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How to Unlock Door without Key From Outside | 9 Easy Ways

We all experienced in our life the struggle of not getting inside our office, home, or car due to losing the keys or forgetting them somewhere. Thus, you call a locksmith instead of breaking the door in these situations. Although locksmiths are very talented in their work, they are sometimes unavailable.

   So, how will you unlock door without key from outside? Luckily, you don’t have to face trouble if you lock yourself out of the office or home. There are many convenient ways to get back to the residence. Here are some easy ways to unlock the door without a key from outside. Thus, keep reading!

Top 9 Ways to Unlock Door without Key From Outside

Top 9 Ways to Unlock a Door without Key From Outside

Way 1: By Using a Screwdriver

   Using a screwdriver to unlock a door from outside without a key is very simple and convenient. All you need is a screwdriver and slide it into the little hole. The hole is located between the door and its jamb, close to the knob or handle.

   Then hold the screwdriver and place the top tip into the gap between the door and the ground. After that, rotate anticlockwise, and you will hear a click sound. Again rotate clockwise until you hear another click sound. Now, the door is open.

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Way 2: Lock Picking

   Lock picking is also one of the best solutions to unlock the door from outside. It is the method of manipulating the parts of the lock to unlock it without the original key. Many tools are available for lock picking. Their designs are different from each other. Some lock-picking tools are simple, while some are highly specialized and are made for a specific locks model. Here is more information about lock-picking tools.

Way 3: By Using a Bobby pin

   It is also the most common method to unlock the door. Bobby pin can unlock the door locks with a tumbler locking mechanism. It is also called a sift pick. This useful hack is easiest because all that is needed is a bobby pin. But still, it needs some hard work to unlock the door. Just insert the booby pin into the keyhole and rotate it clockwise and anticlockwise. Remember, find a thin and flexible bobby pin to work better.

Way 4: By Using a Credit Card

   This method does not work for deadbolt locks but is suitable for spring locks. Use a cheap card that you don’t care if it damage, turn, or break. A laminated card is best for this trick. Just insert the card into the door frame and force it as opposed to beneath the strike plate by it. This way, the bolt will push back, and you can rotate the door handle to unlock the door from outside.   

Way 5: By Using a Knife

   This trick effectively unlocks the door without a key from the outside. If you know how to open a door with a knife, you can do it in no time. First, insert the knife between the strike plate and the door. Then move it in different directions to find the correct position of the bolt. Move the knife right and left to unlock the position if you got the door bolt.

   You should use a knife to unlock the door that is not too bold or thick to fit between the strike plate and the door frame. Also, make sure to choose a flexible but strong knife. Moreover, a knife is useful for unlocking challenging latch models.

Way 6: Use a Bump Key

   A bump key is useful to open various kinds of locks. The tool is placed into the keyhole, and different bins are bumped using lock-picking tools such as an Allen wrench. You can also use a toothpick to bump the pins into the lock. This way, the door will unlock without using any key. This trick is useful for emergencies.

Way 7: By Using a Wire Cloth Hanger

   This hack is useful to unlock doors with a latch-locking mechanism. For this, cut a wire cloth hanger and turn its top end opposite you. Make a small curve by bending one end of the hanger and bumping it between the door frame and the edge. After that, curve the hanger around the latch bolt.

   Then hold the wire with one hand and the other to turn the doorknob by pulling the wire against you simultaneously. The latch will be back down forcedly because the pressure is applied due to turning the door knob that makes the door unlock.

Way 8: By Removing the Hinges

   Removing hinges to unlock the door without a key is also an effortless hack. You can remove the door’s hinges with a flathead screwdriver and hammer to unlock the door without damage. For this, insert the screwdriver into the hinges between the top or bottom knuckle and the pinhead.

   Then hit the hammer on the screwdriver handle smoothly to loosen the pinhead. Once the pin is loose, pull it out. Use this method on all the door hinges. Also, make certain to place the pins securely because you need them to close the door again. After removing all pins, push the door to unlock.

Way 9: Call a Locksmith

   If your door is locked from the outside and you have tried all the above methods. But the door is still not open. The best solution is to call a locksmith. He will unlock the door without a key easily.

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How To Unlock Door Knob With Little Hole OR Pinhole?

   Unlocking the door knob with a little hole or pinhole is effortless and straightforward. The above-described method can also be used for this purpose. The most common way to open a door knob with a pinhole is by using a screwdriver.

   Just find the hole and insert the flathead screwdriver beside the door knob. After that, rotate it clockwise until you hear a click. Exit the screwdriver from the hole and insert it again. Then turn it anticlockwise. If you hear a clicking sound, that means the door is unlocked.


Do you need special lock picks to unlock a door?

   You just need a way to force the lock and manipulate its internal components at the same time. You must be trained to use lock-picking sets. You can also make your own lock picking too through a paperclip. Also, if the lock is still not opened by professional lock picking sets, then that’s not the tools’ fault.

Is a bump key the same as a skeleton key?

   A bump key varies from a skeleton key. The skeleton key is specially made for warded locks. They open the lock just by rotating them in the keyway. While a bump key is manipulated in the keyway to open the lock. Moreover, bump keys are only for pin tumbler locks.

Does unlocking a door by using a credit card destroy the card?

   Yes, the card will be damaged by unlocking the door. So, use a gift card or laminated card so that it doesn’t concern you if it is destroyed.

Is it easy to kick down a door?

   A single kick is enough to open most doors. Make certain your legs are properly covered while kicking the door. If the door is not open, you might injure yourself. So, use this method only in sensitive emergencies.

Can a locksmith make you a new key?

   Yes. If you lose or break the key, you can ask the locksmith to make a new one. He will make a new key by decoding the lock or the broken one. A locksmith might have more ideas or tricks to make a new key for your lock.

Wrapping up

   Above are some methods to unlock a door without a key from outside. You can utilize different ways depending on your situation. Although, learning how to unlock a door without a key from outside doesn’t mean you want to do illegal acts or crimes. There are various reasons you must master this ability to handle emergencies.

   After reading this article, we hope you know how to unlock the door without a key from outside. Remember to share it with your friends. Thanks for reading!


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