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How to Open/Unlock a Magnetic Door Lock | 5 Simple Steps

   A magnetic door lock is an advanced invention with a convenient system. Also, many users are not aware of how to open or Unlock a magnetic door lock properly. It might be challenging for most people to open a jammed magnetic lock. The best thing is to call an expert. But if you know the method of opening a magnetic lock, you should try it and save your penny.

   We are sure you can accomplish this task in no time without spending money. So, we have discussed some tips and methods to open a magnetic door lock with straightforward techniques and tools. Thus, keep reading!

What is the Working Mechanism of a Magnetic Door Lock?  

   Well, it depends on the type of magnetic lock. Each magnetic lock has a different working mechanism. It has a simple construction with a metal bar and a magnet. The two common magnetic lock types are fail-secure and fail-safe. That means one magnetic lock type operates with power and the other without power.

   A fail-safe magnetic door lock remains open when there is no power. You have to restore the electricity to lock the door. So, stable electricity is essential in residences to prevent unnecessary mechanism issues. The fail-secure magnetic door lock has a different locking mechanism compared to the fail-safe. These locks remain locked in case of no power. Also, businessmen or entrepreneurs use these magnetic locks to protect their properties from unauthorized access.

Simple Methods of Unlocking a Magnetic Door Lock

Simple Methods of Unlocking a Magnetic Door Lock

   The process of unlocking the magnetic door lock is quite simple. Many people get confused while unlocking these locks, but they don’t work; you can do it in just a few minutes. The methods are convenient as opening a lock box. So, here we have provided the methods to open your magnetic door lock conveniently:

Method 1: HID Keycard Reader

   Various methods are available to unlock a magnetic door lock. It depends on you which mechanism method you choose. The first method is by using an HID keycard reader. All you have to do it to strike the card in front of the magnetic lock reader. Then it delivers the signal to the lock to activate the unlocking mechanism.

   Although, this method is not beneficial because you have to keep your card with you all the time. If someone steals your card and you lose it, it will be a problem for you because whoever has your card can gain access to your property.  

Method 2: Biometric Sensors

   This method is more dependable because it uses the biometrics of a particular person. It can be a fingerprint or eye (retina) scan. But fingerprint is the most common option that users widely use. Fingerprint allows to program the whole system that is suitable for the users to access the facility. Also, it is convenient.

   All you have to do is to place your finger on the magnetic lock scanner, and if the fingerprint matches the ones stored in the system, the magnetic door lock will open.  

Method 3: Numeric Keypad

   This method is quite famous for magnetic door locks. It allows you to set up a password to open the magnetic door lock. Also, you can limit the number of users who can access your location by programming the keypad to a specific number of passwords you require. So, everyone who can access your residence has their passcode.

    To secure your valuables perfectly, make a creative passcode and avoid sharing it with others. It is important to hide the passcode that you place on the magnetic lock keypad, as it allows them to get in.   

Method 4: Mechanical or Traditional Key

   This method might be unpopular with magnetic door locks because mechanical or traditional keys are linked with combination or traditional locks. Well, keys can match magnetic locks conveniently. A key can be used as a backup if other methods fail to unlock the magnetic lock.

   The only issue is that keys can be stolen or lost. So, keeping your key in a safe place or always with you is crucial. Thus, don’t worry; you can use other options too.  

Method 5: Exit Switch

   This method doesn’t require passcodes, keys, or cards to enter your residence. Also, the above methods are used to unlock the magnetic lock from the outside, but this one is used from the inside. Magnetic door locks come with an exit switch that is located inside. Anyone, who is trapped inside the home can unlock the magnetic lock.

   Simply you have to push the exit button and then pull the handle to unlock and go outside. Because in case of no power, the magnetic lock automatically unlocks itself.

Why Use a Magnetic Door Lock?

Why Use a Magnetic Door Lock

   There are various benefits of using a magnetic door lock. Some of them are as follows:

  • Easily Adaptable: Magnetic locks can be installed on doors as well as drawers including cabinets, garage doors, safes, storefronts, etc. These locks are usually used on metal or steel doors because they work best on metal surfaces. Although, if you don’t have that kind of door frame, then no problem. You can construct an anchor plate and then install the magnetic lock. That will work seamlessly.
  • Highly Reliable: Magnetic locks use passcodes to protect the properties so hackers will find hacking this lock more challenging. Moreover, hacking a magnetic lock is twenty times more difficult than a traditional lock.
  • No Keys are needed: Magnetic locks eliminate the requirement for keys. All is needed to memorize your passcode and no one can unlock your home, business, or other locations without your permission. You can also change your passcodes when required. So, no worries about forgetting, losing, or stealing the keys.
  • Cost-effective: Magnetic locks are more cost-effective and secure than top-notch door locks because these locks work with cards, sensors, or passcodes. So no worries about keys.
  • Various Options for Keypads: Magnetic locks have various types of keypads such as numerical, biometric, numeric, and even wireless hand-held. Moreover, these locks come with fail-safe features that mean you can open the door in case of a power outage.
  • Easy Installation: You can mount a magnetic door lock on any door type. It offers a low-profile design and convenient working mechanism so that you can install it effortlessly in less time.
  • Easy to Use: Opening the door by using this lock is a cup of tea. You will need a magnetic key to unlock the door from the outside while you have to press the button to open the door from the inside. Even some magnetic locks work remotely too.
  • Low energy consumption: Using this low-power consumption door lock can also save money and power.
  • Lifetime service: You don’t require to change your magnetic door lock often. This lock has no moving parts or mechanism inside it. The only downside is a malfunction. But you don’t need to spend much money or effort on maintenance. So, their automatic working mechanism is safe for you and your home.


Does a magnetic door lock work without power?

   Magnetic door locks require power to work properly. If a magnetic lock has a battery backup, it can function in case of a power outage. But mostly, these locks need the power to operate. If you want to get rid of traditional locks then you should go for electromagnetic locks.

Can you break a magnetic door lock?

   Yes, a magnetic door lock is breakable. An average magnetic lock can bear almost 1200 lbs of power. So, if you want to break this lock, the power must be more than the bear limit of the lock.

Are magnetic door locks secure?

   Magnetic door locks are the most secure lock type because they have no keyhole that prevents picking or cutting with a bolt cutter. But still, you have to be careful. The working mechanism of this lock is to enter the code to open the door. But if someone hacks the code, he can get access to all your locations, including office, home, etc., and change your code.

Can you unlock a magnetic door lock without a key?

   There are various ways to unlock a magnetic door lock without a key. Most common include plastic cards, needles, knives, and pull switches.

What voltage is a magnetic door lock?

   Magnetic locks need continuous power to keep the door locked. The current magnetic lock used is almost 0.5A with a power supply of 12VDC. So, when the power supply is 24VDC, the current will use almost 0.25A.

Wrapping up

   So, the above methods work in case of no issue with the magnetic lock. But if the lock is broken, you must know how to open the magnetic door lock. First, examine the situation and try fixing the lock with tools such as a screwdriver, drill, etc. However, it requires knowledge and skills that what is the working mechanism of a magnetic lock.

   You can take help from a locksmith because he knows better what to do. Also, he knows the working mechanism and can solve the problem in no time. So, first, try yourself by using the above methods. We bet you can easily unlock the magnetic door lock. We hope you have learned how to open a magnetic door lock. Share it with your friends so that they can benefit. Thanks for reading!    


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