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   Hey there! If you are a blogger and want to share your lock experience and tips that have relevant information and captivate the readers, contact us. We’d love to have you as our next guest blogger! We will always like to share lock advice with our audience.

   Do not hesitate to send us your articles and ideas at combinationpadlock12@gmail.com. We admire unique and high-quality content that Must be just write for Us.

How to Become a Guest Writer for Us?

   Kindly submit your post to combinationpadlock12@gmail.com and follow these guidelines:

  • Please mention the post’s title first.
  • The entire content or theme of the post must be in the email’s body.
  • Booklet, images, and other reports can be delivered as attached files.
  • Please transmit the content in word/text form.
  • Content cannot be copied from Pdf files.
  • The body of the email (full content) should be 300 to 4k words long.
  • Also, kindly mention the original URL to the opportunity, if you have any, at the end of the email.

To Be Posted on combination padlock, your Article must be:

  • The article must be accurate and relevant.
  • The article must be original, not published elsewhere, and should be revised or updated.
  • No affiliate links are allowed.
  • If you want to attach images, they must be uniquely taken by you, not from google, stolen images, or downloaded from Freephotos, Pinterest, Unsplash, etc.
  • Your article must be about the lock or camera niche, including reviews, ideas, repair instructions, maintenance tips, guides, etc.
  • The content must be easy to understand for readers.
  • The informational article should be 1000 to 2k or more.
  • You can add more than two links in the article.

   Kindly don’t deliver complicated contents that only doctors can understand more than an ordinary man. Also, the content must be high-quality with no milk and water.