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Difference Between Surveillance and Security Cameras In 2023

Our eyes cannot see everywhere at once. Fortunately, technology has become too advanced that we can see in those places where we are not present through cameras. So, cameras look at the places for us where we cannot see ourselves. Also, the threat of intruders forces us to secure our properties and houses.

  In this case, we installed cameras in public places or inside and outside the home. But security cameras and surveillance cameras may function vary. So, knowing the difference between both cameras is important to ensure your complete security.

  In this article, I will differ between surveillance and security cameras with their advantages and disadvantages. So continue reading for the information.

What are the Different Types of Security Systems?

  The three different types of security systems are as follows:

1. Local Security

  It is the basic form of the security system. The sirens and loud alarms are fitted in these security systems that can be heard in the specific area quickly. These alarms alert you and are nearer to calling the system.

 2. Monitored

   These are the most common security systems. It works by monitoring the specific area where the camera is installed. A monitoring agent from your security system the company alerts you by setting the alarm at your local authority or residence. Also, they alert you by calling you on your mobile phone.

3. Self-Monitored

   These security systems also act as monitored systems. But it delivers 24/7 alerts on your mobile phone instead of the agent monitoring the system. Also, it contacts the other authorities. It also saves extra money. But it is risky for an absent-minded person in the condition to miss the alert.

Surveillance Cameras

 Surveillance Cameras

   Surveillance cameras are installed in public places for recording or capturing the events happening at that place. These cameras intimidate the criminals or intruders from confiding crimes that make the area safe-havens for the people. Although these cameras are expensive and complex to use.

   They need a complete surveillance system for their setting, such as requiring a screen to monitor the movements that cameras catch in the area. Many modern surveillance cameras have been invented that track the movements of mobile devices.

   The government and businesses mainly use this security system. Also, the criminals can damage it if they know where they have been installed, which can be costly.    

Advantages of Surveillance Camera

   The advantages of surveillance cameras are as follows:

Reduce crime rates in public places

   Criminals will hesitate to attempt crimes when they see surveillance cameras in public areas. It will reduce the crime or corruption rate in places where criminal acts happen frequently.

Improve public safety

    The public places are safe such as parking areas, street crossings, and malls. These cameras improve public safety. Surveillance cameras deter criminals and prevent attacks, maximizing safety or security.

Easy monitoring from everywhere

    It helps you to easily monitor the places from everywhere. You can see the camera movement footage through your mobile or the internet. You can see the activities until you have an internet connection.

Disadvantages of Surveillance Camera

    The disadvantages of surveillance cameras are as follow:

Complex use

    People can lose the footage or do not know how to track or save the events. So, surveillance cameras need a learning curve to use their functions and features properly with full potential.

Expensive to install

   You have to purchase the surveillance system accessories separately to use the camera. That is much expensive. Also, if the camera is damaged, it will need more repair costs.

Easy to misuse

   These cameras are settled in public places that are easy to misuse and abuse. A person can collect information from the camera and can use it to threaten or blackmail other people.

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Security Cameras

security cameras

   In this modern era, security cameras will be found everywhere, but these are usually used in private places. These cameras are highly flexible from home to business. Security cameras will secure your valuables, such as the garage, from intruders or newborns. Security cameras can be installed by yourself or professionals, depending on the type of security camera.

   These cameras have advanced motion sensors and cardinal night vision technologies that stop intruders or criminals from deterring crime. The motion sensors detect all events about the uninvited man in your home or backyard. They record only during motion, which also saves bandwidth and power. These cameras can capture even in the darkness.

   These cameras capture video in HD that has clear visuals and help you to see the exact movements. You can also install them on the way of your doorbells, so you can see who is at the doorbell.

   Some doorbell security cameras have voice technology that helps you ask about the person on the door from inside instead of physically opening the door. So these cameras give your home a whole safety experience.

Advantages of Security Camera

   The advantages of security cameras are as follows:

Observe activities

   Security cameras are an efficient way to monitor apprehensive visitors in a particular area. It is best for home or business to observe various activities or events.

Deter crimes

   These cameras will discourage criminals from committing crimes in the office or at home. The criminals know they have been watching on the camera, so they will stop to do any suspicious activity.

Provide evidence

   These cameras are great for obtaining evidence from any events. Nowadays, CCTV has been invented that offers exclusive video and audio. That makes it easy to track the criminals.

Disadvantages of Security Camera

   The disadvantages of security cameras are as follows:

Privacy compromise

   Security cameras in the office negotiate the privacy of staff members. It also makes an employee distrust the office, and he will think that others do not trust him. But still, these cameras help deter criminal acts.


   Due to the advanced technology, criminals or intruders have also made themselves savvy-tech. They know how to disengage the security camera or destroy knowledge.


   The security cameras have become costly due to advanced features. So, if you have a high budget, you can install these cameras.

How far can a Security Camera See?

   Honestly, a security camera can see in the frequency range of 10 to 70 feet, that is 3 to 23 meters. It depends on the lens resolution, size, and sensor type.

Which Camera System Should you get?

   It mainly depends on your needs and budget. Surveillance cameras are ideal for large businesses and public areas, but these are very costly. These cameras capture everything 24/7 that happens in the day. The downside is that these cameras are set in public places where they can be destroyed and misused by intruders or criminals.

  Security cameras are an affordable option with practical use. Security cameras can capture movements from outside or inside and during nighttime also. Most cameras have an HD facility that catches every view. So, these are costly as well as cheap.


How long do Security Cameras Hold Footage?

   Generally, security cameras hold footage for 30 to 90 days. That is approximately one to three months. Well, it also depends on the setting and features of each security camera.

 How does a Surveillance Camera work?

   It records video and captures footage in public places or large businesses. You can view your properties by mobile phone until you have an internet connection.

Do all Security Cameras need Wi-Fi?

   No, not all security cameras need Wi-Fi. Some security cameras use LTE plans rather than Wi-Fi. Some record footage on local storage without internet, like hard drives.

Are Surveillance Cameras a good idea?

   Yes, surveillance cameras are a good idea for security. These are valuable and crucial protection resources if they have facial recognition features.

How far can Security Cameras see at night?

   It depends on the model and technology of the security camera. Mostly, security cameras can see almost 30 and 40 feet at night. The high-end security cameras with advanced sensors can see up to 170 feet at night.


   Both cameras provide a high level of security. Whether it is your home or office, they increase the level of security in a particular place. Make sure you select a reliable option for your protection at home or office. Choose a company of camera that offers two in one.

   If you like this article, share it with your friends and save it for future needs. For any questions or tips, comment below. I will reply as soon as I can. Thank you for reading!


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