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What is not a Physical Security Measure for your Home In 2023

Security is essential to any home or office to prevent burglary, fire, terrorism, and natural disasters. We take various steps and equipment to secure our residence or facility, including security locks, security alarms, and more. But you might be thinking about what not a physical security measure for home is.

   The answer is straightforward, inadequate security equipment is not helpful for physical security, such as broken window glass, weak locks, poor landscaping, etc. So, in this article, we have described the physical security measures that are not for home. Thus, keep reading!

Physical Security

   Physical security is the protection of humans, networks, properties, and physical assets from malicious actions and events that can cause severe damage or loss to organizations, enterprises, or agencies. It protects against destruction, fire, terrorism, robbery, and natural disasters.

5 Physical Security Measures That Are Not For Your Home

5 Physical Security Measures That Are Not For Your Home

   Here are the physical security measures that are not for home:

1. Inadequate Windows and Doors

   Windows are one of the convenient points for intruders to enter a home and provides significant accessibility. You should install window locks for extra protection while deciding on windows. A dowel rod in the sliding window path can stop someone from forcing open the door or lifting it up. Also, make sure the windows and doors are positioned tightly in the frames to avoid gaps to stop burglars from opening the door by using a crowbar.

   Use solid cores on doors rather than hollow cores to prevent kicking. Use laminated safety glass on windows instead of traditional glass because this kind of glass is more challenging than breaking traditional one. Also, placing a peephole on the front door can prevent someone from opening it when it is optional.

2. Lost or Damaged Glass

   Damaged glass is an easy and simple way for an intruder to enter your residence. Examine your windows regularly; if the window glass is not in good condition, replace it immediately. You can replace the window screen yourself or hire a professional to help you in this situation.

   Moreover, all windows must have window glass and not leave any glass out of the window; otherwise, intruders can benefit from it.

3. Fragile Locks

   Locks are a crucial part of security for your home. But if locks are fragile and not installed properly, they can be broken or hacked easily. So, follow these things to secure your locks:

  • Use high-quality stainless steel locks. These are more efficient in securing your doors than cheap locks that can easily pick.
  • Install your locks properly. Even the highest quality locks are accessible if they are not installed accurately.
  • It would be best if you used a wood piece or metal bar for a sliding door to stop it from opening. Also, it is more convenient than installing complementary locks.

4. Insecure Door Hinges

   Honestly, the first thing an intruder tries to do to enter the home is by opening the door hinges. Always install hinges on the inner side of your home. If the hinges are on the outside, an intruder can open the screws and enter your residence. Moreover, do not use feeble screws. The size must be three inches long.

   Anything minor than this size can easily take apart through a hand or screwdriver rotated in reverse. Also, if you are unsure about the hinge screw’s durability, go for safety hinge pins. Also, if these are too short of removal, which can be dangerous in your home, then purchase security hinge pins for extra protection. You can find them in any local store.

5. Bad Lighting and Landscaping

   Better lighting and landscaping can deter intruders efficiently. They can also prevent criminals from doing any dangerous activity in your home. Homeowners make common mistakes while fixing their lawns and outdoors, including overgrown bushes and trees touching the house.

   Shrubbery in front of windows and doors can be an excellent hiding place for someone who tries to break into your house. If the trees are near your home, the intruder can climb on the tree and enter from the terrace. So, must take care of these things.

What Happens If You Never Do Security Testing?

   You must test your security system after installing it. Otherwise, you will face various issues, such as the need to be confirmed the assumptions of the existing security system that it is correct or not and working correctly. Also, you cannot test whether it’s a response to you or not.

   So, it is essential to test the speed and capabilities. You must know how to handle situations and how to react. What to do if something terrible happens? Thus, these things are learned by testing the security system.


What are the physical security measures?

   Physical security includes multiple correlative systems such as security guards, access controls, deterrent systems, CCTV surveillance, protective barriers, perimeter intrusion detection, locks, fire protection, and other security systems that are made to protect humans and properties.

What should you not do during a hostage rescue attempt?

   Do not run in this situation. Wait for the instructions. Also, do not be upset or argue if someone doesn’t know you are a hostage or a criminal. Don’t resist even if you are handcuffed.

Can surveillance be performed through either stationary or mobile means?

   Yes, it can be performed through either stationary or mobile means.

What are the physical threats to informational security?

   The danger of unauthorized access to confidential information, computer viruses, vandalism, and human errors are informational security’s most common physical threats.

Wrapping up

   Ultimately, weak security equipment is meant to be a severe danger to your home. Use high-quality locks and inside door hinges, avoid broken window screens, and use lighting in all home areas. Hopefully, now you know the physical security measure that is not for your home.

   If you still have any questions, let us know in the comment. We’d answer as soon as we can. Kindly share this article with your friends so that they can benefit from it. Thanks for reading!

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