Best Fingerprint Locks For Home

What would you do that moment if you were locked out of the house in the future? Don’t worry; fingerprint locks have overcome this problem. These locks work by scanning the fingerprint when someone touches the lock in a specific place. Then the lock identifies the user and opens the door without any keys.

   All you have to do is touch, and the door opens in seconds. These locks are helpful when you forget the keys or keep an eye on the people entering the house. Fingerprint locks can connect to the innovative home system and function with the phone app. This way, you can lock or unlock your door with your device.

   Fingerprint locks are also available with the key backup. These locks are also weatherproof and pickproof. So, if you want to get rid of the hassle of keys, you must utilize fingerprint locks.

How does a fingerprint lock function?

   Fingerprint locks open the door by scanning the fingerprint of a man instead of keys. Since each person has unique fingerprints, this method is more secure than keys. First, you have to input your fingerprint information to function the lock. Afterward, the lock will examine the fingerprint with saved details whenever someone enters.

   If the fingerprint matches the saved details, the door will open—this security of the lock functions immediately. Unlocking a door by fingerprint is more rapid than by a key. Fingerprint locks use a technology called the minutia matching method. There are several minutia marks on finger pads.

   Everyone has different minutia marks, so there is no chance to fake a fingerprint and enter the property. No worries, a fingerprint lock can store many different fingerprints so your family can enter the home.

Types of fingerprint locks

   Fingerprint locks use a finger to identify a person to open the door. These locks work in real-time and are one of the safest locks. Fingerprint locks also have emergency mechanical keys. Also, here are the different types of fingerprint locks:

Villa Fingerprint locks

   These antique fingerprint locks are mostly used in villas. It offers a high level of security and is installed on anti-theft doors. They also have high functions and features of an electronic fingerprint. So, that’s a unique type of fingerprint.

Handle and push-pull fingerprint locks

    The handle type is one of the traditional fingerprint locks. Generally, it has an adjustable handle. Also, the push-pull fingerprint lock is modern design. This lock is more advanced, and visually the handle is attractive. It also offers a balanced bulk. So, these locks are the recent trend and ultimately vary from the traditional ones.

Engineering fingerprint locks

   This lock has a bulk form and is used on the factory door. These locks have no direct movement. Engineering locks are totally different from household fingerprint locks due to their size. The size of these locks includes 24x240mm, 30x240mm, 24x260mm, and 24x280mm. Also, the handle of these locks is 60mm.

Tips on Choosing a Fingerprint Lock

   Here are some tips and advice on choosing a fingerprint lock:

  • You must select the fingerprint lock according to the area, such as outdoor or indoor.
  • Also, the need for a handle. It means you want to turn the handle or not.
  • The Wi-Fi and smartphone access to the fingerprint lock.
  • Always choose a lock with a backup key so that when the lock faces issues recognizing the fingerprint, you have a key to access your home.
  • The material of the lock is also crucial; the fingerprint lock must be rust-resistance or robust.
  • Some fingerprint locks have excellent features such as infrared sensors, anti-peep, RFID tags, and geo-fencing that make your home more secure.
  • Select a lock that has a warranty to prevent frustration.
  • You must know about installing a lock because hiring a professional means breaking your bank.
  • The last thing is that your fingerprint lock must store more than 100 fingerprints so that you can give access to your family.

How secure are fingerprint locks?

   Today, fingerprint locks are the most common devices in homes and offices. This technology improves the level of protection. If these locks are installed or programmed correctly, they will serve you for a long time and be better than other keyed locks. Also, these locks use the internet, so you can easily detect history, forced entry, or other activities.

   The best thing is that fingerprint locks can connect to your smartphone so that you can control these locks from anywhere in the world. That makes them more valuable and unique.

Fingerprint Door Locks

   Fingerprint door locks are also called smart locks that use a fingerprint reader. The fingerprint scanner is a key or password used to unlock the door. So, you must put your finger on the scanner rather than a key or passcode to open the door. The lock gives access to the person whose fingerprints match.  

   Also, you can save multiple different fingerprints according to the storage capacity of the lock, which means no other person can enter your property. So, if you want a fingerprint door lock, security is first and foremost. Also, select a reputable brand known for its best smart fingerprint door locks.

Some things to worry about are fingerprint door locks

   Here are a few things that make fingerprint door locks challenging to use:

  • Bypassing or hacking a fingerprint door lock is possible.
  • The fingerprinting can be delayed due to an insensitive lock, so it can take a few minutes to open the door.
  • The scanner might not recognize your finger if your finger is injured, such as a cut or scar. Don’t worry; you can solve this issue by changing the entry method to password or others.
  • Fingerprint door locks can also face issues in connecting to smart home systems. Also, they have batteries that need to charge.
  • Fortunately, you can prevent these problems if you buy a fingerprint door lock from an excellent brand such as Samsung, Ultraloq, Eufy, Smonet, and Hu tools.

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