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4 Ways to connect CCTV camera to monitor without DVR

A CCTV camera is an efficient way to look on over every corner of the house. But if you do not have a DVR, how would you see what is happening around you? Don’t worry; there are various methods to connect a CCTV camera to your monitor without DVR, such as you can use HDMI cable to connect the CCTV camera directly to the monitor.

   Also, if your children are playing in the garden and you have to watch them, you can connect your CCTV camera to the monitor to see what’s happening inside and outside the house without a wireless connection or DVR. So, in this blog, I will tell you how to connect a CCTV camera to monitor without DVR in an easy method.

Is it possible to use a CCTV Camera without a DVR?

   Yes, it is possible. However, it can be difficult because some security cameras cannot save video or might need special software to view the video. Also, you cannot see the footage of the incident that happened a period ago if you don’t have a DVR.

Connecting CCTV Camera to Monitor without using DVR

Connecting CCTV Camera to Monitor without using DVR

   Here are the following steps to connect a CCTV camera to monitor without DVR:

Step 1: Turn off your Monitor and CCTV Camera

   Turn off both monitor and CCTV camera before disengaging the power cords. This step is essential so that you will prevent electric shock. After that, switch on the monitor and choose the suitable video input.

Step 2: Connect the video Cable to the Monitor and CCTV Camera

   Switch off the monitor and CCTV camera before connecting the video cable. Next, attach one end of the cable to the monitor and the other end to the CCTV camera.

Step 3: Plug-in Power Supply

  Connect the CCTV camera and monitor to the socket or power source. A CCTV camera needs a plug-in power supply for connection. Usually, power jack plug adapters are used for connecting the CCTV cameras. If you have a wireless security camera, then they can be powered by using batteries or wireless transmitters.

  A plug-in power supply is compulsory for the camera to work. Select a plug-in power supply adaptable to the camera’s model. But before using the camera, read the instructions in the owner’s manual.

Step 4: Turn on the Monitor

  After connecting both devices, switch on the monitor by pressing the button. Next, select the video input for the appropriate video source. Now, you can see the live footage of the CCTV camera on your monitor.

Three ways to Connect CCTV Camera to Monitor without DVR

Three ways to Connect CCTV Camera to Monitor without DVR

  You can connect a CCTV camera to monitor without DVR in the following three ways:

By using an RCA Converter

   There are various types of security cameras. One type is an RCA converter CCTV camera. This CCTV camera delivers video signals to a recorder, TV, or monitor using an RCA connecter. These CCTV cameras are a good option for people who wants a low-priced security solution. Typically, these cameras are cheap and more affordable than other security cameras.

   Also, these CCTV cameras are easy to use and set up. These cameras are versatile for any security requirements and can be used outdoors or indoors. Also, they offer high-quality and outstanding footage so you can see everything clearly.

By using an HDMI Converter

   When you purchase a CCTV camera for safety purposes, it is crucial to have a clear picture of happenings in real-time. If you have a CCTV camera without an HDMI output, you must use a converter to see camera footage on the TV or monitor. Many HDMI converters are on the market, so choose one suitable for your camera and monitor.

   Some HDMI converters are specifically designed for certified brands of monitors or cameras, while others are common and can work with every device. Always check the features of your camera and monitor before buying an HDMI converter, and ensure the converter is compatible with your devices.

  Also, read the reviews of the converter so that you know these are reliable and advantageous. Also, use the correct cables to link devices. These cables are available online and also in electronic stores.   

By using a video Splitter

  The video splitters help you to connect cameras more than once to the monitor, TV, or recorder. You can set cameras in different places around your house or property and see clear footage on the monitor. Ensure the splitter can handle the output signals from your CCTV camera.

  Some splitters are comprehensive and work with all signals, but check before purchasing for the best results. While purchasing, choose a video splitter that is made of high-quality material. Also, that meets your CCTV camera and monitor standards. Cheap splitters might cause footage problems and do not last long.

Connect CCTV Camera to Monitor without DVR Tutorial

Can you use a Television as a Surveillance Camera Monitor?

  Yes, you can use a TV as a surveillance camera monitor. Use an RCA cable to connect the TV and CCTV camera. Fix the VCR and monitor into channel 3 or 4 to see the live footage of the CCTV camera. So, television can be a surveillance camera monitor without a DVR. Also, you can use built-in cable connecters of television to link CCTV cameras to monitor.

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Can I Connect the CCTV Camera directly to the TV?

  Yes, you can connect. There are several ways to connect CCTV cameras to TV. One way is to connect one cable end to the RCA connecter. You can also link your NVR/DVR with a camera and coaxial cable. You can also use an HDMI cable, video splitters, or monitor.

How can I use CCTV on my Laptop without the Internet?

  Plug your laptop into both sides of the CCTV camera. Then attach one end of the network cable to the camera and the other to the laptop. And it’s done. This method is also applied to the power supply to connect the camera.

Can I Connect my IP Camera Directly to my Computer?

  You can use a network cable to connect the IP camera to the computer until you have electric power for the camera and installation functionalities. So, it takes only a few seconds to connect the IP camera to the computer directly.

How do I Display HDMI on my Monitor?

  Engage one end of the HDMI cable to the TV and the other to the monitor. Also, take the HDMI input number while connecting. If you are using an adapter, attach the connector to your monitor.

How do I Display my DVR on my Monitor?

  Connect the monitor to the DVR directly and write the IP address of the DVR. If you have a LAN (Local Area Network), connect the DVR to the router or switch using an Ethernet cable. If you do not have one, connect the LAN cable to the monitor directly.

Final Thoughts

  Connecting a CCTV camera to a monitor without a DVR is very simple. You need to connect the devices by using cables. Many methods are used for this purpose. So, you can select any one of the above-described methods.

  Also, the simple and cheap way to connect a CCTV camera to a monitor without DVR is to turn off both devices. Then connect the cables to both devices and plug-in power. After that, turn on the monitor and the work is done.

  If you find this blog helpful, don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, save it for future needs. For any suggestions and questions, comment below. I am always available. Thanks for reading!


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