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Difference between Blink Indoor VS Outdoor Cameras 2023

   Blink cameras are the best choice when you want an affordable option of security system for your home or office. They offer high-quality images, two-way talk, night vision, and more features. They are small in size and can be fit anywhere. These cameras can be installed both inside and outside of your property.

   But the question is how to know which Blink camera is for Indoor or Outdoor? If you decide to buy a Blink camera, you must know the difference between Blink Indoor VS Outdoor cameras to make an excellent purchase. This article will go through the difference between both cameras, their features, pros, and cons. So, keep reading.

Do Blink Cameras work well?

   Yes, Blink cameras work very well. They are not only affordable but also offer high-quality HD footage. Many models of Blink cameras are available in the market. These cameras are widely famous throughout time and make your house safer from unauthorized access. Also, Blink cameras are owned by Amazon.

Blink cameras overview

   Blink cameras have three types: Blink Indoor, Blink Outdoor, and mini Blink, these all function with Amazon Alexa. But here we are talking about Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras. Blink cameras have a long two-year battery lifespan. These use two AA batteries that can be found in any device in the home, such as a clock, and these batteries will end in the middle of the year.

   You might think these cameras are inferior due to such long battery life, but they are not. Blink cameras also offer HD quality videos, customizable settings, clear two-way communication, and inexpensive and long battery life so it will be easy to watch the residents. Also, all Blink cameras cooperate with Amazon Alexa.


   We talk much about their battery life but not about the price point. These security cameras are extremely inexpensive, but still, some can be pricy. The highest price of the Blink camera is $100, which is Outdoor. Also, the Blink mini is just like buying food for $35. So, they offer many affordable options that can serve you efficiently.

Easy installation

   Blink cameras are a cup of tea to install. Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras do not require any plugs or cables for installation; you can place them anywhere easily and quickly. These cameras are perfectly lightweight and small so that they can be hidden easily. So, a thief cannot spy on your camera.

Difference between Blink Indoor VS Outdoor cameras

   The main difference between both cameras is that the Outdoor Blink camera can withstand the elements such as low temperature in winter, high temperature in summer, and foggy or wet weather, including rain and snow. The Outdoor Blink camera also has a waterproof IP65 rating.

   The Outdoor Blink camera can endure more than 113 degrees F. on the other hand; the Blink Indoor camera can work at a temperature of 95 degrees F. the Blink Outdoor and Indoor cameras are almost the same except for the temperature ratings and waterproof feature.

   The covering on both cameras is different such as Outdoor Blink has an IP65 feature. The Outdoor Blink camera has webbing around the speaker over the mounting braces, while Blink Indoor has a blowhole on the boundaries. The Blink Outdoor camera’s exterior is sturdier to bear water and other particles from going inside and prevent harm.

   The Blink Indoor camera does not have this protective webbing as these are only made for the inside. Both Blink cameras are solid and cost-effective. They offer high-quality video with a long battery life that proceeds for two years.  

Features of Blink Outdoor Camera

Blink Outdoor Camera

   The Blink Outdoor security camera is best for monitoring the driveway, backyard, and front yard. It is wire-free, and you can install it on the ceiling, wall, or any bush to position it anywhere. This camera has a pivot mount that you should place on the wall and a wing to hang it from the roof point.

   Blink Outdoor cameras have many features that include:

  • IP65 weather rating
  • 110-degree field-of-view
  • AA battery operated
  • 1080p HD resolution with 30 frame rate
  • Two-way communication
  • More than three privacy zones
  • 2.4 GHz network consistent
  • Wire-free design
  • -4 degrees to 113 degrees F functioning temperature
  • Long two-year battery lifespan
  • Both local and cloud storage
  • Night vision and adjustable motion zones
  • Amazon Alexa cooperation
  • One-year limited guarantee

IP65 weatherproof rating

   Besides the weatherproof rating, the Blink Outdoor camera is comparable to the Blink Indoor camera. The Blink Indoor camera is not protective against the elements, while Outdoor Blink has an IP65 rating that keeps this little device safe from dust, snow, or rain.

   Suppose you live in an area with extreme temperatures such as hotter than 113 degrees F and colder than -4 degrees F, so you need a durable Outdoor camera. The Blink Outdoor camera is suitable for sunny and snowy locality.

   The Blink Outdoor camera also has a temperature alerts feature. For instance, it will tell you if the backyard is too cold or hot. Temperature alerts are useful; if you have a pooch, you can take it inside due to cold or heat.

High-quality image

   The Blink Outdoor security camera offers 1080p HD quality footage that is enough to tell you the facial expression of a person or a stain on the shirt. The night vision of this camera is not good. The camera faded the faces in night vision mode so you cannot recognize your sibling or intruder.

   The night vision also has no wide field of view as the camera does not record far in the dark. Everything looks blurred when the camera exceeds almost 10 feet.

Two-way communication

   The two-way communication feature allows you to listen and talk to the people in the backyard. This feature is decent in the Outdoor Blink camera as it will not look like you are talking to a robot. But the incoming talk will disturb if it is windy outside.

   The Blink Outdoor camera does not have voice cancellation, so that you will hear all blazes of wind in the microphone. So, wind can disturb communication.

