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7 Best Biometric Door Locks for Office In 2023

    In this modern era, extra-security door locks have been invented to protect homes. The priority of homeowners is to keep their houses secure. You don’t know when thieves target your home. So, you need sufficient protection against intruders. The best biometric door locks offer complex mobilization and style to confuse the burglars and make them challenging to bypass.

    Choosing high-quality biometric door locks is challenging because you need to consider various factors for an acceptable option. So, in this article, we have described the seven best biometric door locks for office within buying guide that will be helpful for you in choosing the right one. After using it, we selected each one and examined the customer reviews. Here we go!

What are Biometric Door locks? How does it work?

    A biometric door lock promotes detectable or personal information to open the doors rather than using keys. A thermic or optical scanner saves fingerprints in these door locks. After recognizing the fingerprint, these devices inquire about entering the PIN to open the door.

    These locks allow people to use their fingers to unlock doors. So, these are more convenient than keys. When a problem does arise, most biometric locks have a physical key on hand.

Quick preview of buying a Biometric Door locks for office

    A quick preview of buying a biometric door lock is as follows:

  • Unlocking Mechanism: High-level biometric door locks comes with several options to open the door, including fingerprints, physical key, or voice activation. So, it depends on the buyer to decide unlocking mechanism according to his needs.
  • Door type: This factor is vital because some biometric locks would not work on bedroom or front or back doors. By not considering it, you are likely to pick an unusable lock.
  • Construction strength: Consider a high-quality and robust material biometric lock for excellent security. Otherwise, it is of little value since a sudden kick might be enough to break it.

Our Top Pick

Best Pick

ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro – ANSI Grade 1 Certified  

  • Material: Zinc
  • Color: Black with Satin Nickle
  • Batteries: 4 AA batteries required
  • Warranty: 18 Month electronics warranty

Budget Pick

ULTRALOQ UL3 BT Bluetooth – Touchscreen smart lock

ULTRALOQ UL3 BT Bluetooth – Touchscreen smart lock

  • Material: Metal
  • Color: Satin Nickle
  • Batteries: 3 AA batteries required
  • Warranty: 1 Year and 8 Month

Editor Pick

Sifely Keyless Biometric door lock – Remote control smart lock

Sifely Keyless Biometric door lock – Remote control smart lock

  • Material: Zinc
  • Color: Satin Nickle
  • Batteries: No battery required
  • Warranty: 2 Years

List of 7 Best Biometric Door Locks

1. ULTRALOQ U-Bolt Pro Biometric Door Lock (Best Overall)

2. ULTRALOQ UL3 BT Bluetooth Biometric Door Lock (Best under Budget)

3. Sifely Biometric Door Lock (Editor Choice)

4. MEGAFEIS Fingerprint Biometric Door Lock (Best Premium Lock)

5. HARFO Touchscreen Biometric Door Lock (Front Runner)

6. SMONET Electronic Bluetooth Biometric Door Lock (Probable Winner)

7. Samsung SHS-P718-LMK Biometric Door Lock (Topped Up)

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy DIY installation
  • Lock and app are reliable
  • Simple to use
  • Stores 60 PINs and 120 fingerprints
  • Bluetooth availability
  • The app is easy to navigate

Reasons to Avoid

  • Needs frequent reboot

Product Description:

    ULTRALOQ U-bolt Pro Biometric Door Lock comes with various features that offer a fingerprint to protect your house. It provides adaptable smartphone and Bluetooth capabilities. It is a high-security and durable door lock certified ANSI Grade 1.


  • Keyless entry smart lock and anti-peep keypad
  • Control the functions via Bluetooth
  • Auto-lock and unlock
  • Customizable digit code for backup
  • Certified ANSI/BHMA Grade 1
  • Offers the highest security and durability
  • 18 months electronic and lifetime mechanical warranty

Company review:

    ULTRALOQ is the world’s leading smart lock brand that offers a versatile and secure collection of locks. They provide flexibility, convenience, and security to your home. Also, customers are delighted with their products and affordable prices. So, they create a smart experience to make life easy and safe.

About the product:

    ULTRALOQ U-bolt Pro is an inclusive biometric door lock that offers five security methods with fingerprint scanning. You can lock or unlock the door through an anti-peep keypad, auto-unlock, or smartphone. This door lock can store 120 fingerprints simultaneously. It also offers Bluetooth compatibility.

