6 Best Fireproof Gun safe under 400$ In 2023 – Tested by Experts

Buying the best fireproof gun safe under $400 might be challenging. You will find many gun safes on the market, but you need a high-quality, durable, and best-brand fireproof gun safe for your guns. You need to keep your guns in a highly secure place to keep the children or intruders away from them.

   This article will tell you about a few fireproof gun safes under $400. We have selected these gun safes after using and analyzing the reviews to provide you with the best in the market. We also have described the buying guide for gun safes so that you can purchase the best fireproof gun safe effortlessly.

Quick overview of Buying a Fireproof Gun Safe Under 400$

   A quick overview of buying a gun safe is as follows:

  • Size: Before purchasing, check the dimensions of the gun safe you are interested in. it’s not just about gun capacity but the place where you fit the gun safe such as stairs, doorways, and hallways. So, verifying the size before installing a gun safe is essential.
  •  Digital or manual lock: The manual locks are found on old gun safes. Today, gun safes use digital locks. So, it depends on you what lock you want to choose. Also, read on going to know about gun safe locks.
  • Fire rating: Gun safes offer fire ratings. Some gun safes do not provide official fire ratings by the UL (Underwriters Laborites). So, choose a gun safe that is fire resistant. Also, check the customer reviews to confirm it.


Best Pick

SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Gun Safe

  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Material: Alloy steel
  • Alarm: Anti-theft
  • Warranty: Lifetime  

Budget Pick

Barska Fireproof Long Gun Safe

Barska Fireproof Long Gun Safe

  • Lock Type: Electronic
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Alarm: Lock
  • Warranty: One year

Editor Pick

First Alert 2087F Fire resistant Combination Gun Safe

First Alert 2087F Fire resistant Combination Gun Safe

  • Lock Type: Key
  • Material: Resin
  • Alarm: Anti-theft
  • Warranty: Five years

List of 6 Best Fireproof Gun safe

  1. SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Gun Safe
  2. Barska Fireproof Long Gun Safe
  3. First Alert 2087F Fire-resistant Combination Gun Safe
  4. SentrySafe HD4100 Fireproof Gun Safe
  5. SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof Gun Safe
  6. First Alert 2092DF Waterproof and Fire-resistant Gun Safe

Reasons to Buy

  • The door opens and closes easily
  • Much bigger from inside
  • Sturdy and looks great
  • A thief could not get in
  • Perfect for essential documents and handguns
  • Good protection and value for money

Reasons to Avoid

  • Needs batteries

Product Description:

   SentrySafe SFW123GDC Fireproof Gun Safe is the most popular safe that is just not for guns. This safe is both fire and waterproof. You can also save your documents, files, momentous, etc., in it. It is also significant, strong, reliable safe for your guns. The best thing is, it is portable.


  • UL verifies Fireproof.
  • Waterproof is verified by ETL.
  • It features four live locking bolts.
  • The construction is steel.
  • It also fits checkbooks, letters, and documents.
  • Tested against picking and prying.
  • Interior protection capabilities.

Company Review:

   SentrySafe is a well-known brand that offers more advanced features to store your firearms. Their gun safes are made of durable materials and provide a limited warranty. They have excellent customer ratings. Also, their safes are water and fire-resistant. So, it is a good brand that safeguards your belongings by providing the best product.

About the Product:

   It is one of the affordable fireproof gun safes that secure your firearms or pistols efficiently. It offers a digital keypad, and you also need batteries. It is also available in combination code; if you want a combination code gun safe instead of a keypad, that is more secure. It is fireproof and saves your documents, firearms, or valuables for up to an hour.

  The best thing is that it has LED light so you can easily see your accessories in the dark. Also, it is a waterproof gun safe for 24 hours. Some customers say it received the gun safe damage, but I did not find any issue when I ordered it.  Also, it prevents forced entry by providing a pry-resistant hinges bar that secures the door.

  SentrySafe offers a lifetime warranty. If you want to change or renew your gun safe in damage, you can easily return it. Overall, it is the best affordable fireproof gun safe for under $400.


Capacity1.23 cubic feet
Weight87 lbs
Fire ResistanceUL Classified
ConstructionAlloy steel
Locking MechanismElectronic lock
Water ResistanceETL Verified
Dimensions19.3 x 14.75 x 17.8 inches

Highlight: It offers excellent options and key functions. So, it is a theft-proof safe for great money.

