Best Door Locks to keep your Home Secure and Safe

You utilize various systems, such as cameras and alarms, to secure your home. But door locks are the most straightforward option to protect your family and home from intruders. A right door lock ensures to save your valuables from unauthorized access or unwanted burglars. Door locks come in different forms, such as deadbolts and doorknobs.

   These locks also include different features, including Wi-Fi connectivity, passwords, keyless entry, touchscreen, etc. However, there are many modern door locks available on the market.

   So, it can be arduous for new buyers to choose a high-quality door lock. This process makes too many buyers irritated. But still, if one keeps the door lock’s features in mind, he can make an excellent decision.  

Do high-security door locks worth it?

   Yes, high-security locks are worth it. The simple, smart locks are the same as conventional locks, but these locks are automatic. The locking mechanism is similar, but these locks use remote or other devices. Also, smart locks have a different concentration from traditional locks.

   You can access smart locks from anywhere. If you forget to lock the door, you don’t need to worry because, as I told you before, these are like traditional locks. So, they have a traditional deadbolt that locks the door automatically.

   The only downside is that smart locks are challenging when changing the features compared to conventional locks.

Features and tips for high-security door locks

   It is crucial to differentiate the door locks for high safety. The more features a lock has, the more security it offers. You must remember what features you want in a door lock. Here are some features that a high-security door lock has:

  • Choose a lock with a complex cylinder because the more complex the lock is, it will be difficult for others or intruders to create duplicate keys, touch blocks, or other criminal deeds. If your lock has a keyhole, you don’t need to worry about the lock cylinder.
  • The durability of the lock depends on the metal used in this lock. You can check the door lock easily, such as a heavy-duty door lock that does not have plastic parts or space. If a door lock has spaces and plastic parts, it is not secure because a high-quality door lock contains strong metal.
  • The bolting strength of a door lock is also important as metal content. The bolt must be resistant. The best door locks have attack-resistant steel bolts such as hammers, bolt cutters, kicks, gun shooting, etc. If the bolt is not robust, it will not bear these attacks. Also, high-security door lock bolts are resistant to cutting. So, the bolt must be durable against cutting.
  • The door lock should be protective against drilling. Like locksmiths, some immoral people are also professionals in drilling the locks. Cutting lines on the lock and set screws to protect the door lock from drilling. Hardened steel balls cover both of these spots. So, that becomes difficult to drill the lock.
  • You must not want others to copy your lock key and enter your house. So, purchase a patented key security door lock because these locks have a minimal gap. Also, hide your key so that you can control it. Moreover, there are distinct methods to make key duplicates without the owner’s acceptance. So, you must be protective of this kind of situation.
  • Some door locks can be bypassed easily. So, look for specific features that bypass resistance. Also, bypassing does not mean picking or sawing the lock; it is the method that exploits the lock’s delicacy—for instance, the thumb bypass.

Benefits of high-security door locks

   Here are the benefits of a door lock:

  • Door locks lessen the risk of picking due to their angled cuts.
  • Smart door locks restrict keyways so an unknown person cannot enter your property.
  • High-security door locks can be customized according to the locations.
  • If you lost the key, you could reset the keys, such as the master keys.
  • You can also control these locks remotely. So, when someone tries to pick the lock, you will get a notification on your phone.
  • Door locks also give you peace of mind that everything is safe and secure.

Disadvantages of door locks

   Here are the disadvantages of door locks:

  • Sometimes the technology of locks fails to function correctly.
  • Some locks depend on electricity, and risk of hacking too.
  • Some door locks rely on Wi-Fi and a network.
  • Also, they can be costly if repaired.

Different Types of Door Locks

   Different types of door locks are out on the market, so you might be thinking about which one is suitable for your doors. The entry doors must have secure locks, and you should use the latest door locks, such as smart locks or traditional locks, for extra protection. Also, if you have patio doors in your house, you must have good locks.

   Meanwhile, you also need a door lock for your bathroom and bedroom for privacy. So here are the types of door locks you can choose for your home or office security.

Biometric Door Locks for Office

   Spending money on the best biometric lock can enhance the security level of your office and home. These locks require the owner’s fingerprint to access the house or property. Biometric locks are similar to smart locks in a different way, and finger identification gives the user peace of mind.

   Hardly there are two types of fingerprint door locks with the same features as some are suitable for home while others are best for business. Biometric door locks restrict proscriptive access to your property without your permission. These locks use passcodes and keypads for security.

   Biometric locks offer easy installation and are more save than standard locks because they are hard to break. These locks have different types, such as biometric hands, iris, or voice. Also, you must consider your door type, locking mechanism, and material before purchasing a biometric door lock.

Advantages of biometric door locks

   The advantages of a biometric door lock are as follows:

  • These locks provide you with better security.
  • You have more control over your property due to these locks.
  • Some biometric door locks do not need any keys or passwords.
  • Duplicating biometric door locks is very challenging.
  • These locks are more secure than traditional locks.
  • Biometric door locks are highly user-friendly.

Disadvantages of Biometric door locks

  • These locks do not work if the power fails.
  • Biometric door locks are expensive.
  • These locks also face scanner issues.
  • Software malfunction is also a common issue.

Garage Door Locks

   The intruders can easily access your home through garage doors. So, choosing the best door lock for your garage becomes crucial. These locks will save your valuables from burglars. But it can be struggling to find a high-quality garage door lock. A buyer overlooks many factors to find one best.