    You can easily see who came to your house by using the application. It allows you to be aware of everything inside your home and also tells the timing. This lock has a 360-degree fingerprint reader, which is an excellent function. You can open your door through a one-touch process. About 60 pins are available on this door lock.

    I also used this lock for my front door, and that makes my life easy because the headache of keys or passwords has gone from my life. My locking experience is much more convenient than before. I installed it myself on my front door with a screwdriver, which was not difficult. Also, it locked quickly in 30 seconds; that was the downside. But I find the setting and change the duration.


Color:Black with Satin Nickle
Finish type:Brushed
Dimensions:2.95 x 2.95 x 1.22 inches
Weight:1.76 ounces
Batteries:4 AA batteries required

Highlight: Overall, the best biometric fingerprint door lock is waterproof and high-strength capacity.

Reasons to Buy

  • Reversible handle
  • 18-month warranty
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Five access ways
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to operate and reasonably inexpensive
  • The keypad turns off to save battery

Reasons to Avoid

  • Need to read instructions to operate

Product Description:

    ULTRALOQ UL3 BT Bluetooth is an OLED-Enabled biometric door lock. It offers five ways to unlock a door. The weatherproof feature and long battery life make this door lock unique. This lock is affordable and has high-quality material. Also, it works with android and IOS devices.


  • Power usage is shallow
  • Weather and water-resistant
  • Lock uses 3 AA batteries
  • The alarm on draining batteries
  • Touchscreen senses movement
  • Hidden backup key
  • Fast reading fingerprint scanner
  • Intuitive OLED display

Company review:

    ULTRALOQ is one of the world’s leading brands of smart locks that offer a reliable and secure line of locks. These locks are flexible, convenient, and secure. In addition, their products are extremely popular with customers, and the price is affordable. This way, they create an easy and safe experience.

About the product:

    ULTRALOQ UL3 BT Bluetooth keyless biometric door lock offers five methods to get into your house, including PIN code, key, smartphone app, fingerprint, and knock-to-open feature. The knock-to-open feature is incredibly unique. For example, you don’t need to open the smartphone app to unlock the door. Just knock on your phone four times, and the door is open.

    I usually use the knock-to-open feature, and that makes my life easy. It offers a reversible handle that efficiently works on both right-handed and left-handed doors. The material of this biometric lock is weatherproof, so that you can use it on indoor or outdoor doors. The upside is that it has 18 month warranty. So, if the lock does not work well, you can replace it.

   Some customers have problems with the packaging, but I also order this lock from Amazon and do not find any issues. It also works well and does not cause any trouble. Overall, this lock is best as it offers a key also. If you have forgotten your password or injured your finger, the key helps open the door.


Color:Satin Nickle
Finish Type:Nickle
Dimensions:7 x 6.3 x 2.7 inches
Weight:6 pounds
Batteries:3 AA batteries required

Highlight: It offers a convenient knock-to-open feature that opens the door only by knocking on the phone four times.

Reasons to Buy

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Stylish construction
  • Great set of features
  • Works with any smartphone
  • Low price
  • Helpful instruction video
  • Efficient fingerprint activation

Reasons to Avoid

  • No google assistant support
  • Remove handle for keys

Product Description:

    Sifely keyless biometric door lock offers several unlocking mechanisms and high-quality performance. It is simple to use and works with any smartphone. It also tracks the person who gets out to your home. So, this lock is made of durable, water-resistant material.


  • Alerts low battery
  • An excellent solution for Airbnb and homeowners
  • Generate passcode remotely
  • The door handle is reversible
  • Multiple ways to unlock
  • Offers backup key
  • Check real-time access logs

Company review:

    Sifely is becoming a more popular brand after Ultraloq. This brand is well-known for making high-quality locks. They have developed the most advanced smart lock technologies and offer protection to your family. They provide two physical keys with locks for ease. It also has reliable customer support.

About the product:

    Sifely keyless biometric door lock is a top-notch solution for your home and family security. It helps to protect your properties and is very simple to use. This innovative door lock offers five ways to unlock the door, including fingerprint, key, fob, code, and smartphone. This lock is effortless to install. You need a screwdriver and have to follow the instructions to install it.  

    I like the WIFI compatibility that allows you to lock or unlock the door from anywhere and anytime. It also helps you to check logs and setup codes by remote. You can see what’s going on in your house as well. I love Satin Nickle’s finishing, which suits my door.