Reasons to Buy

  • Good value for money
  • Scan fingerprints
  • Store 120 fingerprints
  • Looks pretty cool
  • Good fireproof rating
  • Backup key lock
  • Solid safe

Reasons to Avoid

  • Requires batteries
  • No more space for ammos

Product Description:

   Barska long gun safe comes with biometric access. It is easy to install, and you can bolt it anywhere. It offers extra space for pistols and ammos. It is best to store medium size riffles. You will also need AA batteries to use it. This option is best if you want a space consumption gun safe under $400.


  • Biometric access and easy installation.
  • Removable shelves and offers silent mode.
  • Solid steel construction.
  • Extra battery backup.
  • Compact design and extra space.
  • Various fingerprints and tested against picking
  • Fireproof up to one hour

Company Review:

   Barska is a popular brand for providing various locking mechanisms for gun safes. They offer ultimate security solutions for your home. This brand is also famous for binoculars. They deliver fast and without dents if you want to order any product. So, it offers fingerprint access products.

About the Product:

   This Barska fireproof long gun safe comes with biometric access that uses a fingerprint to access the gun safe. It is best if you are in a hurry or emergency, just by touching the finger on the scanner, and the safe is open. You can install it on the floor or under the stairs. Also, it looks beautiful at home as its design is attractive.

   The best thing is that it has extra space, so you can easily store small guns or ammo in it. It is made from aluminum and can withstand severe attacks. It can store 120 different fingerprints, and you can open the gun safe in just a few seconds. I installed it in my bedroom at the side of my cabinet, which looks fantastic.

   Also, whenever I forget to close the safe door, it beeps. When you open the safe, every time, it beeps and reminds you to close the safe too. If you want to install it on the floor, it does not damage the floor.


Capacity1.83 cubic feet
Weight62 pounds
Fire resistanceUp to an hour
Locking mechanismElectronic
Water resistanceNo
Dimensions9.7 x 52.17 x 8.66 inches

Highlight: It is a nice-looking safe for long rifles and has more space for small guns and ammos.

Reasons to Buy

  • ½ hour fire resistance
  • Five-year warranty
  • Two override keys
  • Waterproof seal
  • Reliable mechanical combination lock
  • Big safe for money
  • Fast shipping

Reasons to Avoid

  • Unverified waterproof seal
  • Moist the valuables

Product Description:

   The first alert 2087F fire resistance combination gun safe is a high-rated and spacious gun safe. It is not just fireproof but also a cost-effective water-proof gun safe. You can store pistols in it easily. You can also store electronics in this safe as it contains more space. It also offers a small silica dehumidifier.


  • It is fire resistance UL classified.
  • It comes with a waterproof seal.
  • Made in the USA or imported.
  • It also stores files and electronics along with guns.
  • It offers adjustable shelves.
  • It comes with two emergency override keys.
  • It is bolt-down securely.

Company Review:

   The First Alert is a reliable brand that offers a fire safety product to ensure your home is safe. They also offer different services in case of fire housing. It is famous all over the world due to its efficient services. So, it is the most trusted brand you can rely on. Also, customers are delighted with their products and service.

Product Review:

   This gun safe comes with a waterproof seal that saves your guns and files from getting wet in 72 hours. This safe protects your valuables from fire, water, and burglary. It features ready-seal technology that does not get damaged after bolt down. It offers four locking door bolts and a combination lock so an intruder cannot break it easily.

   Usually, I put my two pistols in it because it has two shelves, and one shelf can hold up one gun at a time. You can also put electronic devices, such as a hard drive, as it offers a little more space. It is made of resin that includes cement and steel layers, so that’s challenging to break into.

   Also, it stands for a long time. You can set your combination in it. If you forget the combination, you can use the override keys to unlock it. You can remove shelves and place guns easily if you want more items. So, that’s the best choice for under $400.


Capacity0.94 cubic feet
Weight82 lbs
Fire resistanceUL verified
Locking mechanismKey
Water resistanceWaterproof seal
Dimensions16.5 x 14.5 x 19 inches

Highlight: It is the best option for home and office users. Also, comes with a five-year warranty.

