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6 Effective Ways to Clean & Care of Bulletproof Vest In 2023

Taking care of a bulletproof vest is essential. If you want your bulletproof vest to last long, it must be clean and stored properly. At first sight, the minor damages to the bulletproof vest look insignificant, but its performance gets reduced after a while of use. Also, the body odor and sweat cause smell in the summer, so you have clean these vests.

   Usually, these are made from delicate materials that can be washed by hands quickly with quality products. Taking care of a bulletproof vest is not complicated, but it is crucial to do it right. So, in this article, we have shared several ways to clean a bulletproof vest that make your bulletproof vest last longer.

Can a Bulletproof vest be washed?

    Yes, you can wash the bulletproof vest. But do not use fabric softener and also hang it to dry. Before washing, remove all straps, ballistic panels, and trauma plates. Clean these plates individually. Reassemble the armors after the vest is completely dry.

Several ways to clean a Bulletproof vest

Several ways to clean a Bulletproof vest

    Here are some ways of adequately cleaning the bullet-proof vest without damaging the ballistics. And the vest will stay in good shape as far as possible.

Follow Manufacturer Directions

    It is important to read instructions before cleaning the bullet-proof vest. Whether buying it for the first time or second time, you must study the instructions for easy cleaning. The material of a bullet-proof vest is different from brand to brand. Also, it depends on the levels of the bullet-proof vest.

   Cover and external protective wear have different cleaning methods. The manufacturer’s care instructions will be found on the back of the bullet-proof vest. Read the instructions carefully and check the way to clean the body armor. Also, what products should not use on the bullet-proof vest.

   Suppose the vest contains no label of instructions. In that case, that’s a negative sign because, according to the national institute of justice, all body armor or bullet-proof vest has instruction labels.

Don’t get your Armor soaking wet

    The bullet-proof vest is not machine washable. If the fiber of the bullet-proof vest gets mellow or separates, you will lose safety. The fabric begins to limber up, which makes bullets get through easily. In short, do not place your bullet-proof vest in the machine, and also, do not dry clean it.

    You can wash it with your hands and hang it to dry. Do not use harsh chemical soap as it will damage the fabric. Clean all ballistic plates separately. When the armor is completely dry, place all the plates or straps into the bullet-proof vest.

Spot cleaning and Hang Dry

    Spot cleans it if you do not want to wash the entire vest. Take a damp cloth and dish soap or detergent to clean the spot. You can also use a toothbrush to scrub hard stains for easy cleaning. But make sure you have taken all ballistic panels out before cleaning if you can do so because some of the panels are not removable.

   Before placing the panels into the vest, ensure the vest carrier is completely dry. Do not use a dryer to dry the vest because the Velcro will stick with everything due to heat from the vest. Also, it’s not safe for ballistics. So, you can dry it by hand. One more important thing, when you store the vest, lay it flat.

Do not wash or soak Ballistics in water

   If you soak or wash the ballistics in water, that will invalidate the warranty because water is not suitable for the ballistics panels. One more thing, do not dry clean, wash the machine, or bleach the ballistics. Only spot clean them.

Always wear a shirt under your vest

   Always wear a shirt under the bullet-proof vest. So that the shirt absorbs the odor and sweat directly, which will also help prevent these substances from going into the vest. Also, wearing a shirt under the bullet-proof vest is comfortable. A shirt also helps prevent rashes on the body caused by rubbing of vest against the skin.

Keep your bulletproof vest warranty on file

   In the sad state of affairs that you need your bulletproof vest servicing, safe the paperwork for testimonials. It includes the proof of purchase, purchasing date, and serial number. This paperwork also contains a certified service life that tells the time of replacement of the bullet-proof vest. So, check your paperwork with the manufacturer for the warranty.

What not to Do

  • Do not wear a damaged bulletproof vest as it is life-threatening.
  • Do not soak the ballistics as water can harm its protective properties.
  • A strongly rinsed bullet-proof vest may invalidate the warranty.
  • Machine washing and drying of the bullet-proof vest is restricted even if there is no instruction label on the vest’s back.
  • Avoid using bleach or deodorant spray on the bullet-proof vest as they will destroy the fabric or ballistics plates.
  • Do not iron the bullet-proof vest as it negatively affects and melts the fabric.

How to store a bulletproof vest correctly?

   Usually, a bulletproof vest should be kept according to the instructions. Also, you should follow some general guidelines as well. For example, a bulletproof vest should be stored indoors. Do not make layers to store it; just keep it flat. Do not store it under sunlight. However, store it in a dry place.

   Do not place different items on the bulletproof vest. It will damage, especially when these vests are stored without implementation. Do not hand these vests on the standard hanger you use daily because this hanger might not bear the weight of the vest. Do not hang the vest on straps as it will starch the vest and make it wearing uncomfortable.

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Can you iron a Bulletproof vest?

   Never iron a bullet-proof vest as it can melt the vest’s fabric. So, I advise you to follow the cleaning instructions on the label.

Are bulletproof vests Durable?

   These vests are bullet-resistant. That means it will stop bullets of any size from penetrating the vest at different speeds. Even if the bullet-proof vest is durable enough to prevent the bullet from penetrating, the bullet-proof vest wearer will still injure.

How do you get the sweat smell out of a Bulletproof vest?

   The best way to get rid of sweat odor from the bullet-proof vest is to spray the vest with odor-eliminating spray. Use a non-toxic and mild spray to eliminate bad odor. For instance, Arrest My Vest is the best spray to eliminate bad smells.

Can you machine wash Body Armor?

    No, you cannot machine wash your body armor as it will result in harming the fabric. Also, the fabric will loosen up and relax. So, always wash by hands.


   Overall, the first thing to clean a bulletproof vest is to always read the vest’s instructions. That will save your time and money too. Wrong actions will damage the vest and ballistics as well. So, always take a look at the label while purchasing a bulletproof vest so that it will help you to clean the stuff properly without any hindrance.

   If this article is helpful, then share it with your loved ones. Also, for any questions or tips, comment below. I would love to answer them as soon as possible. Many thanks for reading!


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