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8 Best Self-Defense Weapon for Women | 2023 Buyers Guide

   It gives you protection and peace of mind when you have self-defense weapons with you while going anywhere. Whether you are strolling in the park or getting in your car at night by yourself, it does not matter. Having self-defense weapons with you, whether in your purse or pocket, is essential. Honestly, we caution you that you must know how to protect yourself first instead of using self-defense weapons.

   If you don’t know how to use self-defense weapons, these can be used to fight against you. And then, what is the advantage of having self-defense weapons? But if you prepare to be intelligent enough to use these weapons and practice, you can be an expert. Also, only carry a self-defense weapon that you can use effectively at a difficult time.

   Here, I have described the best self-defense weapons for women, including their uses, advantages, and disadvantages. These self-defense weapons range from beginner to expert and are budget-friendly, so you can easily purchase them.

Why should women carry self-defense weapons with them?

   There are many reasons that women must carry a self-defense weapon with them. If you are a woman, you might find yourself in a situation where you need to save yourself from a person or attacker. You might be tricked into some violent crime as a victim. Some think that fighting back against the attacker can injure you; in our perception, it is a dangerous misunderstanding.

   Studies say that if a woman fought back against the assailant, she would be able to stop crimes such as robbery and sexual assault. Fighting back does not cause injury; in fact, self-defense is the most effective way to prevent injuries. It does not mean you use a weapon that will save you every time.

   Though self-defense weapon high your courage, and this courage prevents you from being a target. So, a woman should use a self-defense weapon in any case to protect herself and those around her.

What is the 21-foot rule in self-defense?

   Distance matters in self-defense, whether you are using a knife or gun. Self-defense weapons work only at a certain distance. In 1983, a police officer named Denis Tueller pondered how far you should draw your weapon if an attacker with a gun or knife in his hand is coming toward you. Denis Tueller did a test, and the consequences were astonishing.

   He found that a person can cover 21 feet in just 1.5 seconds, even if the person is unfit or older. Physical fitness matters for long distances. That means you are in danger if you are 21 feet away from the attacker. Usually, an attack happens at a close range of 4 feet. The attackers hide in specific places, and when the victim comes close, they surprise them by jumping.

   Some attackers hide in the car’s backseats, or some drop into the home. Suppose you sense the threat before the attacker comes close to you, such as a creepy guy following you while coming home. In this situation, you can draw your weapon for self-defense before he comes near you.

   So, pull out your weapon at the moment of sensing threat, not after being attacked by the assailant. And it is not always possible to sense the danger, so you must know self-defense methods in close contact. Most importantly, you do not specify the distance; the distance specifies you. So, once the assailant is at close range, you will not regulate to pull out the weapon.

Our Top Picks

Best Pick

SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain 

  • Weight: Deadbolt
  • Dimensions: Silicon
  • Range: Aged Bronze

Budget Pick

VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun

  • Weight: Deadbolt
  • Dimensions: Metal
  • Range: Silver

Editor Pick

SLFORCE Personal Alarm Keychain

SLFORCE Personal Alarm Keychain

  • Weight: Deadbolt
  • Dimensions: Zinc
  • Range: Black with Satin Nickel

List of 8 Best Self-Defense Weapon for Women

  1. SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain
  2. VIPERTEK VTS-989-1 Billion Heavy Duty Stun Gun
  3. SLFORCE Personal Alarm Keychain
  4. SABRE Pepper spray and Stun gun Multi-range Protection Pack
  5. The Atomic Bear Tactical Pen
  6. Carvanchy Self-protection Ring for Women and Men
  7. MUNIO Kubaton Safety Keychain for Women
  8. HyperWhistle, the Original Worlds Loudest Whistle

Reasons to Buy

  • Ease of use
  • Long Range
  • Temporary Blind the Attacker
  • Very Strong
  • No leakage
  • Detachable keychain

Reasons to Avoid

  • Keychain is Small

Product Description:

   SABRE pepper spray is the best choice for self-defense for civilians and police. This pepper spray has 25 blowouts you can spray from a distance of 10 feet. It is easy to grab and has a key chain for easy release. Also, this pepper spray is strong enough to influence the attacker. It has a twist lock to prevent accidental discharge. So, you must invest in it.


