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Why is my Nest Camera not Recording Video | Here’s the quick fix 2023

Nest Doorbell Cameras are a great home comfort and a security source. You can hear or see the person at your front door with this Nest Doorbell system. These are easy to set up, but what to do if your Nest Camera is not recording video? Well, Nest Cameras do not record footage due to many reasons.

   There might be a problem with the internet connection, installation issues, etc. Don’t worry; you can resolve this issue without the help of an expert. This guide will go over the causes and fixes of the Nest Camera not recording video. It is pretty straightforward. So, read on to learn more.   

What is the Cause of my Google Nest Camera not Recording Video?

   Google Nest Camera is very beneficial for homes and offices. However, some people say their Nest Camera is not recording videos. It happens when you do not subscribe to the cloud service of Google Nest Camera. Also, cause of the Nest Camera is not recording due to connection issues, and the Camera is outdated.

   It is interrupting because you cannot view and record the footage in memory if there is no power and internet. If you subscribe to the google Nest cloud service, you will be able to record the videos. Mostly, the users use google cloud for recording the footage because it is cost-effective and affordable. Also, it depends on the number of the Camera.

   If you store videos of google Nest Doorbells on your computer, it will be inappropriate and needs a lot of internet. Google Cloud is affordable. Also, the budget depends on the Cameras that how many you install. Eventually, most people install a Nest Doorbell Camera.

Fixing of Google Nest Camera not Recording Video

Fixing of Google Nest Camera not Recording Video

   If your Google Nest Camera is not recording videos, you must follow these things:

Stable Internet Connection

   When the internet is troubling, Google Nest Camera stop recording videos. Because it does not receive strong signals that make it weak to capture, make sure the internet is stable so that the Camera records every moment.

Update Firmware

   Update the Google Nest Camera firmware if it is not recording clips. The Nest Camera continuously records outside clips so you can view what’s happening outside. But it does not always record due to outdated firmware. So, update the latest version of Nest Camera firmware for extra functions.

Inspect the Nest App

   Check the google Nest app setting if the Camera is not recording events. The Camera might not be recording due to the wrong setting of the app. The Nest app is user-friendly that helps you to manage the Nest Doorbell Camera, view recorded vents, personalize settings, see notifications, and much more. The app is customizable and easy to use. So, always activate the event recording feature.

Upgrade the Google Nest App

   Always update your google Nests app for the latest version. Also, keep your Nest service accessible. You can also adjust your Google Nest Camera’s setting.


   Google offers a subscription plan for Nest Cameras called Nest Aware, but it is unnecessary to subscribe. The plan offers more features and memory to store recording clips. If you do not subscribe to the Nest Camera, you can still use your device, but you can only view the recent 24 hours recording clip.

Contact Google Nest Support

   Contact google Nest support if the Camera is still not recording. They will help you to fix and troubleshoot the problem. You can contact them through email, community, etc.  

Is Google Nest Camera Records Continuously?

   Yes, it records continuously. However, if you have subscribed to Nest Aware, you can view all recordings. The Camera will store video of the last 3 hours without a subscription. With Nest Aware, you can view all recordings of the previous month. The Nest Hello, Nest IQ, and Nest Hub Max offer face detection features.

   But the sound is recorded even if you do not have a face detection feature. So, you must know more area features by contacting Nest Aware support.

Fixing of Google Nest Camera Tutorial


Does Google Nest Camera stores videos?

   Yes, Google Nest Camera stores videos on cloud storage. You can watch the clip by using the android file sharing function. Now you can view clips anytime.

How long does Google Nest Camera store videos?

   If you have a package, it will store live footage for ten days and recording clips for two months. Also, the Google Nest Camera does not have 24-hour clip history without a subscription, even if it is connected to Wi-Fi.

Do Google Nest Camera Records without a Subscription?

   Yes, the Nest Camera still detects motion and records videos without a subscription. But the downside is that the clips will be removed automatically after 3 hours of recording.

Is it Possible to view Clips on the Google Nest App?

   You can view the live footage on the google Nest app. However, you can take screenshots of the recording to save the view on the android TV. Also, the clips do not support apple TV.

Where are Google Nest Camera Footages Stored?

   If you have Nest Aware subscription, the Camera automatically records videos and shares them to the cloud. These Cameras have a recording history so that you can watch the footage on a tablet, mobile, or computer.

Wrapping up

   Check the internet connection if you face your Nest Camera is not recording. Also, reboot the modem. If the issue is still not resolved, examine the router’s frequency. If it does not work, restart your phone after a few seconds and be unable the airplane mode. If these solutions do not work, ensure that your Camera is updated and positioned correctly.

   Also, the Nest app is working efficiently. In the end, if all these solutions do not work, it might be due to weak internet so take help from google Nests in this situation. If your find this article useful, share it with your friends. Also, comment below for any questions. Thank you!

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