   Usually, I use fingerprint activation to open my door because it identifies my fingerprint on the first attempt. The downside is that you have to remove the lock handle for the keys in an emergency, which is very troublesome for a lazy person like me. Also, it offers a lifetime warranty. So, don’t hesitate to purchase the best choice for your door.


Color:Satin Nickle
Finish type:Satin Nickle
Dimensions:7 x 3 x 1.12 inches
Weight:4 pounds
Batteries:No battery required

Highlight: It has an adorable style that looks good with your door, and it is not costly.

Reasons to Buy

  • Efficient fingerprint scanning
  • Affordable
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Easy to setup
  • Lightweight
  • Good quality Bluetooth lock
  • Durable stainless steel

Reasons to Avoid

  • Non-functional app

Product Description:

    Megafeis biometric door lock is the best option for small security jobs. It has a durable stainless steel construction. It offers sufficient resistance and is suitable for outdoors, fences, and cabinets. It is also water and dust-resistant. So, this lock provides excellent protection for your gym lockers.


  • Lower power consumption
  • USB rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel for excellent tamper-resistant
  • Weatherproof and protect against water
  • Connect to a mobile app through Bluetooth
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Long run time

Company review:

    Megafeis is a company that offers different variety of products, including home accessories, designer clothes, and locks. It provides personalized and long-lasting smart locks to the customers. The customers are also satisfied with their products and have an excellent rating worldwide.

About the product:

    Megafeis fingerprint is water and dust-resistant biometric door lock made of stainless steel. It is the best smart lock for gym lockers, bicycles, cabinets, suitcases, garages, etc. But I installed this lock on my outhouse door, and it has done the job very well. Its durable construction keeps my valuables safe and secure.

    This biometric lock is open by fingerprint scanning. This locks open by placing the finger on the scanner and waiting a few seconds to unlock the door. It offers a lithium battery that, once charged then, stays for two months. The battery is user-friendly USB rechargeable, so whenever charging is needed, you can charge the battery through USB.

   It has a compact design so you can carry it anywhere with you. It is also lightweight, so I have no issues with it. The downside is that it has some problems with the built-in app. I registered my fingerprint very difficult, but it was good, and you don’t have to face any issues. Also, it is an affordable option on our biometric lock list.


Material:Stainless steel
Finish type:Polished
Dimensions:1.89 x 0.91 x 3.07 inches
Weight:3.52 ounces
Batteries:1 lithium battery required

Highlight: The lithium battery remains charged for up to two months and unlocked 2500 times.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to program
  • Handle do reverse very easily
  • Works great
  • The fingerprint scanner is fast and accurate
  • Waterproof
  • Convenient to use
  • Very solid and well built

Reasons to Avoid

  • Customer service is not good

Product Description:

    HARFO touch screen biometric door lock provides privacy with a fingerprint or code. It offers four ways to unlock the door. It also has a passage and private mode for extra security. So, it’s the best smart keyless biometric lock for kids and elders. It also alerts you with a voice when the battery runs low.


  • Reversible door handle
  • Emergency power supply
  • Advanced 3-D fingerprint
  • Touchscreen for adding or deleting the user
  • Multiple ways to unlock
  • Unlock the door in less than 0.3 seconds
  • OLED display and voice guide

Company review:

    HARFO is a brand that offers high-quality and high-performance smart door locks. They provide security and convenience with advanced and reliable technologies that meet consumer needs. So, it’s also an excellent brand that offers fingerprint biometric locks for the safety of homes and families.

About the product:

    HARFO is a worthwhile fingerprint biometric door lock that offers additional security to your home. It allows users to unlock the door using four methods: cards, codes, fingerprints, and keys. I found this lock very interesting as it works through all these four ways efficiently, and I do not face any issues.

   The advantage is that it has a 3-D fingerprint scanner that quickly unlocks the door. It offers an automatic locking feature that locks the door itself after each fingerprint access. So, these things also made me tension-free; if I am outside my home, it automatically locks the door. So, that’s noticeable impressive.

    Also, it has a voice guide and OLED display that guide to install of the lock as instructions. The downside is that some customers say the company does not answer the questions. Well, that’s not a good thing about a distinctive brand. Overall, I do not face any issues with this lock.