  • Up to 5X more bursts
  • Maximum strength
  • Ergonomic finger grip
  • Quick release key ring
  • Powerful 3m stream for protection
  • Made in the USA

Company review:

   SABRE is one of the best pepper spray brands and manufactures self-defense weapons such as stun guns, pepper sprays, gels, personal alarms, home security products, bear and dog safety, and more. Its mission is to make you feel safe no matter where you live, go, and do. It is the #1 confident and trusted brand by military enforcement and customers globally.

About the product:

   This pepper spray comes with a quick-release key ring that conveniently accesses the spray. The nozzle is directly directed to the attacker’s eyes instead of blowing into the air. Due to its ergonomic finger grips, you can quickly use it in a critical situation to protect yourself, which makes it more efficient and faster than other pepper sprays.

   Usually, the most crime involves alcoholic criminals, so it is strong enough to use drugs or alcohol. This pepper spray is tested in the HPLC lab, so there will be no chance of not affecting it. This potent weapon has 25 bursts that can be delivered from a 3m range. The packaging is user-friendly and straightforward.

   It is made of one-ingredient pepper spray and is highly effective. You can open it with your right hand through twist locks. The only downside is that the pepper spray is large than the keychain. So, expand it so that it fits. It is available in different colors, so choose your favorite one. Also, a woman can use female gloves to hold it. Also, it is affordable and will not break your bank.   

Other recommendations

   There are also other options for strong pepper sprays, such as the SABRE Advanced Compact Pepper Spray 3-in-1 formula as it has not only pepper spray in it, also include CS Tear Gas and UV marking dye. It has 35 bursts and has 10 feet range. It has a dreadful burn so deadly for an attacker, and you must purchase it to give a lesson to the assailant.

Another option is SABRE Tactical pepper gel which offers 18 bursts of powerful gel. It is more advanced and works from a long distance of 18 feet. It can be used indoors and prevent blowback. It contains a belt holster that is perfect for emergencies and has a fast discharge of gel from a far distance. Also, it is not like a spray that will blow up in the air. So, it will help you to defend yourself.


Range3 meters
Dimensions9 x 5 x 1.5 inches
EffectToo strong
Weight2.8 ounces

Highlight: This pepper spray is so powerful that after spraying, one cannot stay in the area for long due to the air’s residual. So, think about what will happen when it sprays on the assailant’s face. I definitely recommend it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Loud discharge sound
  • Good quality
  • A simple instruction to use
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy enough
  • Fit in the pockets

Reasons to Avoid

  • The battery runs soon

Product Description:

   This weapon is 2-in-1, such as a stun gun and flashlight. The stun gun torsion plates will disable the assailant who tries to snatch it from you. It provides extreme stopping power that will shock the attacker. Also, this stun gun has a firm grip, so it will not slip from your hand while using it. The best thing is that it comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It gives painful stopping power
  • Shock plates prevent snatching
  • Contoured grip
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Ultra Sharp spike electrodes
  • Lifetime warranty

Company review:

   Vipertek brand is the top manufacturer of self-defense weapons, including Tasers, pepper spray, stun guns, handcuffs, batons, and other security products. Its tools are too much powerful to stop the attackers, such as its high volt Tasers. It has a strong reputation for its high-quality stun guns and is popular worldwide. Also, they have a 4.5/5 rating.    

About the product:

   This stun gun includes a rechargeable battery that is not needed to replace. Just connect it to the USB cord when the charging is low. It also has a combination of a flashlight. Due to its unbearable stopping power, the assailant will remember not to do illegal things. It has razor-sharp spike electrodes that are too strong to cut multiple layers of cloth.

    Think how it will affect the attacker as it can cut the cloth with shock. This stun gun is highly effective. Its test firing in the atmosphere will be enough to deter the assailant. As the electricity pulsates, it produces a frightening electric sound between the points that will threaten the opponent. If he is not afraid of the sound, then the jolts will bring him down.

   When the stun gun touches the assailant, a high voltage shock will deliver to his body that he will lose control and balance in the muscles and be incapable of doing any activity. Well, it is banned in some states, so check that it is legal in your country, then purchase it as it is extremely powerful.  

Other recommendations  

   Top-quality stun guns from Vipertek are also equipped with LED and have a substantial effect, including VIPERTEK VTS-T03-Aluminum Series Heavy Duty Stun Gun. It has 350 tactical flashlights with a 100000-hour bulb that can easily blind the attacker. Due to the anti-roll design and aluminum body, it is easy to hold and does not fall from the hand. It also has a rechargeable battery.