Reasons to Buy

  • Easy to lock/unlock
  • Very sturdy
  • Good quality
  • Water-proof and fireproof capability
  • Inexpensive
  • An excellent way to protect papers and small items
  • Friendly-made and spacious, safe

Reasons to Avoid

  • Sometimes arrived damage

Product Description:

   SentrySafe HD4100 fireproof gun safe offers a key to lock the safe. It offers a nice interior and has a suitable size. You can also store files in it. Also, it comes at a low price and includes two backup keys. The material is captured fire insulation that saves the accessories from high fire. So, it is a good option for saving files under $400.


  • The fireproof box is UL classified.
  • The waterproof box is ETL verified.
  • It features built-in straps for easy storage.
  • It includes two backup keys.
  • It accommodates 40 standard hanging folders.
  • No batteries are required.

Company Review:

   SentrySafe is a popular brand for advanced features products. Their motto is to create peace of mind for a lifetime. They offer durable gun safes to protect your homies. They provide great storage for your guns. We recommend this brand because they offer secure and quality gun safes.

About the Product:

   This gun safe comes with durable construction of fire insulation that protects your files or guns from fire. It stores small guns and documents too. This gun safe is UL verified and tested ½ house at 1550 degrees, and the results were remarkable. Even a small document was not burned. Also, it offers many folders to store your files.

   The other advantage is that it is waterproof, and ETL verified it. Also, it has been tested by putting it in water for 72 hours, and the water does not enter the safe. I like this safe because it comes with two backup keys. So, if you lost one key, you have the other one. You can easily store it in small places such as a cabinet or table.

  It has in-lid organizers to store small documents such as passports, pens, etc. It will be the best option if you want the best quality gun safe under $400. Also, it offers one year warranty. So, you can easily replace it within a year.


Capacity0.65 cubic feet
Weight38.85 pounds
Fire resistanceUL classified
ConstructionCaptured fire insulation
Locking mechanismKey
Water resistanceETL verified
Dimensions15.5 x 13.5 x 14.3 inches

Highlight: The best thing is the price, you can easily afford it. Also, the material is durable.

Reasons to Buy

  • Opens easily
  • Easy to lock and great size for valuables
  • Lots of space
  • Solid material
  • Reasonable price
  • Waterproof seal

Reasons to Avoid

  • Delivery issues

Product Review:

   SentrySafe SFW123DSB Fireproof gun safe offers a pry-resistance hinged bar to protect the gun safe from forced kicks. It features solid steel construction to save your valuables from intruders. It also has door pockets and key racks to efficiently organize the keys and guns.


  • It offers a combination lock to secure valuables.
  • It comes with four large one-inch bolts.
  • Also, protects electronic storage devices.
  • It offers a pry-resistance hinge bar.
  • Durable solid steel construction.
  • It offers bolt-down hardware and dual keys.

Company Review:

   SentrySafe is a trusted brand globally. Their gun safes are always fire-resistance UL classified and water-resistance ETL verified. Their gun safes are unique and spacious. This brand has won customers’ trust and is the best on the market. So, you can rely on this brand to store your guns or valuables.

About the Product:

   This gun safe is a UL classified, ensuring it can bear the 1700-degree temperature for an hour. So, your documents, valuables, DVDs, and CDs are secure in this safe. It offers a combination dial instead of the keypad to open the gun safe. The combination features four locking bolts that are not easy to break, so an intruder cannot bypass it easily.

   This gun safe is made of steel and offers adjustable racks to save guns according to your desire. When I bought this gun safe, I experimented on it. I threw this gun safe from 20 feet to see how durable it is. I was shocked that even throwing it from 20 feet; this gun safe was the same as before.

   The best thing is that it also has dual keys, so if you do not remember the combination, you can use these keys to unlock the gun safe. You can install it on the floor by bolting down it strong so the intruder cannot steal it. Also, it comes with a limited one-year warranty.


Capacity1.23 cubic feet
Weight90 pounds
Fire ResistanceUL classified
ConstructionAlloy steel
Locking MechanismCombination
Water ResistanceETL verified
Dimensions19.3 x 16.3 x 17.8 inches

Highlight: It offers adjustable racks and comes at a reasonable price.

Reasons to Buy

  • Great quality
  • Excellent battery life
  • Easy installation and programming
  • Easy to lock or unlock
  • Affordable

Reasons to Avoid

  • Not easy to grip
  • Difficult in changing code

Product Review:

   First, alert 2092DF Waterproof and Fire-resistance gun safe comes with a digital keypad that secures your guns from water, fire, and intruders. It has plenty of spaces on the side of the door to easily store files or other items. If you want to secure your handguns efficiently, this gun safe is an excellent option for you.


