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Why is my Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping | Check Solution 2023

   Is your carbon monoxide detector chirping again? It happens in emergencies, with low battery and expiry of carbon monoxide. It is horrible that invisible and odorless gas can kill a group of people in a blink in a building, house, or residential. It is dangerous in winters when windows are shut and heaters or furnaces are utilized. 

   Learning how to use carbon monoxide is important so that you and your family are protected from this poisonous gas. The detector chirp or beeps due to many reasons. So, in this guide, we have narrated the reasons behind carbon monoxide chirping and what you need to do in this situation. Keep reading for more information.   

Carbon Monoxide Alarms and their Importance

   Every year, almost 70 people are killed in the US due to carbon monoxide. However, having this detector in your home or office is crucial to alert you about danger. Also, if there is a fire in the home or office, carbon monoxide detects the fire and alerts you by beeping or chirping.

   So, it is a valuable device that protects you from dangerous emergencies. But every device has a downside. So, the disadvantage is that sometimes when oxygen is fired up, the carbon monoxide detector discharges its gas which can lead to death. That’s why you must know the use of this device.

Different Reasons for Chirping or Beeping of Carbon Monoxide

Different Reasons for Chirping or Beeping of Carbon Monoxide

   The three reasons behind the chirping of carbon monoxide are as follows:

Continuously Four Beeps and a Stop

   If the detector beeps four times in a line and stops, it means that it is an emergency and the detector is alerting you about unprotected carbon monoxide. So, in this situation, leave the area and move to an open-air place. The symptoms are headache, vomiting, and confusion. After leaving the house, call 911. Also, do not let anybody enter the house until the situation is solved.

A Beep every Minute

   The carbon monoxide detector beeps every minute, indicating a low battery. The battery life depends on the type of CO and gas. Always check that the detector is functioning and the battery is not dead. It is better if you use plug-in alarms. These alarms come with a battery backup and last a lifetime. Also, they still work if the power goes off.

Five Beeps Every Time

   You have to replace the carbon monoxide detector if it chirps five times every minute. Usually, a carbon monoxide alarm works for 5-7 years. You must replace your detector after seven years, even if the battery is working, because the sensor does not work for a long time. So, you need a strong sensor that detects CO quickly. However, today a decade of carbon monoxide detector has been invented.

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What to do when the Carbon Monoxide Detector Chirping or Beeping

What to do when the Carbon Monoxide Detector Beeping

   If your detector starts beeping, you must follow these steps to protect yourself from any danger:

Get out of the House

   It is a crucial step. Get out of the house or building if you feel any symptoms of carbon monoxides such as headache, shortness of breath, low blood pressure, chest pain, fatigue, drowsiness, impaired judgment, confusion, rapid heartbeat, nausea, and vomiting. If the level of poisoning is high, it can lead to unconsciousness and death.

   Remember that pets are more sensitive to this gas than humans. They might become unconscious so beware of the symptoms. If your detector is chirping, immediately act upon it. The more you breathe in this gas, the more you are stepping to death because the amount of oxygen in the blood replaces with the gas that leads to heart damage, brain hemorrhage, or even death.

Inspect the Detector

   Smoke alarms also work like carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure what you want in your house or office. The alarm might beep due to different causes. You will hear a beep every minute if the battery is low. In most dangerous situations, the detector will chirp five times continuously every 5 seconds.

   If the alarm is beeping, do not think the battery is low; that’s why it is beeping. Check it properly to know the problem. Even if no one is facing symptoms of the gas in the house or office but still go into the fresh air.

Call Emergency Service

   After leaving the building or house, call 911 or nearby local firefighters. Also, check that everyone is out of the building. If you see that someone is still in the building, don’t re-enter. Let the emergency services handle the situation. A backup plan with a carbon monoxide detector is ideal, so everyone knows what to do or where to go in an emergency.

Repair or Replace the Carbon Monoxide

   It is compulsory to have a professional or technician check the carbon monoxide after the emergency. Repair it, but if it leaks, replaces the detector. Carbon monoxide leaks due to heating apparatus, ventilation, or several other sources such as fireplaces, cigarette smoke, heating systems, gas ranges, chimneys, stoves, furnace systems, generators, and boilers.

   The carbon monoxide detector starts beeping when a heating apparatus is damaged or not installed correctly. It commonly happens in winter due to using heating appliances in a closed-window home. For example, if a chimney is obstructed, the smoke will spread inside instead of going out. So, it is dangerous.

Regular Testing

   It is important to test carbon monoxide detectors frequently. You must test a detector that is connected to the socket once a month. Also, change the batteries of the detector yearly. So, regular test your detector.

What is the lifespan of a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

   Typically, these detectors last for 6 to 7 years. Also, professional manufacturers say it last five years. It also depends on the model and battery.


What can Falsely Set off a Carbon Monoxide Detector?

   Carbon monoxide detectors become unreliable once they get expired. It is the common cause of beeping. Also, extreme moisture can set off a carbon monoxide alarm. Do not install these detectors in immoderate steam areas.

Can a Carbon Monoxide Detector go off for No Reason?

   Usually, carbon monoxide cannot go off for no reason. Typically, it makes a sound when it detects CO in the air or low battery.  

How long Does it take to Get Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

   If the carbon monoxide absorption is high in the air, the symptoms will occur within 1 to 2 hours. The high amount of this gas in the air can kill a person in five minutes.

What Does Carbon Monoxide Smells like?

   This gas has no smell, taste, or color. You cannot smell or see carbon monoxide. But it is very deadly to your health.

Can opening a Window Stop Carbon Monoxide Poisoning?

   The carbon monoxide will slow by opening the window, but it will not stop because there is not much airflow by the windows to avoid the gas. It will take 4-8 hours for carbon monoxide to disappear completely.

Wrapping up

   Do not take carbon monoxide poisoning lightly. You must be aware of this gas and know what to do in this situation. It can be scary if CO leaks. So, the proper coverage of CO alarm is necessary so that it alerts you and your loved ones when CO is detected in the air. I recommend you regularly test the detector and must replace batteries once a year.

   After reading this guide, I hope you will handle the carbon monoxide alarm if it beeps. For any questions, comment below or contact us. We will respond as soon as possible. Also, please share it with your friends. Thanks!


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