   Another option is VIPERTEK VTS-979 Model that has a disabled pin connected to the wrist strap to drag and detach the gun if the assailant tries to snatch it. It is a much more innovative product due to the safety disable pin.

   It also has a non-slip rubber coating that will have a firm grip even if your hands are sweating. This stun gun is backed with a lifetime guarantee like the above. You can also choose it in pink color for a more girly look.  


Dimensions7 x 2 x 2 inches
EffectToo strong
Weight2 ounces
MaterialStrong plastic

Highlight: This stun gun’s sound is loud enough to scare an attacker. Also, it is small and can easily fit in your pockets. Use the voltage if needed; otherwise, the discharge sound is enough. However, the price is reasonable.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to activate
  • Inexpensive
  • Flexible D-ring
  • Convenient
  • Durable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Delivery issues

Product Description:

   This personal alarm keychain has a strong siren that is beneficial for self-defense. It works by pulling the hand strip that activates the siren and attracts the attention of others. It also has a LED flashlight that you can use at night. It is ideal for kids, students, teenagers, joggers, women, and more. The pack contains five personal alarms with a money-back guarantee.


  • Extremely loud
  • Bright flashlight
  • Fitted keychain
  • Money back guarantee
  • D-ring carabineer clip
  • Five alarms in a package

Company review:

   SLFORCE manufactures high-security personal alarms, emergency blankets, and other emergency products. Its alarms are too loud that has an excellent range of more than 150 dB. The best part is that its products are backed with money-back guarantees. Its customer service is highly satisfactory. Also, this brand importance the security of its consumers.   

About the product:

   Personal alarms are very effective in preventing physical assault. With the SLFORCE safety alarm, you can ensure the protection of yourself and your loved ones. It is simple to use that works immediately. Simply drag the strip to launch the alarm, creating a 130 dB level; of sound that is enough to draw people’s attention.

   You can attach this alarm to your purse, bag, and pant as it has a keychain with a D-ring clip that easily opens and closes. This alarm also has a built-in mini LED flashlight that is beneficial for the night when you are going on a walk with your pooch. You can gift it to your friends because it is made beautifully and has attractive colors.

   These alarms are best for all people as it works with a siren and makes a scene to protect you from the attacker. The best thing is that the pack includes five alarms at a reasonable price and has a six-month warranty, so you can return it if the alarms are defective.  

Other recommendations

   The other option for personal alarm is Safe Sound Personal Alarm from VIGOROAD, that have three alarms in one pack. These are compact and small enough to store and carry. Simply drop the contact pin out to activate the alarm and put it back to turn it off. The LED lights are also available on this alarm, which is best for camping. You can also choose it in different colors, and it is budget-friendly.


Dimensions2.36 x 1.37 x 0.59 inches
Siren130 dB
Weight7.2 ounces
Power sourceBattery powered

Highlight: This alarm keychain is small and easy to hold. So, it is very effective in self-defense as it has a high siren that draws the attention of the nearby. It is beneficial if you are in a crowd and gets trapped by the attacker; otherwise, if nobody is around, then it’s useless.

Reasons to Buy

  • It does not leak
  • Sturdy hold
  • Great quality
  • Rechargeable
  • Manageable
  • Very light

Reasons to Avoid

  • Some find it bulky

Product Description:

   It is a two-in-one weapon from SABRE with a pepper spray and stuns gun. This stun gun releases powerful 1.60 microcolumbs that create intolerable pain. Also, it has a powerful stream of spray that can blind the other person for a few minutes. A flashlight is also added to this weapon so you can use it if you walk alone at night. So, that’s a multi-self-defense tool you must purchase it.    


  • Emits a 1600 microcolumbs charge
  • 120 lumen LED flashlight
  • Discreet design
  • On and off safety switch
  • 10 feet range and 25 bursts

Company review:

   As a leading pepper spray brand, SABRE makes stun guns, alarm systems, bear and dog safety products, pepper gels and sprays, home security products, etc. the company is dedicated to making you feel safe regardless of what you do, where you live or go. Across the world, military enforcement and the general public rely on this trusted and confident brand for self-defense.

About the product:

   It is the best weapon for self-defense with two tools, including pepper spray and a stun gun with a flashlight. The pepper spray offers 25 bursts, and you can activate it at a safe distance of 10 feet. The best thing is that it is easy to carry and has a key ring so you can attach it to the bag.