Features of Blink Indoor camera

Blink Indoor camera

   You can install Blink Indoor cameras on any counter in the house. The Blink Indoor camera is the same as the Outdoor one but does not offer a weather resistance feature. It is also more cost-effective than the Blink Outdoor camera. But you can use it only inside.

   You will experience alike in both cameras, such as both Blink cameras offering exact resolution, battery life, and app setting.

Blink Indoor cameras have many features that include:

  • 110-degree field of view
  • AA battery operated
  • 1080p HD resolution with 30 frame rate
  • Two-way communication
  • More than three privacy zones
  • 2.4 GHz network consistent
  • 32 degrees to 95 degrees F
  • Wire-free structure
  • Two-year battery lifespan
  • Both local and cloud storage
  • Night vision and adjustable motion zones
  • Amazon Alexa cooperation
  • One-year limited guarantee

Assimilation with Amazon Alexa

   The Blink Indoor security camera is compatible with Amazon Alexa and tells you about the activation, deactivation, and live stream. The Alexa will give interior look if you do not take the call or open the app.

Wireless design

   The Blink Indoor camera also has no cables or wires, the same as Blink Outdoor. So, it is a great option for your indoors as you are free from the hassle of cables or cords inside the home. You can install this camera on the bookshelf, place it in a box, or mount it in the lounge.

What features of Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras are the same?

   The Blink Indoor and Outdoor cameras have shared many functions and features. Both cameras have invisible hardware detection and adjustable awareness up to 20 feet. They both have a zoom-in feature to look closer or better at something. Both cameras have a built-in microphone, speaker, and 2.4 GHz network.

   They have blue LED lights that tell us about recording and internet connection. Also, you can disable this setting in the app. The red light on both the cameras alerts about the error or no Wi-Fi. Both models are powered by non-rechargeable lithium batteries and also have a low battery alarm.

   The battery life is more than two years if the camera is used standardly. Both cameras have the same weight and size. They weigh about four ounces with batteries. Each camera includes mount braces and one ¼ inches six screws. The price of both cameras is different. The outdoor model is more costly than the indoor model.

   Despite the price, both blink cameras are affordable and provide an excellent set of features for you, both indoor and outdoor. Another significant feature that both blink cameras have is Amazon Alexa integration. If you want to change the camera’s setting, just command Alexa, and the work will be done.

What should you choose? Blink Indoor or Blink Outdoor Camera

   Both cameras are pretty good. These offer easy installation, do not use more energy, are reasonable, and are attentive. Whichever Blink camera you select, you will get an excellent and cost-effective camera.

  • Blink Indoor camera: This camera is the same as outdoor, excluding the weather-resistant rating. You will get HD footage, two-way communication, and night vision, but this camera is for the inside. It is easy to install and has a two-year-long battery lifespan.
  • Blink Outdoor camera: This camera works for two years using two AA lithium batteries. Also, you do not have to use cable or wire to install it. Blink Outdoor camera is weatherproof and can fit on walls, ceilings, or any height place.

   So, if you want low maintenance and a prudent camera that does not require pricy items, then no camera is better than the Blink, so just set the camera and forget about it.

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Are Blink cameras water resistant?

   Only Blink Outdoor camera is water resistant that has an IP65 weather rating. We do not suggest you use Blink Indoor camera outdoors as it is not water resistant.

Are Blink cameras always recording?

   Blink cameras record when they detect movement, so they are motion detection cameras. Also, it depends on the subscription plan of Blink, what you choose, a manual recording, or an armed live view.  

Is Blink compatible with Ring cameras?

   No, these cameras are totally different from Ring cameras. Blink cameras and Ring cameras do not work together. But the Blink app can work with the Ring program, and you can see the recordings. Also, you cannot send the Blink recording on the Ring program from your mobile. You must save the recording first and then transfer it manually.

Is it possible to use a Blink Outdoor camera indoors?

   Yes, you can use Blink Outdoor camera inside. Blink outdoor is wireless and has cloud storage. It also has a long battery life that lives more than two years. Also, both indoor and outdoor Blink cameras are identical when you use them indoors.

Can Blink cameras be used with Google Home?

   No, Blink cameras cannot be used with Google Home as both are against each other. Amazon and Google devices do not work together. So, look for another camera that works with Google Home.

Does Blink charge a monthly fee?

   You can get the standard features of the Blink camera without a subscription. But it needs a subscription if you want cloud storage to save recordings. If you are comfortable with local storage like Blink sync module 2, then no need to subscribe to the Blink plans.

   It saves the videos on a flash drive, so there is no need for a monthly fee. But you must purchase a flash drive as it is not included in the camera.

Wrapping up

   Blink Indoor and Blink Outdoor cameras are affordable options that give a reliable HD image, motion detection, and audio communication. Blink outdoor camera is versatile for both inside and outside. And Blink indoor camera is suitable for small rooms, dormitories, offices, and homes.

   So, blink cameras offer a respectable job at a remarkable price. After reading this article, I hope you completely know the difference between Blink indoor and outdoor cameras. If you still have confusion, comment below. I will reply soon. Also, share this article with your loved ones. Many thanks!


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