  • Durable pry-resistance construction.
  • A waterproof seal keeps the items dry.
  • It offers a programmable lock.
  • Big gun safe for storing valuables.
  • Fire resistance for up to an hour.
  • It has five years limited warranty.
  • Adjustable storage shelves.

Company Review:

   The First Alert is an efficient brand for protecting homes and families. They enable smoke and other alarms in their product so the alarm beep at the problem. Their customer rating is very high and popular worldwide for their services and products. They aim to protect the home from fire and water incidents.

About the Product:

   The second gun safe of the First alert comes with brilliant features. This gun safe contains a digital keypad that an intruder cannot unlock or steal anything from it. It offers too much storage to place files, guns, electronic devices, etc. you can install it in-home or office easily. Also, the color is black, which makes it attractive.

   Honestly, I purchase this gun safe for my friend due to its matte black color. My friend has a collection of handguns, so I thought I should gift him this fireproof safe gun on his birthday. He loves it due to its capacity, color, and durability. It also has a backup key in case you forget the password.

   It comes with four live door bolts that make it easy to put in. the construction is plastic with concrete for solid material. The best thing is that it has a five-year warranty, making it unique.


Capacity1.31 cubic feet
Weight93 pounds
Fire resistanceUL classified
ConstructionPlastic with concrete fill
Locking mechanismDigital lock
Water resistanceYes
Dimensions19.63 x 17.5 x 18 inches

Highlight: The design and color are attractive that insist the buyer purchase this gun safe.

 Comparison of SentrySafe and First Alert

   The comparison of SentrySafe and First alert is as follows:


  • SentrySafe is a trusted brand around the world.
  • Fire-resistance UL classified and water-resistance ETL-certified are always features of their gun safes.
  • They have a unique design and ample storage space.
  • It is the best brand on the market and has won the trust of its customers.
  • Hence, you can trust this brand to store your firearms and valuables.
  • Also, their gun safes are affordable.

First Alert

  • Home and family protection is made easy with the First Alert.
  • They enable their products to beep when smoke or other problems are detected.
  • Their customer rating is excellent, and their products and services are popular worldwide.
  • This company aims to protect homes from fire or flood damage.
  • The downside is that their gun safes are costly.

You May Also Interested:

Different Types of Gun Safes

Best Fireproof Gun safe under 400

   Different types of the locking mechanism are available in the gun safes on the market. Here are some types of locks on gun safes are as follows:

Biometric Gun Safe

   It is the most secure way of locking a gun safe. Biometric gun safes are easy and quick to unlock. These are best in emergencies when you have to access your gun safe in a hurry. This kind of gun safe comes with a solid steel plate that saves the gun. Also, you can change fingerprints on a biometric fingerprint gun safe.

Wheel and Pin Combination Lock Gun Safe

   This gun safe has three digits of combination to unlock it. The user must enter the correct combination sequence to open the safe. It is the safest method to protect against fire and is water-resistant.

Electronic Lock Gun Safe

   This gun safe operates with a keypad locking system and uses batteries or electric cables to unlock. It uses a three-digit combination of numbers to access the gun safe. So, a burglar can’t crack the code.

Manual Lock Gun Safe

   It is the most common type of gun safe. These are not quick like a biometric gun safe but offer a low price. So, there is only three-way including pattern combination, code combination, and manual lock, to unlock the gun safe.

Why do you need a Gun Safe?

   If you have a gun, you must store it properly, which will decrease the risks of bad accidents. Here are the reasons that you need a gun safe:

  • Child safety: It is essential to buy a gun safe so that children do not touch the gun and it will stay away from them.
  • Not an easy target: If your guns are in a gun safe, it’s difficult for the thief to reach them. Also, you are calling trouble if you do not store your weapons.
  • Horrific statistics: If you own a gun, store it in a gun safe to protect your loved ones from horrific statistics. Also, keep away from the tiny hands like children.
  • Safety from floods and fire: In sudden disasters, fire and waterproof gun safe are necessary to keep the valuables from getting harmed.
  • Responsibility: As a responsible gun owner, you must secure your weapons in a safe place.