   Also, the stun gun discharges a painful 1600 uC current that can disable the person at the moment, and he cannot do anything. It has an on and off button to prevent the accidental discharge of pepper spray. It also needs no batteries; connect it to the USB to charge. This weapon also makes noise when the charging is complete so that the device will work for a long time.

   It is not noticeable and small so you can take it anywhere, anytime. So, you must buy them as both are cost-effective and helps you to handle any danger. I highly recommend it.


Dimensions1 x 4 x 1.5 inches
Effect1600 uC charge
Weight2 ounces

Highlight: The pepper spray is too strong that the attacker will not even breathe and try to run away. Also, the Taser discharges a strong current that can temporarily disable the attacker. So, you must buy them as both are great for the price.

Reasons to Buy

  • Solid and beefy
  • Affordable
  • Write well
  • Gives extra grip
  • Hardened tip

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not recommended for travel

Product Description:

   It is a high-quality tactical swat pen by the atomic bear that is easy to use and has a firm grip. The cap is tight on both sides so that you can turn this pen into a self-defense weapon with just one click. This pen writes as well, so you can replace ink easily. This tactical pen will not rust because it is made of sturdy aluminum material that will last a long time.


  • Tungsten ultra-hand glass breaker
  • Stainless steel clip
  • Refill for one time
  • Aircraft grade rugged and light body
  • Optimized sharpness
  • Unique design thumb rest
  • High precision ink cartages  

Company review:

   The atomic bear is an innovative brand of multi-faceted defense pens, medical pouches, knives, nutritional seeds, and more. Its goal is to serve people with efficient tools to survive in daily life. It said that unexpected life-threatening incidents happen daily, so a weapon that saves us from these events is essential. Also, people are delighted with its weapons.  

About the product:

   This sturdy tactical pen has a simple cap clip system and is exceptionally sharp, which can give unbearable pain to the attacker. It is an ultra-hard glass breaker, and you can refill it because this pen is not just for self-defense but also writing. The ink is smooth, pure black, and has an even flow. Also, it offers stability and gives a devastating blow.  

   The glass breaker tip is strong enough to break the car glass just in one blow. Also, the metal is excellent and can withstand the elements. It does not slip and has a solid construction. This pen is unbreakable and will go deep into the attacker’s skin. This weapon is useful if you are at close range of the assailant so that you immediately stab it. So, it is the best for your EDC.   

Other recommendations

   The other tactical pen, Smith and Wesson SWPENMP2BK Aircraft Tactical Pen, also offers reliable security. It is made of strong metal aircraft aluminum and has a pocket clip to open it. The screw-off on the top makes it ideal for daily use. The finger grooves offer an ergonomic grip, and the pen will not slip off the hand. This tactical pen is also backed with a lifetime warranty and will not break your budget.


Dimensions7.87 x 1.97 x 0.98 inches
Weight1 ounce
Point TypeBroad
Ink ColorBlack

Highlight: It is a solid piece of metal with a firm tip enough to stab the attacker. It also writes well. I recommend it for home or outside but not for travel as TSA will not allow it.

Reasons to Buy

  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sharp blade
  • The button is hardly noticeable
  • Pretty dangerous

Reasons to Avoid

  • Size issues

Product Description:

   It is a valuable self-protection ring made of steel and has a switch to open the knife to protect yourself. You can also use it for other purposes, such as cutting something. This ring is easy to wear and is anti-corrosion. You can wash it easily in case of dirt. It is perfect for both men and women. So, it is a multifunctional ring that benefits you.  


  • Titanium steel self-defense blade
  • Silicon material
  • Washable
  • Snap-on push switch
  • Exquisite polishing
  • 0.28 inches customized blade

Company review:

   Carvanchy brand manufactures chaplets, custom jewelry, magnetic bracelets, watchbands, and other household accessories. Its products are rust-resistant and durable materials such as silicon, aluminum, etc. It is the latest brand that recently launched and has earned a good name in a short time. So, this brand is quite trusted.   

About the product:

   This small knife ring is helpful in a situation where you do not feel safe and have to handle the predators alone. It has a small blade that is open by a hidden push switch. The blade is made of titanium steel that is up to 0.8 inches and easily cuts the attacker. You can also use this blade for daily cutting, such as plastic bottles, food packaging, etc.

