue light spins continuously for more than ten seconds, do this:

  • Command Alexa “stop.” If Alexa stops, command it again.
  • If Alexa does not respond to the stop request, disconnect it from the socket and restart it.
  • The blue light will disappear after restarting. If the light goes away, command again. But if the blue light is still appearing, contact Amazon tech support.

4. Updating the Firmware

   Alexa updates the new features that improve security more. This upgrade will take approximately 2 minutes. Amazon delivers updates when Alexa is not in use. While updating features, the Echo will not respond to the requests or commands. You will see a blue light spinning like when Alexa processes the command.

   In some Alexa, you can see the updates in the application, but still, that is not confirmed. Typically, it is common. The Echo upgrades anytime, just like a computer. However, you should act if the update takes more time.


   If you notice that the Echo is still updating for about 20 minutes. Unplug it and connect it back. In this way, Alexa will reset, and the issue might solve. Sometimes the Echo tries to upgrade again after unplugging or resetting. If Alexa again gets stuck in this situation, contact Amazon tech support.

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5. Pairing Mode

   When the device is set up initially, the blue light spins for a few seconds. It also happens when the Echo discovers a new device and tries to link with it. You should not worry, especially during the initial setup.   


   If you are installing your device first time, comply with the instruction to link Alexa to the internet. The blue light will disappear during the setup. If you already set the Alexa and it accidentally goes in pairing mode, command that Alexa stops. If it does not stop, unplug the device and again plug it.

6. Do not Disturb Mode

   When Alexa replies to your request, a purple light flashes, this light tells you that Alexa is in do not disturb mode. This mode will not stop your commands, alarms, or timers, but it will stop the call and drop-in features to attend to the calls. You must not worry because it is a standard feature of Alexa.


   You can enable or disable the do not disturb mode of Alexa by commanding it “Alexa, switch on do not disturb mode” or “Alexa, switch off do not disturb mode.” You can also toggle this by going into the Alexa app and tapping on the moon icon.

7. Connection to the Wrong Cord

   Amazon Echo is very careful about power cords. You can change the actual cord but must use the official amazon replacement. Typically, if you use local cords, a blue light will spin, and the Echo will not respond. You must worry about it because the wrong cords can damage the electronics.


   Use Amazon approved cord if you want to replace the cord. While replacing it, disconnect the Alexa from the socket.

8. Alexa Might be Doomed

   Sometimes the above fixes do not work because Alexa might be out of order. A bright blue light spinning will appear that signifies the Echo is doomed or dead.


   Ensure that you have tried out all the fixes if Alexa is not responding. If it does not work, contact Amazon support, they might remotely adjust the device. Amazon also offers a refund policy if the device still has a warranty. If the Echo is really no more, it is the best time to update to the Echo Show, Echo dot, or Latest Echo.

What Do Alexa Colors Mean?

   The blue color means that Alexa is listening to the command. The yellow color indicates a notification or message. When a call or drop-in feature comes, a green light spins. Purple light spins in do not disturb mode. A white light indicates the Away mode or Volume changes.  


Does Alexa have a Camera?

   Yes, Alexa has a built-in camera. You can take photos, make videos, and do video calls. Also, it does not affect your privacy.   

Does Alexa have a Night light?

   Mostly, Alexa devices have night lights. You can install Alexa skills if you have the latest version of Echo. Alexa skills add more features and functions to the device, including night light.

How Does the Echo Blue Ring of Death Work?

   The Alexa blue ring of death means the blue light that does not go away. It appears due to a broken Echo, upgrade failure, wrong cord, or any problem discussed above.

Will Alexa work if my Phone is not in the House?

   No, Alexa requires a smartphone to connect with the Wi-Fi to work properly.

Why is my Alexa Showing a white Ring?

   A white light spins when guard mode is switched on. When Alexa listen to alarms or glass breakage, it alerts you by spinning the white light.

Wrapping up

   Alexa light spinning has several reasons, but we have discovered most common causes. Well, Alexa makes trouble because it is an electronic device. Also, electronic devices do not last forever. Echo devices are coming in better models in the market that are cheap. Hopefully, your Echo is working again. I am damn sure that you want to try Alexa’s latest features. So, I recommend you to try

I bet that you will not disappoint. So, share this article and leave a comment. Thanks!  


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