   Choosing the best garage door lock is not a cup of tea, but if you give it some time, it will be worth it. So, you must decide on the lock type, such as side door, garage door defenders, deadbolt, t-handle, or keyless locks. The material of the door lock also matters, so choose a high-quality construction lock.

   The door lock construction must be durable, rust-proof, and weatherproof. I am damn sure you must want a garage door lock that has easy installation and does not bring any stress to your mind.

Advantages of garage door locks

   Here are the advantages:

  • Garage door locks stop the force attack efficiently.
  • These locks offer a high level of security.
  • Some garage door locks have cameras to see people coming and out.
  • If a package is delivered, you don’t need to open the door yourself; tap open in the phone app, and the package is received.

Disadvantages of garage door locks

   Here are the disadvantages:

  • These locks are costly.
  • Garage door locks are time-consuming while installed and can be irritating.

Keyless Door Locks

   The current type of door lock is a keyless or smart door lock. You do not require any keys to lock or unlock the door. So, keyless door locks are open by utilizing a key fob, your phone, or passcodes. Many people install keyless door locks in offices or homes to increase security.

   These locks use smartphones instead of keys. That means you can access yours properly from anywhere. These locks use Wi-Fi and have extra features such as audio-video communication, phone alerts, and much more.

Benefits and features of keyless door locks

   Here are some tips and features of keyless door locks:

  • These locks are easy to access.
  • You can use your thumb, finger, code, and smartphone to enter your property.
  • Keyless door locks offer additional features.
  • They give excellent security.
  • You can let your guests in the house remotely.
  • These locks are easy to install.

Magnetic Door Locks

   A magnetic door lock plays a vital role in home or office safety. These locks are very authentic and dependable. Magnetic door locks do not require bolts to install. These locks are made to bear the pressure while smoothly opening and closing the door. You can use these locks on several door materials, such as metal, glass, or wood.

   So, choose a magnetic door lock that has a fast response and still works if there is no electricity. Also, the lock must hold 600-1200 pounds of pressure.

Pros of magnetic door locks

  • These locks are difficult to break and are much stronger than other locks.
  • You do not need to spend money to maintain these locks because they do not have any movable parts.
  • Magnetic door locks are operated remotely.
  • These door locks are easy to install.
  • These door locks control both sides of the door.
  • They offer more extended service reliability.

Cons of magnetic door locks

  • The magnetic door lock depends on the power supply.
  • Battery maintenance is necessary to ensure security.
  • These locks have a fail-safe mode that makes them limited in security places.
  • These locks can tamper easily.

Sliding Glass door locks

   Sliding glass doors give your home another level of aesthetics, but they must be secure to prevent burglars. Sliding door locks are specially made for sliding glass patio doors. These locks keep these doors close tightly and stop the outdoor forced entry. These door locks are available in different designs, and every lock varies approach.

   So, choose a sliding door lock that fits your needs. Also, they are easy to operate and ensure your property’s safety. Also, you must have a childproof lock that takes less space. That is super easy to use and mount. Also, use a two-bolt locking system on the sliding doors to make them more secure.

   Sliding door locks have different types, including Mortise sliding door locks, keyed sliding door locks, two bolt sliding glass door locks, loop locks, sliding door track locks, surface mounted hook bolts, sliding door barricades, automatic sliding door locks, and smart locks, electromagnetic sliding door locks, security bars, and child locks.

Tips on choosing the right sliding glass door lock

   Follow these tips to select an excellent sliding door lock:

  • The sliding door lock must be sturdy that can lock or unlock the door without breaking.
  • Mortise and pin locks offer enough strength and are suitable for the patio door to prevent burglars from entering the property.
  • Choose an appropriate size for the lock. If the lock is too thick, you might face issues opening the door, but if the lock is too thin, it can easily open, so the sliding door lock must have an average size.
  • If you purchase a metal lock, make sure it is weather-resistance or rust-proof. Otherwise, the appearance of the lock will become perilous.

Deadbolt Door Locks

   If you want safety at your front door, go for a deadbolt with a knob or lever lock. You can select either a double-cylinder or a single-cylinder deadbolt. Let us tell you what the difference between both deadbolts is. A single-cylinder deadbolt has two sides. The outer side is key operated, and the inner side has a knob or lever to close or open the door.

   A double cylinder deadbolt locks or unlocks using keys inner or outer. A single cylinder is suitable for homes because it is easy to use and free from the hassle of opening or closing the door with keys. A double-cylinder deadbolt provides extra protection and is great for glass panel doors that a thief may destroy to unlock the door.

   Remember that selecting one of these locks will take time to leave the house in an emergency. So, due to this, the codes needed a single-cylinder lock. Also, installing a pre-drilled deadbolt on the entry door is easy.

Advise and benefits of deadbolt door lock

Some benefits of deadbolts are as follows:

  • Deadbolts are the securest types of door locks due to their unmovable locked position.
  • Look for a deadbolt lock with a grade 2 rating because grade 1 can be costly.
  • Deadbolt locks only operate with keys.
  • A spring is fixed in the deadbolt lock to set up the bolt.
  • Deadbolt locks lock or unlock the door by turning the key.
  • These locks protect against forceful attacks.
  • Deadbolt locks are affordable.

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