   You can also clean this ring with water, and it will not get rust or corrosion as the material is steel. The ring’s luster is bright, and you can also use it as fashion jewelry. It is the best gift for your loved ones. The price is a little high but worth your every penny. So, do not hesitate to invest in this weapon.

Other recommendations

   Richsteel Hexagon Geometric ring is also beneficial for protection. It is made of stainless steel and is hypoallergenic. The surface of the ring is polished and smooth to wear. It is suitable for men and women. You can use it in a lousy situation by hitting it on the predator, as it has sharp corners that go onto the skin. So, you must buy it as it is not expensive.


Dimensions5 x 3 x 2 inches
Weight4.8 ounces
BladeToo sharp

Highlight: It can do severe damage if you are stuck in an ugly situation, such as attacking. Also, the blade is very discrete and a little pricy.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
  • Great Design
  • Good grip
  • Deter the attacker

Reasons to Avoid

  • Work at close range

Product Description:

   This Kubaton keychain can knock down an assailant on his mouth. It has a floral design that makes it pretty cool. It is legal in all countries and is not bulky. It fits well in the pocket, hand, or purse. This keychain is lightweight and made of strong plastic. It is ideal for women, teenagers, and youngsters. It is also made in the USA.


  • Travel-friendly
  • Stylish and discreet
  • It fits comfortably in the hands
  • Strong ABS material
  • Weather-friendly
  • Available in different designs

Company review:

   Munio brand produces safety weapons and is globally approved by police forces, law enforcement, and martial arts. Its products offer real-life safety against criminal events. Its purpose is to make such safety weapons that are ideal in every situation. It also gives self-defense training classes to be independent.

About the product:

   It is a beautifully designed self-defense keychain that is super strong and indestructible. It is made of excellent ABS plastic and has a built touch. The size is medium and fits perfectly in your hand. It has a point that strikes severely. For instance, if you are attacked from behind, you can stab the assailant and make him disable to move.

   It is legal in all origins, and you can also take it on an airplane. Both sides have a clear coat finish and are floral printed. It is available in different designs, so choose your favorite one. The best thing is that you can also strike the chains to protect yourself from the attacker. It is inexpensive and made in America.  


Dimensions4 x 1.5 x 0.18 inches
ColorPrinted, Floral
Weight0.81 ounces
MaterialABS Plastic

Highlight: The nooks are strong enough to make a depth on wood, so it can shred the predator’s skin. Also, it is made of rigid material and is unbreakable.

Reasons to Buy

  • Lightweight design
  • Well crafted
  • Floats on water
  • Awesomely loud

Reasons to Avoid

  • Nothing bad about it

Product Description:

   This whistle is loud and can starlet the people around you. The sound goes up to 2 miles and is compact to fit easily in your bag. It has an ergonomic structure that is easy to hold. It looks like a screwdriver from the front tip. It is perfect for self-defense, boating, camping, sporting, and hiking. Also, the material is durable.


  • Useable in every weather condition
  • Whistle up to 142db loud
  • 2-mile useable range
  • Unique radial Tre-frequency design
  • Naturally buoyant
  • It comes with ear plugs and a lanyard

Company review:

   HyperWhistle is the world’s leading brand that manufactures outdoor survival whistles. It uses a durable, high-quality whistle that serves for a long time. This brand has won the award for making the world’s loudest whistle and has a good name worldwide. Customers love its whistles and have said its products are useful in venting danger. Thus, it is a reputable brand.

About the product:

   The HyperWhistle is too loud and produces a noise of 142db than can deter the attacker and pull out the attention of the nearby. It is small and fits easily into your purse. You might be thinking, how will you search for it in an emergency? Don’t worry; it is large enough to hold, so you can quickly draw it out from your purse for help.

   It is the world’s loudest whistle, and you might have to wear ear protection when you use it. But who will wear this protection every day? It is a good self-defense weapon and will protect you only when people are around. As the attacker attacks, you and you will blow the whistle and make a scene so that the attacker gets scared.

   Well, it is good for the price and has a strong plastic that will not break. Also, you can carry it with you anywhere, such as travel, school, camping, etc. The best part is that it will also work underwater.  


Dimensions3.25 x 1.5 x 1.5 inches
Weight0.7 ounces
MaterialStrong plastic
Range2 miles

Highlight: This whistle is deafening and works in any weather. Just take a big breath and blow the whistle. You might think I am again and again telling you about its noise level because I am again telling you to wear an ear protector before blowing it.