Color:Aged bronze
Finish type:Brushed
Dimensions:7.2 x 5.9 x 6.5 inches
Weight:5.6 pounds
Batteries:4 AA batteries required

Highlight: The best thing is that it has a quick and reliable 3-D fingerprint scanner and guide with a voice.

Reasons to Buy

  • Extremely convenient
  • Install is a breeze
  • A very smooth locking mechanism
  • Battery life is awesome
  • Amazing customer service
  • RFID is swift
  • Voice is not annoying

Reasons to Avoid

  • Confusing installation directions

Product Description:

    SMONET is a solid biometric door lock for front doors or offices. It is a hassle-free and convenient lock for use. It offers a touch screen design for a high level of convenience. It also provides a lifetime warranty. The best thing is that it has seven ways to unlock a door, including fingerprint, Bluetooth, key, etc.


  • Excellent security features
  • Customized passcodes
  • Fingerprint deadbolt sensor
  • Compatible with standard door
  • Built-in backlight and alloy body
  • 1-year warranty

Company review:

    SMONET is a professional security company that offers customers flexible, reliable, quality control products. Their main purpose is to satisfy the customers with their products. They provide cost-effective and stable smart locks. So, their lock can be a great option to make your home safe and smart.

About the product:

    Another hassle-free and convenient front or office lock is SMONET electronic Bluetooth biometric door lock. The main attribute of this lock is its touch screen design. You can enter the passcode through it more efficiently and smoother. The fingerprint scanner is also comfortable. I was impressed by its modern style and durable zinc alloy body, which made me purchase this lock.

    It also increases my home decoration without any effort. The lifespan of the battery is six month and have 5000 openings. At first, I was hesitant to buy this because it has batteries. But after I knew that the batteries were AA, I got chilled. You can unlock the door by Bluetooth, passcodes, key, fingerprint, and IC card.

    The best thing is that it comes with a 1-year warranty. These kinds of policies are a good thing to take your money back. One more thing, the instruction is a little confusing. I was lucky that I installed it myself. But a beginner needs a professional to install it. Overall, the customer service is also incredible.


Finish type:Polished
Dimensions:6.3 x 2.56 x 1.77 inches
Weight:3.14 pounds
Batteries:4 AA batteries required

Highlight: The manual type of this lock take about 5 seconds to the locking process but is well worth it.

Reasons to Buy

  • High-tech
  • Easy to install
  • Push/pull technology
  • Well-made and durable
  • Simple using process
  • User-friendly interface
  • Best in security

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not for outdoor
  • Costly

Product description:

Samsung SHS-P718-LMK biometric door lock has a push/pull concept instead of the handle. It offers a user-friendly interface. Its controls are convenient and easy to use. The capacity of its fingerprints is 100 prints. It is also battery-powered, so you don’t need to worry about power outages. That’s the best option for those who want to get rid of handles.


  • Automatic wake-up feature
  • Double authentication mode
  • Push-pull technology
  • Stylish design
  • World-class optical fingerprint recognition
  • Anti-hacking encryption protocol
  • Locking notification on the touch panel
  • Low battery warning

Company review:

    Samsung is one of the most famous manufacturers of smart locks that offers deadbolt, mortise, RIM type locks, etc. They aim to make their products safe and convenient for their customers. Now they are developing more advanced door locks with pull/push to open the door and Bluetooth access. Also, their rating is very high.

About the product:

    Samsung SHS-P718-LMK is a touch-based miscellaneous biometric door lock that offers multiple home access methods. It also has code input and an RFID system to unlock the door, making it unique. Its brushed design makes it more elegant and increases the home’s beauty. Also, it has a durable touchscreen that helps read all the notifications.

   It uses batteries, so you don’t need to fear power outages. It has a pull/push option instead of the handle. So, it is a convenient option for those who don’t want a handle door lock. It offers an automatic wake-up feature that detects the person by IR sensor. That eliminates the use of buttons and creates a better experience.

   While installing it on my door, I do not feel inconvenient as its controls are user-friendly. It is also easy to operate. The double authentication finger scanner is the best thing I like about this lock. That needs a fingerprint and access code to open the door. It is recommended for those who live in high-crime areas. Also, purchase it if you don’t mind the price.


Material:Plastic, Metal
Finish type:Brushed
Dimensions:17.72 x 4.72 x 12.6 inches
Weight:9.46 pounds
Batteries:8 AA batteries required

Highlight: It has a push and pulls option rather than a handle. Also, it is expensive but highly secure.

