Best Security Cameras for your home

In this era, you can see in every nook and corner when you are not at home, all thanks to the home security cameras. These security cameras can connect to your Wi-Fi and send you notifications about what’s happening around. Also, you can see live videos and video clips on your phone and monitor every activity anywhere in the world.

   Many models of home security cameras are out in the market with excellent features and functions. These cameras have features such as two-way audio, live video, 24/7 recording, and much more. So, you can invest in a high-quality security camera to secure your properties efficiently.

What is a Home Security Camera?

   A home security camera is a device that protects your house by monitoring and capturing footage. You can see the footage on your tablet, phone, computer, etc., anywhere in the world through the internet. You can buy outdoor and indoor security cameras according to your needs.

How do Security Cameras work?

   Some security cameras are motion detectors, meaning they will record only when they detect motion and alert you. Also, some cameras record 24/7, known as CVR (Continuous Video Recording). They provide different features, including HD resolution, smartphone controls, two-way talk, night vision, etc.

   Many types of security cameras are available in the market with different uses. All cameras work according to their features and have other functioning.

Different types of Home Security Cameras

   A home security camera is a wonderful tool that provides protection and peace of mind. Generally, homeowners want to monitor the things such as incidents and who is coming and going from home. So, a security camera can do all these activities for you. Security cameras have two main types wired and wireless security cameras. Here are these:

Wireless Home Security Cameras

   Wireless security cameras are also called smart cameras because you can manage them by your smartphone through an app and can accommodate home systems and devices such as Google Assistant, smart speakers, Amazon Alexa, smart locks, and smart lights. Some can also inspect the recording and provides penetration such as a box delivered on the door, animal, human, etc.

   These cameras use Wi-Fi to transfer the recording to the cloud-based server via the internet. This way, you can see the recording on any device linked to the internet. Remember that some wireless security cameras are not totally wireless due to the AC power.

   These cameras need to connect to AC power through a cable. But also some use batteries too rather than cables. These cameras are outdoor cameras because they do not need any wiring. So, some are weather-resistant too.

Benefits of wireless security cameras

   Here are some benefits of wireless security cameras:

  • These cameras are easy to install.
  • These cameras depend on Wi-Fi or further networks.
  • You can install wireless cameras yourself in just 10 minutes.
  • Wireless cameras are ideal for people who want a budget-friendly camera and are new to security. Also, it is beneficial for renters.
  • Wireless cameras are easier to transport and portable.

Limitations of wireless security cameras

   There is also the limitation of wireless security cameras:

  • These cameras require batteries.
  • Install these cameras near the Wi-Fi router for fast signals.
  • These cameras have limited signal range.

Wired Home Security Cameras

   A wired security camera requires wiring to connect to the system or devices. They are physically wired to a video storage tool such as NVR (Network Video Recorder) and DVR (Digital Video Recorder). The camera is connected to the cable from the local device to transfer footage and for power.

   These cameras do not use Wi-Fi but can use the internet through a cable to see the recording. The cable used to connect to the internet is an Ethernet cable. So, they are used mainly indoors because they require wiring.  

Benefits of wired security cameras

   Here are some benefits of wired security cameras:

  • These cameras provide clear signals of audio and video.
  • Due to the wire, the constant power is transmitted to the cameras.
  • Hacking wired cameras are impossible.
  • They give reliable signals without any breakage.
  • You do not need to install them near the router as they are connected with cable.

Limitations of wired security cameras

   Here are some limitations of wired security cameras:

  • These cameras are not portable.
  • It requires lengthy wiring that looks unattractive on the property.
  • The camera quantity depends on the number of jacks on the digital video recorder.

Tips on Choosing the Best Home Security Camera

   Here are some tips you should focus on to choose the best home security camera:

  • Choose a security camera that offers an end-to-end encryption feature so that your footage is not going to another person.
  • You must consider the area where you want to mount the security camera, such as indoor or outdoor because weather-resistant cameras are suitable for outdoors to withstand weather conditions.
  • You should decide before purchasing a camera whether you want a wireless or wired security camera. Because wireless cameras are battery-operated and are easy to install. But you have to charge the batteries after a few months. Whereas wired cameras require wiring, that can be frustrating.
  • Buy a camera that has 4K video resolution; that means it has HD quality, and you can zoom the videos too. Avoid a camera that has a resolution minimum of 1080p.
  • Consider video storage, too, such as local or cloud storage. The local storage will go if the camera gets stolen. Also, cloud videos require a subscription. So, it depends on you what you want.
  • Go for a camera that can detect people, animals, or cars/vehicles, and it will notify you about what is happening.
  • Some cameras offer built-in floodlights or a spotlight so you can see things clearly in the dark outside.
  • Mostly, security cameras function with google assistant or Alexa. That means you can link the camera with home devices for automatically functioning.

Video Doorbell Camera without Subscription

   Video doorbell cameras are effective tools that help you to watch everything at the door and communicate with them. These cameras can capture every activity. Primarily, video doorbell cameras have subscription plans to see the footage. Luckily, some video doorbell is subscription free or might offer affordable plans.

   These subscription-free video doorbell cameras have local storage to store all footage, and you can view them easily. Also, you can access the footage for free for 6-7 days. Also, you have to be responsive to cover the files or footage when needed. Also, the local storage feature offers only a non-recurring fee once.

Advantages of video doorbell camera without the subscription

  • These cameras store videos on local storage using an SD card and offer more control over the footage.
  • You are free from paying a monthly fee.
  • These also offer cloud storage for extra security. So, if you ever change your mind, you can subscribe to it budget-friendly.

The downside of a video doorbell camera without the subscription

   The only downside is that these doorbell cameras do not recognize the objects clearly, such as people, vehicles, or animals, because the object identification occurs due to the company server instead of the doorbell itself. So, it isn’t easy to recognize the objects. But still, some video doorbell cameras without a subscription offers AI-driven feature to recognize the objects.

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