Comparison of best self-defense weapon for women

   The best overall is the SABRE Pepper Spray Keychain because the spray has too strong an effect that can blind the predator, and even one cannot breathe in it. You can blow 25 attempts at a long distance of 10 feet, and it is easy to hold as it has an ergonomic grip. The price is also reasonable and opened or closed by a twisted hook.

   Also, pepper spray is one of the best self-defense weapons as you do not have to go close to the attacker. You can use it from a distance, and it can burn his eyes. So, I suggest you buy pepper spray to protect yourself, and this one is a boom.

   The other choice is HyperWhistle, which is too loud to deter predators. You can blow it when someone tries to harass or attack you. The sound of this whistle can frighten the assailant, which makes him run. The noise level of this weapon is 142db, and go more than 2 miles. You can also blow it in the water as if you don’t know swimming and drown in the water; that moment it is useful for seeking help.

   The whistle is helpful if people are around and the attacker attacks you. Rural areas are beneficial because they are traffic-free and noiseless so that the sound will clear. But in cities, the vehicle noise might cover the sound of the whistle. So, that is your choice whether you want a whistle or not. Also, it is cost-effective and will not break your bank.

You May Also Interested:

Choosing the right self-defense weapon

Choosing the right self-defense weapon

   The right self-defense weapon depends on the situation and lifestyle so that you can use the right weapon regularly. You should go for a weapon that is comfortable for you. Some people easily carry guns, while some use whistles or Tasers. So, do not carry multiple weapons because each weapon has its own pros and cons.

Stun guns

   A stun gun is one of the best self-defense weapons for women, but these guns are illegal in some places. So, you must check your country’s laws. Stun guns and Tasers are beneficial when you are close to the assailant. Also, you have the chance of one or two shots to stop him.


   Pointy sharp items, such as tactical pens, knives, etc., are good when the attacker reaches close. These defense weapons need training so you cannot hurt yourself or expose the weapon from your hold. If you show the knife to the would-be attacker, he might get horrified, but that does not always work. So, you must be prepared to use these weapons once you show them to the assailant.


   Many people think that guns are the best self-defense weapon for women, but always that’s not. Some countries have banned them, while some situations can be handled without firearms. However, if you decide to carry a gun, you must take training to use it confidentially when the time comes.   

Pepper spray

   Pepper spray or mace is also a good option for defending yourself because you can use it before the assailant holds you. Do not use pepper spray on a compact area unless you do not have another option because you can also feel the reaction of mace. Be careful using pepper spray in the wind as it can blow back on you too.


   The least self-defense weapon is noisemakers. They might frighten the assailant, but if no one is around to listen to the whistle and save you, then whistles are not beneficial. As cities have too much noise pollution so the sound will not work. A whistle or noisemaker can be grasped from you, and electronic items can be ruined with a rapid stomp.

   So, the best self-defense is to be aware of the nearby. You should always look around while walking, and through your body language, you should alert the attackers that you are not an easy victim. Assailants are craven, and they see for an easy victim. Also, you should take self-defense classes to prepare yourself to fight with them at the first step.

The best self-defense tools for women that they might not think of

   You should not forget the weapons you already have to fight the attackers; these tools, such as your fingers, voice, and teeth, do not need any cost. However, you may not think about them, but still, these are helpful as much, if not like other weapons, to protect yourself.


   Your voice can scare the attacker as the people around you can see something happening with you. But also some dreadful persons try to keep a hand on your mouth to stop the voice as possible. So, it’s best to make a scene even if the attacker is away from you. Pull out all attention of the people by screaming until you horse. So, voice is the best self-defense weapon for ladies.


   Use your fingers and hands for defense if the voice does not work to get rid of the attacker. You must aim at the soft areas such as the eyes and face. Poking your fingers in the eyes of the attacker can give him severe pain and make him blind for the moment, and you can escape easily if you cannot reach their eyes, scratch or claw anything that comes to your grip.

   Exploit the most sensitive areas of the assailant first. It does not matter if your nails are not big; your fingers are enough to protect yourself from the attacker.  


   Your whole body can become a weapon to defend yourself, including your teeth. Bite every spot of the skin you see when someone attacks you, such as your ears, arms, neck, and face. Do not stop biting until the assailant wants to run or get away from you.

How to use self-defense weapons?