Buying Guide of Fireproof Gun Safe

   Many gun-safe brands are available on the market, so choosing the best one is tricky. For this purpose, take a look at the buying guide for gun safes and before purchasing the best gun safe, consider these factors:

Biometric Scanner

   Usually, gun safes have different locking mechanisms. A biometric scanner gun safe is a good option. If you want to quickly access your gun, a biometric fingerprint gun safe is best as it uses a fingerprint to easily and quickly access the gun.


   A brand is essential because different brands offer different gun safes with exclusive features. In this article, all brands offer high-quality and durable gun safes. Also, Barska and sentry safe are the best gun safe brand that offers advanced mechanism, technology, and storage space.

Gun Safe Quality

   A gun safe must have a thick lower gauge. The thicker the gauge, it will be difficult to break the gun safe. So, before purchasing a gun safe, consider this factor.


   Budget is crucial in buying a gun safe. It will be challenging if you want advanced high-end features for $400. I am not saying that you will find an inferior gun safe for under $400 but choose a gun safe according to your needs.

   A gun safe under $400 also has high-end features such as a sentry safe. All gun safes in this article are high quality and have advanced features under $400.

Mounting the Gun Safe

   Choose a gun safe that will mount against the wall or floor so that it will be difficult for intruders to steal your gun safe.


   The gun safe must be made with waterproof seals and fireproof material. You must consider this factor if you live in a flooded or fire housing area.


   Choose a classic interior gun safe with small pouches for handguns and ammo. It’s your personal choice to use an upholstered interior gun safe.

Locking Mechanism

   Always consider the locking mechanism of the gun safe. Some contain electronic keypads, while others contain keys or code. So, it depends on you to choose what mechanism of lock you want.

Internal A/C Power

   A fireproof gun safe means the moisture does not enter the gun safe. Select a gun safe with an LED light for seeing the riffle or guns in the dark. Also, it adds calls to the gun safe.


   Waterproofing is also an important consideration. Because if you live in areas where flood is familiar, you should purchase a waterproof gun safe with seventy-two hours of waterproof ratings.


   Warranty is the most critical factor. The more extended the warranty, the more high-quality gun safe the manufacturers offer. That is a good thing about gun safety. Choose a safe that offers a warranty so that you can change or return the product.


    The gun safe must be excellent in look to look outstanding in your home and with a TV stand. Looks of gun safe are pretty important.


Will money Burn in a Fireproof Gun Safe?

   Yes, money will burn in a fireproof gun safe. A fireproof safe can handle a fire at 350 degrees, and 350 degrees is the temperature where money or paper starts to burn.

Do Gun Safes Require any Maintenance?

   Not that much but biometric gun safes require maintenance. You need to clean the scanner with a dry cloth to prevent smudges. So, the fingerprint easily matches and unlocks the gun safe.

Is Gun Safes Easy to Break into?

   Generally, gun safes are easy to break into. If you have lost the key to the gun safe or forget the code, and the fingerprint has issues, then you can break the gun safe to take your gun quickly.

How long do Gun Safes Last?

   It usually depends on the model, constructions, locking mechanism, and safe gun style. But usually, gun safes of liberty last a lifetime.

Are Gun Safes worth the Money?

   Yes, gun safes are worth your money. These stores the guns and keep them away from children or intruders. Also, even if your gun safe is inexpensive, it is still worth each penny.

What is the good thickness for a gun safe?

   A steel-made gun safe is best, and the steel thickness should be between 12 and 6 gauge for the highest protection. Also, the thicker gun safe is more costly than the thinner.

Can a locksmith open a gun safe?

   A professional locksmith can unlock a gun safe. Even if a gun safe is damaged internally, a locksmith can gain access to the safe without damaging it.

How do you get into a gun safe without a key?

   You can use a screwdriver to open a safe without a key, just insert the screwdriver into the keyhole and rotate it, and the safe is open.  


   Gun safes come in a variety of budgets and sizes. It relies on you to select the best brand with excellent reviews because the people who have used the product know better about it. So, always read the reviews before purchasing a gun safe. The above six best fireproof gun safes under $400 are high quality and excellent brands.

   I recommend you to choose a sentry safe gun safe because this brand offers highly durable and quality gun safes. If this article is beneficial, share it with your friends. Also, for any questions, comment below. I will respond as soon as possible. Many thanks for reading!


Combining his passion for security and technology, Joseph is dedicated to providing reliable and affordable combination padlocks to help protect your valuables. With years of experience in the industry, Joseph brings his expertise to to ensure your peace of mind.

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