Comparison of ULTRALOQ and Samsung

    The comparison of ULTRALOQ and Samsung is as follows:


  • ULTRALOQ is the world’s leading smart lock brand that offers reliable and secure locks.
  • Their primary purpose is to provide their customers security, convenience, and better quality locks.
  • Their customer support is also incredible, and they offer high-security smart locks.
  • Their prices of locks are affordable, and the material is durable.
  • The downside is that sometimes their instruction manuals are not clear.


  • Samsung is one of the high reputation brands of smart locks that provide users the feel of protection through their invulnerable security locks.
  • They offer safe and convenient locks for the satisfaction of their customers.
  • The material of their locks is high-end durable.
  • The only downside is that their locks are expensive.

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What are the different types of biometric Door locks?

types of biometric Door locks

     Usually, homeowners are only aware of fingerprint biometric door locks. Also, these are available in business destinations or homes. But there are also other types of biometric locks that are as follows:

Biometric voice Door locks

    Voice control identification innovation is popular in the world. So, engaging in biometric door locks is not a big thing. This technology verifies your voice in audio and recognizes you. When you speak, it emits your voice in small vibrations and identifies you. Different wavelengths occur with these vibrations and unlock the door.

Biometric Hand and vein Door lock

    Hands are also used to unlock doors instead of fingers. You already know that these door locks use unique impressions and patterns of fingers to identify people. Hand biometric door locks scan hands using the palm, finger sizes, and other recognitions.

    On the other hand, vein biometric door locks use hand veins to recognize a particular person. Then, an electromagnetic light appears on the hand and makes a picture. It is a sophisticated way to unlock the door.

Biometric retina and iris Door lock

    Eyes identify a person as well. For instance, some biometric door locks work by scanning the iris and retina of the person for extra security. It works by inferring a low light in the eyes and recognizing the patterns of the retina and iris, then unlocking the door.

Why do you need Biometric Door locks?

    Biometric door locks are more beneficial than key locks for several factors. So, these advantages will enable you to think about an excellent idea. The benefits are down there:

Duplication is Difficult

    Fingerprint door locks are safe from duplication. Intruders cannot break these locks as they do with combination or door knob locks. But fingerprints can be imitated in three ways.

    The first way is that someone is making a shape of your fingerprint. It could be possible if a person picks your fingerprint from the lock. Then the print must transfer to the material, which takes a lot of time.

    The other method is duplicating a fingerprint from a clear picture and creating an artificial fingerprint using the 3-D printer. The last way is to hack the fingerprint data from a file.

Better Security

    Mostly traditional locks do not protect the home or valuables from a burglar. For example, doorknobs are very easy to break. Even one strong kick can break the knob latch and pick up your valuables easily. Also, they can be picked by hairpin or paperclip. Research on the internet is needed, and choosing a door lock is extremely easy.

    Padlocks, deadbolts, and combination locks are good options, but they can also be pickable and breakable. Generally, robbers cannot break or pick biometric locks with ease. So, biometric or smart locks are more high-quality and durable than traditional locks.

Do not require a key or password

    Honestly, keys and passwords are discomforts. Biometric locks do not require any key or password. They open the door by identifying the part of the body, such as the eyes or finger. Additionally, it is helpful for an oblivious to get rid of keys.

    Some biometric locks need to enter a PIN, but it is much easy than a combination or a key. So, these are easy to install on a door.

Provides more Control

    Biometric locks are more admirable than other locks in terms of control. They provide the ability to trace the person who enters or out of your house. Also, it is beneficial for parents to keep an eye on their children. You can also track the person and time.

   They provide better protection to your home than traditional locks. These locks are also valuable for business purposes. You can track your employee’s ongoing and outgoing. So, these locks are a breeze for a person who can afford them.

What are the disadvantages of Biometric Door locks?

  • Biometric door locks depend on power. You are locked and caught in the simple electrical lock if the power goes.
  • These locks are costly.
  • The biometric lock will not work well or does not recognize the condition of the cut or damaged finger.
  • Some biometric locks are delicate that an intruder can damage the screen.

Things to consider before buying Biometric Door locks

    All biometric door locks do not offer the same quality. So, before purchasing biometric door locks, you should consider these factors for an ideal selection. It will make your shopping experience effortless.