How to use self-defense weapons

   There are several ways to use self-defense weapons. These methods are simple as wearing a sweater to go outside to protect yourself from cold. So, here are some methods to use self-defense weapons:

Target avoidance

   You must confront your opponent face-to-face. Unless you do that, there is no benefit to shooting the attacker. He looks in his eyes and indicates that you will die today, creepy man. It will make them nervous that you are a brave woman. Also, if they are not watching you, try to hide in a nearby place and come out when the attacker is gone.

Don’t go too far from home

   No matter your age, you must not go near any stranger. This way, you are giving the stranger a chance to move toward you, and that’s absolutely not a good idea. If you see someone around you, try to make distance from them at 50 feet. Also, avoid looking at them or in their direction.

Keep out of the store

   If you go to the shops often with your friends or family, you might want to take a nap from the caution and enjoy some time. While you avoid the people you know or do not interfere in the conflicts. So, you must defend yourself if someone attacks you in the shop. Try to keep a long distance from the people and carry a hidden weapon with you.  

Don’t move at all

   If you see someone hulking in your area, you should start firing your gun. Also, moving can pull attention, and the target will be visible to the evidence. So, avoid moving.

Get a hidden weapon

   Whenever you go somewhere, such as grocery stores, shopping, malls, universities, etc., you must carry a hidden weapon with you to use for self-defense against the assailant.

Benefits of self-defense weapons

   Here are some benefits of self-defense weapons:

  • You can protect yourself from the attacker.
  • The self-defense weapons boost confidence that you have something to save yourself.
  • Also, you can take appropriate action at the right moment.
  • These weapons also build your mental stabilization.
  • Self-defense alleviates your physical condition.

Inefficient self-defense weapons

   There are also many self-defense weapons that you can use if you are an expert in martial art or ninja. Otherwise, these are inefficient for you.

Monkey ball: You can throw a monkey ball at an assailant seemingly. It also will not cause any damage. So, you can use a paracode rather than a monkey ball because it is more useful.

Neck knives: How will you pull a neck knife from the waist belt of the assailant? You will end up hurting yourself if you do that. So please do not use it until you know how to handle it.

Spikes: Spikes are good and cool unless you can handle wearing them on a shoe or ring daily. Also, to use them, you have to be at a close distance from the attacker.

Flashlight: Okay, admit that you flash the light in the eyes of the attacker, and he will blind for two or more seconds; then what? The assailant will attack you again. The big flashlights are beneficially used like batons, but it’s too heavy to lift. It weighs about 5lb and is challenging for a woman to carry and position in seconds.


How can women protect themselves?

   A woman can use a weapon to defend herself from the assailant. Use your nails to attack the opponent. Beat with the hammer. You can use your shoe heels to injure the nose or face of the attacker. Also, use the bear hug technique to defend yourself from the attacker, such as if the attacker approaches you from behind, you should get low and make space for yourself to attack.

What is the best legal weapon for women’s self-defense?

   A tactical knife is the best legal weapon because it is more effective and malignant than a gun at 20 feet. Also, knives can be used for other actions too.

What do you do if you are attacked?

   Punch the attacker on his nose in an upward motion—Head-butt from the front and behind. Also, the attacker must look into your eyes to know you are not afraid of him.

Is pepper spray or a Taser better?  

   Both offer great protection. You can blow pepper spray at the face of an attacker. You have to spray this at a close distance. A Taser is effective and needs a good spot. The distance does not matter in it.

Is there anything I can carry to protect myself?

   A sharp-pointed pencil is beneficial if you know how to handle it. It can be severely painful for the attacker. You can use it to defend yourself and are effective in those regions where Taser or pepper spray are banned. Also, maintain the sharpness of the pencil all time.

Is a revolver beneficial for a woman in self-defense?

   Revolver is an efficient weapon for a woman to protect herself from danger. Women just know the use of it in this situation. However, it is a dependable weapon.

Wrapping up

   You must prepare yourself to handle any dangerous situation because this world is full of threats, and the danger will not see who you are. It does not matter where you live; you can be a victim. So, pepper spray is one of the best weapons for self-defense.

   Also, whatever self-defense weapon you choose, you must be trained for it to use it properly in dangerous situations. A woman should also learn self-defense tricks that also include awareness so that a weapon is not needed in the first place.

   Ultimately, it is inexpensive to protect yourself in this era. Spending money on self-defense weapons that secures you and gives you peace of mind is incomparable in this erratic world.


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