Door type

    The location of the door is essential to consider. So, before buying a door lock, you must think about the door and where to install the door lock. Contrarily, it would be a waste.

    For example, most biometric door locks are installed on front or back doors. You have to choose a left-handed or right-handed door lockset. So you will have an excellent and durable biometric door lock after choosing.

     It isn’t easy to install these locks on office or bedroom doors. Some biometric locks are designed especially for interior doors. So, locks made for front or back doors could not be installed on office or bedroom doors. Also, biometric door locks are not compatible with sliding doors.

Battery life

    The best biometric door locks come with enhanced and long battery life. It’s a crucial feature to consider to prevent users from changing batteries. Most biometric locks are generated by AA batteries, making them easy to use.

    I recommend you to buy these locks with extra power authority. It will help you to prevent getting locked during a power interruption.

Unlocking Mechanism

    If multiple people come to your house when you are not home, choose a biometric lock with multiple unlocking mechanisms for a clever and intelligent move. This way, you can prevent scamming from the people who came to your place.

    Most biometric locks offer several unlocking mechanisms such as passcodes, fingerprints, faces, RFID entry tags, etc. So, it is best to protect your home from intruders. Also, Airbnb users prefer to use biometric locks with different unlocking mechanisms.

Construction Strength

     There is no benefit in purchasing a biometric lock with unstable and tacky material. So choose a high-quality material such as zinc alloy that can bear explicit force. The lock must be durable to stop intruders from entering your house or breaking it.

     I recommend you read the customer reviews of the lock before purchasing it because a person who has bought the lock knows better than the one who did not. So, this will help you to examine the better quality. It is better to get a durable one instead of getting angrier about the useless biometric lock.  


    Every buy is not the number one. Sometimes the item you purchase arrives broken; then, it is useless. Sadly, these incidents are common when buying electronic things like biometric or fingerprint door locks.

    So, always select an option that offers a solid and extended warranty. It helps to refund or replace the items that face these situations. I also have to face these situations, but sometimes I get saved.


    Cost is an essential consideration in purchasing experiences. Biometric locks extend excessively when it comes to price. So, a buyer needs to select a budget in which he wants to buy a biometric lock.

    For example, if a person wants to buy a built-in intruder alarm biometric door lock, he needs a high budget. So, before purchasing, ensure that your budget remains practical and profitable.

How to Change 4-Digit Code On A Schlage Lock?

A Schlage deadbolt lock’s 4-digit code needs to be changed if you are a homeowner. To use the Schlage button, you must simultaneously press number 1. Three beeps and flashes will occur. Enter your new code in the Schlage button now. You will be able to hear it beep once the Schlage button has stopped flashing. Type in the new code again.

Changing the Schlage lock code is effortless if you know the steps and have the necessary items ready. This tutorial will take you only five minutes if you follow the steps correctly.


How do I install a Biometric Door lock?

The method of installing a biometric lock changes significantly within versions. The upside is that these locks come with a user manual with instructions for installing the biometric door lock. So, all to do is to follow the instructions.

 If you are facing a problem installing it, call a professional. Spending extra money on installing the lock and your protection is not bad.

Can a Biometric Door lock be Hacked?

Yes, these locks can be hacked like other digital devices. But the little risk can be overcome in front of its convenience.

Is the Biometric Door lock secure?

    Yes, biometric door locks are more secure than any other locks because these locks need your physical presence instead of a key.

What happens when Biometrics are locked?

     A biometric fingerprint helps prevent people from entering your house until you enter your fingerprint. In this way, your valuables are safe.

How many fingerprints can be used with a door lock?

   A biometric door lock can store more than 50 fingerprints, but it prefers unique fingerprints over individual fingerprints.

How many types are available for fingerprint sensors?

   The fingerprint sensors are of four types: capacitance, thermal, optical, and ultrasonic.

Which biometric door lock is best?

   The best biometric door lock in the market includes ULTRALOQ U-bolt Pro biometric door lock and Samsung SHS-P718-LMKbiometric door lock.

Final words

    Choosing the best biometric door lock has become easy for you after reading this content. It’s all about what you have enrolled in and putting it into your experience. So, it is simple and easy for you to select the right one for you.

    If you have any questions or suggestions, then comment below. I would like to help you. Also, share this content with your friends. Many thanks!


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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